Quick Look: The Sinclair tower crane is coming down

The Sinclair tower crane removal

I wasn’t fast enough on the draw to capture the tower crane at The Sinclair coming down this morning as the Purple Line passed by. But I recovered in time to get this shot between the Sedgwick and Armitage stops. That rooftop crane will handle the rest of the heavy lifting from here on out.

Quick Look: The Sinclair tops out in the Gold Coast

The Sinclair is topped out, and most of the forms have been removed from the top. We can expect the tower crane to come down very soon.

Construction Progress: The Viceroy Chicago making beds in the Gold Coast

Viceroy Chicago hotel

The Viceroy Chicago hotel, at 1118 North State Street in the Gold Coast neighborhood.

The tower crane is down and the curtain wall is up at the Viceroy Chicago hotel in the Gold Coast. As Power Construction wraps up work on the exterior of the Goettsch Partners-designed 18-story, 180-room tower, remember that we’ll still have the pleasure of watching more construction here. That’s because the 4-story facade of the old Cedar Hotel, painstakingly dismantled and stored off site, will be pieced back together again to front this property. All that work is on schedule to be completed, and the Viceroy Chicago opened, this year.

The Sinclair is getting along just fine with only one tower crane

The Sinclair

The Sinclair rises into its place in the Chicago skyline.

Remember when The Sinclair thrilled us all by installing two tower cranes for erecting the 35 stories worth of sparkling new apartments in the Gold Coast? Alas, one tower crane made quick work of the podium toward the northeast side of The Sinclair grounds, and was soon gone from sight. But that second crane is still hard at work, helping McHugh Construction hoist the heavy lifting.

Designed by SCB, The Sinclair will have a 350-space parking garage and a 55,000-square-foot Jewel-Osco store in that aforementioned podium, replacing the Jewel at Clark and Division that was demolished to make room for the project. There will be 390 apartments, from studios to three-bedroom units.

Construction Progress: No. 9 Walton nears 30 stories

No. 9 Walton

No. 9 Walton plays peek-a-boo with its new Gold Coast neighbors.

No. 9 Walton

Rendering of No. 9 Walton from JDL Development.

In a very short period of time, No. 9 Walton has gone from vacant lot, to huge hole in the ground, to nearly 30 stories of Gold Coast high-rise. Originally approved as a 35-story tower with 67 uber-luxurious condominiums, the Chicago Plan Commission later filed approval to tack on two additional stories, though it isn’t know if those two extra stories will go on top of the tower, or somewhere in the middle. Say, one between the 17th and 18th floors, and one between floors 24 and 25, for example.

Wherever those floors appear, JDL Development is so excited about this new endeavor, company president and founder Jim Letchinger has reserved one of the units for his own full-time residence. Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture took care of the design for this one; Lendlease is taking care of the construction.


A Night at The Sinclair

That wouldn’t be a bad movie title. But this is no more than a few photos of The Sinclair (the live Progress Cam is pretty cool) in the Gold Coast neighborhood, taken after dark. And as everyone knows, the only images that come close to the beauty of new construction on a sunny day are those taken when buildings are lit up at night.


The Viceroy Chicago covers up its jagged concrete with crooked glass

Viceroy Chicago

Flat glass cladding? Not here at the Viceroy Chicago.

If you’re like me, you enjoy going from construction site to construction site, telling crews what they’re doing wrong.

Just kidding. Don’t ever do that. It wouldn’t be appreciated.

The Viceroy Chicago Hotel going up at 1118 North State Street in the Gold Coast has been showing some cool geometric concrete flooring of late, shapes that I assumed would disappear once cladding was put into place. Luckily, architects like Goettsch Partners and contractors like Power Construction know more about what they do than I. Because the best way to to compliment those patterns is to use glass that mocks them.

Glass is going up rapidly at The Viceroy, but this is no ordinary pane. (Sorry, Stevie.) These pieces of cladding come angled. But you’ll see what I mean when you look at the photos.