After 18 months of labor, the tower crane comes down at 465 North Park

465 North Park April 2018

A tower crane at half-mast; you know a tower is nearing completion.

465 North Park

Remember when the stub photobombed groundbreaking ceremony? (Photo courtesy 465 North Park)

A year and a half after being put into service above Streeterville, the tower crane at 465 North Park came down last week. Power Construction used it to erect the 48-story, 444-unit apartment tower by Pappageorge Haymes Partners for Jupiter Realty, but with the exterior topped out and glazed, it’s time to concentrate on getting interiors ready for the anticipated opening later this year.

You can reminisce about tower crane assembly at this link, then check out the gallery of the crane coming down below.




Twelve01West lights up the West Loop sky

Twelve01West glowing tower crane

More of this, Chicago!

Dear McCaffery Interests:

I can not thank you enough for the Glowing Tower Crane at Twelve01West.

That is all.

Love, Chicago & I

cc: Central Contractors Service



Twelve01West wins The Great March Tower Crane Race

Twelve01West Tower Crane

In the distance, a tower crane rises at Twelve01West.

Maybe it wasn’t so great after all, if it’s already decided this early in the month.

Last week I speculated that March’s first tower crane would be erected at GEMS World Academy Upper School, since there had just been a stub planted on the Lakeshore East site. Little did I know that a stub had earlier been planted on the Twelve01West site at 1201 West Lake Street in the West Loop. Over the weekend, Central Contractors Service was over there assembling the tower crane. By my count, that would be Chicago’s 35th tower crane of 2018, and the fourth crane currently in the air for W.E. O’Neil 

GEMS foundation work includes a tower crane pad

GEMS World Academy Upper School

Sparks fly as the tower crane pad is readied at the GEMS World Academy Upper School.

Caisson work at GEMS World Academy Upper School in Lakeshore East started and finished in the fall. Then, we all settled in for winter. But now that the ground is thawing, Power Construction is back to work on the bKL Architects-designed school.

Will this be the next tower crane erected in March? It sure looks like that pad is just about ready for a stub. That would get Chicago back into the 30s, as long as the crane is fully assembled before any of the topped-out projects bring theirs down. No pressure, Power! (But don’t take 900 West or 465 North Park down too soon…)

Chicago springs into March with 29 tower cranes in the air

It’s time to catch up with the Chicago Tower Crane Survey after a brief hiatus.

We’ve got 29 of them flying throughout Chicago. Here’s the breakdown:

New since the January Survey:

  1. Hayden West Loop (1109 West Washington)
  2. Wolf Point East (343 Wolf Point Plaza)
  3. 61 East Banks
  4. University of Illinois at Chicago Academic/Residential Complex

Gone since the January Survey:

  1. Simpson Querrey Biomedical Research Center North Crane (303 East Superior)
  2. aLoft Chicago Mag Mile (24 East Ontario)
  3. Ancora at Riverline (720 South Wells)
  4. No. 508 (508 West Diversey)
  5. No. 9 Walton (9 West Walton)

Coming soon:

  1. 1980 North Milwaukee (Permitted February 21; this will be a self-erecting tower crane)
  2. 180 North Ada (Permitted February 9)
  3. GEMS Upper School (3535 East Wacker; permitted January 26)
  4. 1201 West Lake (Permitted January 16)
  5. 360 West Erie (Permitted January 16)
  6. University of Chicago (1201 East 60th; permitted January 11)

Permitted but dead?

  1. The Bentham (146 West Erie; permitted September 2017, but is this project still going to happen?)

Where are they?

  1. West Loop – 7
  2. South Loop – 5
  3. Streeterville – 3
  4. Lincoln Park – 3
  5. River North – 3
  6. Lakeshore East – 2
  7. Lake View – 2
  8. 4 neighborhoods have one each – Uptown (Eight Eleven Uptown); Gold Coast (61 East Banks); Wicker Park (Wicker Park Connection); University Village (UIC)

Who has them?

  1. Lendlease – 6
  2. McHugh – 5
  3. Power – 5
  4. W.E. O’Neil – 3
  5. Leopardo – 2
  6. Walsh – 2
  7. 6 GCs have one crane apiece – DLG (3833 North Broadway); Linn-Mathes (Wicker Park Connection); M.A. Mortenson (Home2 Suites River North); Centaur (Nobu Hotel); Macon (Hayden West Loop); Pepper (UIC)

What are they building?

  1. Residential – 21
  2. Hotel – 5
  3. Office – 2
  4. Education – 1 (UIC)

Bidding a foggy adieu to the Ancora tower crane at Riverline

Ancora at Riverline

The tower crane servicing Ancora at Riverline was at half-mast last week.

The skies over Chicago weren’t very cooperative last Thursday, as we made the pilgrimage down to Riverline to bid a fond farewell to the tower crane that has topped out Ancora, the 29-story apartment tower representing Phase One of CMK Companies’ and Lendlease’s South Loop community. We shouldn’t have to wait too long for another crane to show up on site; there’s already quite a bit of earth moving to prep the site for more development, which may or may not be a tower named “Current.”

The tower cranes, they are a-falling

A quick L ride to the South Loop and back revealed a couple new developments (no pun intended) in Chicago’s tower crane landscape on Tuesday. The crane building No. 508 (508 West Diversey) in Lake View was being taken down, and the crane at Ancora at Riverline (720 South Wells) in the South Loop has also begun its final descent.

Sorry I have no photos of the dis-assemblage for now. My phone was ready at Diversey as our train stopped at the platform, but a perfectly-timed northbound Brown Line train blocked my view. As for Ancora, that one surprised me as we went around the bend off Wells Street onto Van Buren. The least I can do is remind you what those two tower  cranes looked like when they were still in service.

No. 508

No. 508 back in August. Macon Construction still has one tower crane in Chicago, at Hayden West Loop.

Ancora at Riverline

Ancora at Riverline in December. Lendlease has plenty more around town.