Honorable Craneless Mention: RH Oak Brook

It doesn’t have a tower crane, but it was right there in the parking lot of Oakbrook Center, so it’s hard to miss.

Graycor is building a new, stand-alone RH (you may remember that as Restoration Hardware) store out in suburban Oak Brook. The Chicago Tribune was all over the story last year. I took a photo. That is all.

On October 20, we will all be teachers, as Chicago gets a shiny new Apple Store on our desks

Chicago Apple Store

Consumers arrive by boat to get in line for the October 20 opening of the new Chicago Apple Store. Probably.

Multiple outlets have reported (honestly, everyone has mentioned it. Call your Aunt Susie, and I bet it’s the first thing she wants to talk about) that Chicago’s new Apple Store will open October 20 on the Magnificent Mile. When it does, it will be the place to go for fancy smart phones, computers, watches, and more. But what it used to be was *the* place to see a really low tower crane. You tower crane you could just about reach up and touch.

Power Construction continues to add finishing touches to the two-story glass box at Michigan Avenue and the Chicago River. Once complete, they’ll turn their attention to building the Apple Store 2S. (Not true at all.)

You didn’t expect the Apple Store to be shaped like an apple, right?

Apple Store

The Apple Store on Chicago’ Magnificent Mile, at 401 North Michigan Avenue.

For some reason, there’s been a rash of stories lately stating how the new Apple Store on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile is “taking shape.” Well, we know it’s been in the shape of a future two-story glass cube for quite some time now. Here are a few shots of how things are progressing as of this week.

Chicago’s new Apple Store is taking the glass box to 2 whole new levels

What says “glass box” better than an actual glass box? That’s pretty much what Power Construction is building in Pioneer Court these days. And while some use the “glass box” description as criticism, the new Apple Store at 401 North Michigan Avenue along the Magnificent Mile sure is making it work.

Hanging glass at the new Apple Store

Apple Store glass installation

A barge lends a hand as glass is installed at the new Apple Store.

Last week, I learned it takes a whole mess of suction cups to a glass curtain wall on an Apple Store. It was also a thrill to see a barge being utilized in construction once again, something I’d hoped — actually, kind of assumed — would happen, given the Apple Store’s proximity to the Chicago River. And there’s no mud to be excavated, so it probably won’t sink.

More from the two-floor Apple Store

Apple Store

The new Apple Store in Pioneer Court features Chicago’s lowest tower crane.

You can handle more pictures of the Apple Store construction, right? It’s still cool, and it still has that tower crane where you can just about reach your hand up and high-five the crane operator. The only negative I can find right now with this project is that the lower-level sidewalk of the Michigan Avenue Bridge is closed for work, so that’s one less vantage point for viewing.

An exercise in major construction for Midtown Athletic Club

Midtown Athletic Club

Construction of the Midtown Athletic Club addition in Bucktown.

Near the recently-reworked intersection of Elston, Damen, and Fullerton Avenues in Bucktown, Midtown Athletic Club is working out on a huge addition to its already-large facility. Designed by DMAC Architecture of Evanston, the new More Club Than Gym (as opposed to More Club, Then Gym, which means you’re probably not going to have avery good workout) is adding more than 100,000 square feet of new space, including two swimming pools, a restaurant, and 31 hotel rooms. How’s that for mixed use? And with that bigger club will be more parkers, so work is also being done to expand the parking garage next door along Elston Avenue. Norcon is lifting the heavy weights of construction.

You can keep up with progress at the Midtown blog.

Construction Progress: The Apple Store on the Magnificent Mile

The thing about high-profile two-story developments is, you can miss a lot of progress in a very short period of time. And I don’t want you missing that progress. So here are a few shots of the current state at the new Apple flagship store along the Chicago River at 401 North Michigan Avenue. Featuring the lowest tower crane in Chicago, the Apple Store also affords unobstructed construction views from multiple vantage points. Apple’s new location is expected to open in October 2018.



LG Development writing a new story for the West Loop

If it seems there’s construction on every block of the West Loop, it’s probably because there’s construction on every block of the West Loop. But it’s not all fancy corporate HQs and boutique hotels.

At 177 North Morgan Street* (that’s the address according to the building permit. As you can see in the tweet above, LG Development refers to the property as 185 North Morgan.), LG Development is erecting a single-story retail building at the foot of the Morgan Street CTA L station.