Chicago’s official Tower Crane Count now stands somewhere in the 30s

625 West Adams

Monday morning, crews began lowering the tower crane at 625 West Adams.

I’m not very good at math, so let’s slow things down a tad this morning. As you may know, the B.U.C. HQ is in the process of relocating, consolidating into the South Loop Bureau. That means far more attention has been paid to taping and painting walls, packing belongings, and mislabeling boxes, than to construction. And it looks like we’ve missed quite a bit over the past week or so.

As for that vague “30s” tower crane count, I think we’re at 32. We’ve lost two cranes this week, as 625 West Adams and the Apple Store are both on their way down, and we’ve gained one, as Essex On The Park now has a Crane On The Count. (33-2+1=32.) But until I can find which box I packed my compass, crayons, and Kodachrome, I won’t be confirming that for awhile.

That leaves Nobu on the clock. Anyone walk by this week?

Apple Store

The Yellow Street Crane of Doom was dismantling the Apple Store tower crane Wednesday morning, just before the weather took a turn.

Essex On The Park

The Essex On The Park tower crane is up and lifting heavy stuff.


1326 + 1 = 33: 1326 South Michigan erects Chicago’s 33rd tower crane

It’s the new math. 1326 South Michigan put up a tower crane last week, raising Chicago’s total to 33.

That tweet from Twitter used @skenrou Saturday morning confirmed the shiny yellow luffer (not fighter) was up and ready to do Walsh Construction’s heavy lifting. 1326 still looks like a barren lot, albeit with a tower crane now poking up through the north edge of the site. But that will all change quickly, as the 47-story tower can now begin to go vertical.

Brace for an entire Summer of a Loop without a tower crane

145 South Wells

The now-empty lot at 145 South Wells. Case Foundation will begin caisson work in September.

The Loop, Chicago’s central business district, has been without a tower crane since 151 North Franklin dropped its crane back in April. And it looks like The Loop shall remain craneless until late summer/early fall.

A Facebook post from Case Foundation on June 22 lets us know they’ll begin caisson work for Clark Construction in September at 145 South Wells, the office tower project from developer Moceri + Roszak and design architect Thomas Roszak Architecture.

There aren’t many jobs on the immediate horizon for The Loop, so it’s highly unlikely anything else will get started before 145 South Wells. Of course, we should keep our eye on the empty lot at 130 North Franklin, just to be safe.

1326 South Michigan is getting into the tower-crane game

Shout-out to Twitter user @ChrisAHorney from Murphy Development Group, who let us know the tower crane stub spotted at 1326 South Michigan on Thursday, was planted on Friday. He also let us know full assembly will begin on Monday.

We’ve all seen Walsh Construction’s work around town, so it was pretty obvious they know a horizontal stub wasn’t gonna do them much good when building a skyscraper, but it’s nice to have photo confirmation anyway.

Walsh will put that tower crane to work erecting the SCB-designed 46-story, 500-unit tower that Murphy Development Group is bringing to the South Loop in partnership with CIM Group.

Essex On The Park plants a tower crane

Essex On The Park tower crane stub

Essex On The Park has a Stub In The Ground.

Chicago’s tower-crane count is back down to 32, and Essex On The Park won’t stand for it. Thursday, Power Construction planted a stub in the South Loop ground. Surrounded for now by rebar, the foundation will soon (today?) be filled with concrete, which will cure before the full tower crane can be assembled. Let’s watch the middle part of next week for that.

🏗 Tower cranes up; tower cranes down. Chicago’s count returns to 32 🏗

Chicago 32 tower cranes June

The boom giveth; the boom taketh away. After several weeks of activity in Chicago’s tower-crane skyline, what was as many as 35 active tower cranes has settled right back to 32, the same count we had in early May.

New to the list since May’s count:

  1. Aloft Chicago Mag Mile
  2. No. 508 (508 West Diversey)
  3. Marlowe (675 North Wells)
  4. One South Halsted
  5. Cook County Central Campus Health Center (1950 West Polk)

Gone from May’s count:

  1. 171 Aberdeen
  2. 8 East Huron
  3. DePaul School of Music
  4. Hotel Zachary
  5. 3Eleven

Three projects have tower-crane permits:

  1. Nobu
  2. Essex On The Park (stub planted)
  3. 1326 South Michigan (stub on site, not planted yet)

Chicago’s 32 active tower cranes, from south to north (roughly):

5 Things To Do In Chicago

1. Watch tower cranes being erected.

McDonald's tower crane assembly

Crews erect a tower crane at the McDonald’s HQ site.

2. Watch tower cranes being taken down

8 East Huron tower crane removal

Crews take down a tower crane at 8 East Huron.

3. Watch tower crane stubs being planted in the ground

Marlowe tower crane stub

Crews plant a tower crane stub at Marlowe.

4. Watch demolition crews demolish buildings.

Rush demolition

Crews demolish a building at Rush University Medical Center.

5. Pizza and Italian beef