Hey! There’s no more tower crane at Hayden West Loop

Sometimes we lose track of topped-out buildings. So we rely on your eyes to see what’s slipped our memories. Twitter user @West_Looper let us know on Saturday that the tower crane was coming down at Hayden West Loop, so we headed over there to watch some of the action.

Hayden marked the only crane in the sky for Macon Construction, but its removal means big progress on Sulo Development’s 28-condo project. Hayden’s website shows 80% of the units sold, so you better make your move soon if you’re hoping for new digs in the Booth Hansen-designed building. Sulo plans on having your condo ready for move-in before 2018 comes to a close.

And now, as we’re known to do around here, more photos of a tower-crane disassembly than you’ll ever need:

At long last, The Loop has a tower crane again, courtesy of 145 South Wells


145 South Wells tower crane

Chicago’s newest tower crane is at 145 South Wells. And it’s a shiny yellow one!

The 20-story office tower Moceri + Roszak is building at 145 South Wells has erected The Loop’s first tower crane since we waved bye-bye to the sidewalk-hovering iron beast at 151 North Franklin more than a year ago. Now the real fun begins for Clark Construction, what with the crane being operational and caissons having been sunk into the earth. That means it’s time for some verticality at 145 South Wells.

Do what you do, shiny yellow crane.

Summer’s heat has wilted the Chicago Tower Crane count down to just 22 entering July

Vista Tower one crane

Vista Tower will be completed with just one tower crane.

Chicago has taken quite a hit over the past few months. Sure, we’re still seeing new tower cranes go up on a regular basis, but we’ve also lost a bunch as well, including ten since we last surveyed the. Not to worry though; there are more on the horizon. Not literally, though. Those would have to be counted as suburban cranes.

New since the May survey:

  1. GR333N (333 North Green)
  2. 145 South Wells
  3. Milieu (205 South Peoria)
  4. 5252 South Cornell

Gone Since the May survey:

  1. Vista Tower East Crane (still there, but halfway down)
  2. One Bennett Park East Crane
  3. Hayden West Loop
  4. 210 North Carpenter
  5. Hoxton Chicago
  6. 727 West Madison
  7. Hilton Hotel combo (1101 South Wabash)
  8. Home2 Suites River North
  9. Renelle on the River
  10. Harrison Hall at UIC
  11. 450 West Belmont

Coming Attractions:

  1. 1201 E. 60th Street (Is this still happening, U of C?)
  2. 730 N Milwaukee
  3. The Bentham? The website is still live, so there’s (some?) hope.
  4. Union West
  5. 1415 South Wabash

No permit yet, but construction has started:

  1. 1550 North Clark
  2. Toyoko Inn Chicago
  3. 4555 North Sheridan
  4. Alta Grand Central
  5. 110 North Wacker

Where are the tower cranes?

  1. West Loop – 6
  2. South Loop – 3
  3. Lincoln Park – 3
  4. River North – 2
  5. Lakeshore East – 2
  6. 6 neighborhoods have one tower crane apiece: The Loop (THE LOOP HAS A TOWER CRANE AGAIN! -145 South Wells); Lake View (3833 North Broadway); Streeterville (One Bennett Park); Gold Coast (61 East Banks); Near North (Atrium Village Phase 2); Hyde Park (5252 South Cornell)

Who has them?

  1. Power – 5
  2. W.E. O’Neil – 4
  3. McHugh – 2
  4. Walsh – 2
  5. Nine general contractors have one tower crane apiece: Skender (Hyatt House West Loop); Linn-Mathes (5252 South Cornell); Centaur (Nobu Hotel); Clark (145 South Wells); Maris (Three Sixty West); Lendlease (One Bennett Park); DLG (3833 North Broadway); Leopardo (61  East Banks); Onni Group (Atrium Village Phase 2)

What are they building?

  1. Residence – 15 1/2 (Vista is half res, half hotel)
  2. Office – 3
  3. Hotel – 2 1/2 (Vista again)
  4. Education – 1 (GEMS World Academy Upper School


Wanna see ’em? Moving south to north:

Chicago’s newest tower crane (for a few days) has risen at Milieu

If, as is rumored to be the case, the tower crane at 145 South Wells begins assembly today, then Milieu won’t have Chicago’s newest tower crane for very long.

But it’s The New Kid for now, after rising at 205 South Peoria in the West Loop last week. Power Construction will utilize it to build the FitzGerald-designed Milieu, a 19-story, 275-unit apartment development, for White Oak Realty Partners and Crayton Advisors.

Shout-out to Twitter user Alex Katz (@AT_Katz) for letting us know on Friday that the crane was up and running.

You can kiss the tower crane at 727 West Madison goodbye

727 West Madison tower crane removal

A patriotic ending to Lendlease’s tower crane at 727 West Madison in the West Loop.

145 South Wells has planted a tower crane, which should be blossoming any minute now

145 South Wells tower crane stub

The tower crane stub (and wading pool?) is ready to go at 145 South Wells.

Today is expected to be the first day of assemblage for the tower crane at 145 South Wells, the 20-story boutique office tower Clark Construction is building for Moceri + Roszak in The Loop. We’ve waited a long time for a tower crane in what amounts to Chicago’s Central Business District. (We don’t call it that here, but I’ve always liked the way that sounds. Lots of other cities use it; why not us? Is it like putting ketchup on a hot dog? Doing the wave at Wrigley? Riding a bike on the sidewalk? Oh wait…everyone does that here.)

So here’s a quick look at that stub before it becomes a full-grown tower crane.

Milieu plants a tower crane stub amidst caisson work

Milieu June 2018

That’s a fresh tower crane stub at Milieu in the West Loop.

Even as Stalworth Underground continues caisson work at Milieu (205 South Peoria) in the West Loop, something even more exciting has taken over the lot: Power Construction has evened out their tower-crane count after taking down the rig at the Hoxton Chicago by planting a stub on this site.

The Power Crane permit was issued Tuesday the 5th; they wasted no time getting that stub in place. Now, progress on the FitzGerald-designed 19-story, 275-unit apartment building can start going vertical immediately after caisson works wraps up. Yes, the West Loop is going to remain a very busy construction hub for quite some time.