Goose Island and Wicker Park team up for a Friday Flag, Tank, and Crane

Flag tank crane

A goose island water tank, back by an American Flag and a tower crane in Wicker Park.

Your Flag, Tank, and Crane shot for Friday, September 08 features:

The water tank at Carbit Paint, 927 West Blackhawk Street

The American Flag atop 1200 North Ashland Avenue

The tower crane working on the Wicker Park Connection, 1640 West Division Street

Carbit Paint water tank

A better view of the Carbit Paint water tank.

Wicker Park Connection Tower crane

A better view of the Wicker Park Connection tower crane, and the flag atop 1200 North Ashland.

Our robot demolition overlords are tearing apart 1450 North Dayton

The robots are on their way, and they’re coming after our infrastructure.

Along the emerging Clybourn Corridor in the Goose Island neighborhood, Alpine Demolition ( — I like it) is knocking down the 3-story brick building at 1450 North Dayton Street. Curbed had the story back in August about the planned demolition.

In its place will be a mixed-use building of office and retail space called, for now, the Big Deahl at Kingsbury and Blackhawk. If that name doesn’t make immediate sense, know that Kingsbury runs past the rear of the site, and to its north. Danny Ecker at Crain’s had the story about the new development last month.

1450 North Dayton demolition



But I want to talk about that demolition robot. Those two bright eyes look like they could pierce masonry, let alone the built-in jackhammer. If these aren’t readily available to the public, maybe Alpine will let me control theirs for awhile.

Ten months after the demolition permit, a Chicago Water Tank disappears

809 North Racine Chicago Water Tank

Very little remains of the water tank at 809 North Racine Avenue.

It held on as long as it could. So long, in fact, that I had forgotten to be vigilant. But a Sunday stroll along Grand Avenue, a peek to the north, and it was gone. The Chicago Water Tank at 809 North Racine Avenue has been demolished, reduced to little more than a kiddie pool.

Since I’d stopped paying close attention, I don’t know when it happened, but I can only assume it was last week. And there’s still some work to be done on it.

809 North Racine Chicago Water Tank

Slated for demolition back on August 30 of 2016, this tank had staying power.

809 North Racine Chicago Water Tank

We can no longer be amused by you.

Ode to a resilient Chicago Water Tank

Chicago Water Tank 809 North Racine

The tank sits on top of Handelsman Lofts, on the right. But the building on the left, 811-813 N Racine, is a gorgeous building.

If there’s one thing I like, it’s rooftop water tanks. And baseball. And a good MLT, mutton lettuce and tomato sandwich, when the mutton is nice and lean. But water tanks. Those are cool.

All the way back in of August of 2016, a permit was issued by the city allowing for the removal of the water tank atop 809 North Racine Avenue in the Goose Island (I think?) neighborhood. Now, I don’t know what this particular water tank is ding right, but here we are almost seven months later, and that Chicago water tank still stands proud.

I think that deserves a blog post. Here is that tank’s blog post.

Chicago Water Tank 809 North Racine

Standing tall and proud in the distance.

Another Chicago water tank has been doomed by a demolition permit

1500 North Halsted water tank

The doomed tank atop 1500 North Halsted Street in Goose Island.

Wednesday, a demolition permit was filed by the City of Chicago, spelling doom for yet anther Chicago Water Tank, this one at 1500 North Halsted Street in the Goose Island neighborhood.

You’ve noticed this tank every time you’ve passed through the S-curves over North Avenue on the Brown and Purple Line trains, between the Sedgwick and Armitage stops. And if you’re living in or visiting the New City development, you’re right next door to it. But not for much longer.

Milburn LLC of Hillside, Illinois will do the dirty work of demolishing the tank.

1500 North Halsted water tank

The Demolition Permit

1500 North Halsted water tank


Another Chicago Water Tank to be washed from the skyline

809 North Racine Chicago water tank

Does this AMUSE you? Not me. The Chicago Water Tank at 809 North Racine is coming down.

You know the water tank at 809 North Racine Street. You’ve passed by it a zillion times. And it always has the power to AMUSE you. This one sits right alongside the Kennedy Expressway at Chicago Avenue.

Well, take your last looks quickly. Tuesday, the City of Chicago filed a permit to bring the tank down. And it doesn’t even get the dignity of a Demolition Permit. No, this tank goes out via “Easy Permit Process.” Harsh. But at least we had some warning, unlike the recently-removed tank at 1882 South Normal.

Chicago 1148 W 6 Chicago 1148 W 7 IMG_7192 IMG_7212

Chicago Water Tank 809 North Racine

The “demo” permit. Easy Process, my eye.

Chicago Water Tank 1882 South Normal

The aforementioned Chicago Water Tank at 1882 South Normal. If you know of a permit to remove this one, I’ve not seen it.

Clybourn 1200 Piecing Together Nicely

Clybourn 1200

Clybourn 1200 is being pieced together by a massive ground crane, like an out-of-hand game of Tetris.

Clybourn 1200 is a new mixed-use, mixed-income apartment project from Brinshore Development. Depending on your perspective, it’s in the Gold Coast neighborhood, the Goose Island area, the Cabrini-Green neighborhood, or the Near North.

The V-shaped building, designed by Pappageorge Haymes Partners to fit in the triangular lot at 1200 North Clybourn Avenue, will have 77 apartments for people, a whole bunch of roof-top hives for bees, and 17,000 square feet of space for retailers, including a day-care center for children.

McShane Construction is on the build, a notable site for its massive red crane parked in the middle of the lot.