Yeah, I posted about that jigsaw puzzle again

When I post construction photos on this blog, I don’t use filters. I’ll brighten them up a bit if they need it, and edit out the spots when the mirror gets dirty without me realizing, but generally speaking, I want you to see construction sites the way they are. Not artistic interpretaions.

But yeah, that photo above has been heavily filtered. I wanted it to kinda sorta look like the jigsaw puzzle I showed you this week on Facebook.

You can still get one from my friend Adrianne here. (This isn’t an ad; I first noticed this mural just a couple weeks ago, then walked into her store to say hi, and she showed me these puzzles. I got one, and you might want one too.)

The mural’s artist is Juan de la Mora. (He works at Studio Gang!) You can follow him on Instagram. The photographer is Tom Harris. I need to talk to him about how he got rid of that utility pole for his shot. He must know people. You can follow Tom on Instagram as well.

The completed puzzle. Sorry I didn’t post Progress Updates.