One Chicago is down to One Tower Crane

Crews were able to remove one section of Tower Crane C at One Chicago Thursday.

Where there were three, there now is just one.

One Chicago once blessed the city with three tower cranes, but progress means we have to say goodbye to them one-by-one, and Tower Crane C has done all it can do to top out the west tower. So down it comes.

Congrats on the milestone to everyone involved: General Contractor Power Construction; Developer JDL Development; and Design Architects Goettsch Partners and Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture. Not to mention those of you who’ll someday live in one of these shiny new beauties.

And now, more photos than you knew you needed of a tower crane being dismantled:

April 2021 sees 13 tower cranes above Chicago

Got an active tower crane in Chicago? Don’t see it in this survey? TELL ME.

Where are they?

  • West Loop – 5
  • River North – 3
  • One each in The Loop (300 N Michigan); Portage Park (The Clarendale); Gold Coast (Gild); Illinois Medical District (UI Health); West Town (1454 W Randolph)

What are they building?

  • Residential – 7
  • Office – 5
  • Medical – 1 (UI Health)

Who has them?

  • Power Construction – 7
  • One each for: Linn-Mathes (300 N Michigan); Clark Construction (320 S Canal); Skender (309 W Randolph); Ryan Companies (The Clarendale); Walsh Construction (Salesforce Tower); Pepper Construction (UI Health)

Here they are, starting with the southernmost tower crane and moving northward:

First Visit: Clarendale Six Corners erects a tower crane *Updated*

Clarendale Portage Park

Clarendale Six Corners gets a tower crane.

**This post was updated April 15, 2021 to reflect the correct name of this project, Clarendale Six Corners.**

Last week saw Chicago’s northernmost and westernmost tower crane erected at the Six Corners intersection of Irving Park, Milwaukee, and Cicero.

Clarendale Six Corners was issued a foundation permit back in January. That permit calls for a 10-story building with a total of 258 units. 114 of those units will be residential, 98 will be assisted living, and 46 will be memory care.

With a development assist from LCS,  Ryan Companies is your developer, design architect, and general contractor on this one. That’s peak keeping-it-in-house.

Shout-out to Adjustable Concrete Construction for the info and a rendering of The Clarendale.

And now, as is usually the case on this blog, please enjoy far more Tower Crane Erection photos than you’ll ever need, with a few foundation pics thrown in for good measure.

March 2021 Tower Crane Survey rendered obsolete, as the last of Cirrus-Cascade’s three cranes comes down

Cirrus Cascade crane removal

You know what it means when the tower crane dips below the top of the building.

Make it 13 active tower cranes in Chicago right now, as Lendlease is removing the third and final crane from the Lakeshore East jobsite of Cirrus Condominiums and Cascade Apartments.

More Chicago Stub News: 1000M plants a tower crane

A freshly-planted stub takes root at 1000M.

It’s an embarrassment of riches for stub fans, with Chicago’s second planting last week of a tower crane. This one is at 1000M, and it too will be fulling erected this week. The rebar beds that will soon be filled with concrete provide one serious crane pad. It’s funny; the Crane Company Building is right around the corner. Coincidence? Yeah, probably.

Tower crane stub in the house! No, seriously. They built a house for it.

Flag, Crane, Plane, and Train at 1125 West Van Buren.

Chicago’s most unique new residence is at 1125 West Van Buren, where Tandem has built a new house for its tower crane. Closed in on three sides, with the south façade left open for views of the Eisenhower Expressway(?), the humble abode will protect the crane stub from animal attacks and ogling Target shoppers. More importantly, crews will be on site this week to erect the full tower crane, making up for the one Chicago just lost at 717 South Clark.


Onni, Adjustable jump the tower crane at Old Town Park

Another section of the tower crane slides into place at Old Town Park.

General contractor/developer Onni Group and concrete contractor Adjustable Concrete are sending the tower crane a little higher this week at Old Town Park Tower 3, which will, of course, allow the tower itself to go a little higher. At 41 stories, Tower 3 is the tallest and final of the Old Town Park phases.


448 North LaSalle hangs a tower crane

448 North LaSalle got its tower crane on the March 2020 Chicago Tower Crane Survey just under the wire, getting it the air the 29th of February. Maybe it didn’t lift anything that day, or Sunday, or even Monday, which is Casimir Pulaski Day around these parts. But it still counts, because 18 is a relatively low number for cranes in Chicago, and we need to count as many as we can get.

So how about a few photos of a freshly-planted golden tower crane:

Chicago opens March 2020 with 18 🏗 in the air

Your Chicago Tower Crane Survey, March 2020 Edition shows 18 tower cranes scattered around the city.

Where are they?

  1. River North – 6
  2. West Loop – 3
  3. Lakeshore East – 3
  4. Six neighborhoods have one crane apiece – Near North (Old Town Park); Lake View (Panorama); The Loop (Parkline); Medical District (Rubschlager Building); South Loop (Imprint); Lincoln Park (Steppenwolf)

Who has them?

  1. Lendlease – 6
  2. Power Construction – 5
  3. Clark Construction – 2
  4. Onni Group – 2
  5. Three builders have one crane apiece: Walsh (318 N Carpenter); Alpha (The Bentham); Norcon (Steppenwolf)

What are they building?

  1. Residential – 12
  2. Office – 4
  3. Two types of projects have one crane apiece: Medical (Rubschlager Building) and Commercial (Steppenwolf)

Coming Soon:

  1. 1000M – Permit issued January 16
  2. 1277 East 60th – Permit issued January 27
  3. 1125 West Van Buren – Permit issued February 6




448 North LaSalle got its tower crane stub, and it doesn’t disappoint

You can’t hide from me.

Looks like the crew from Pepper Construction, the concrete contractor at 448 North LaSalle, was busy this past week. Just as we hoped, they’ve got a tower crane stub in the ground to get Midwest Property Group’s 13-story office building going vertical.

Lendlease is the general contractor on 448 North LaSalle. Generally, we only shout-out the GC for tower crane cred here. But since tower cranes are what we care most about, aside from a nice hot breakfast, it’s been decided the concrete crews should get a lil more love, too.

Back to stubs. This ain’t no ordinary stub. In fact, in my short construction-obsessed existence, I don’t remember seeing a tower crane planted with more that one section of tower before. Comparatively, this one’s huge. And yellow. She’s gonna be a pretty one when she grows up.

iPhone only for this visit. That fencing is high and tight. (That means I couldn’t get the real camera over or through.)