Illume Chicago is sprouting out of the West Loop soil

111ume Chicago

That’s a serious tower crane presiding over Illume Chicago.

It seemed Illume Chicago spent forever working on subterranean things that will never be seen again. There were caisson to drill, piles to drive, and a foundation to dig. But now there are signs of life at street level, as Norcon continues its work on the West Loop condo building. Soon, LG Development’s 10-story, 79-unit Pappageorge Haymes design will start taking shape at 111 (the reason you’ll sometimes see “111ume” spelled with three 1s) South Peoria Street.

111ume Chicago

A cool rendering from the Illume website, showing how the B.U.C. HQ will look from the new condos.

The Crane Doctor to make a house call at Illume Chicago

Illume Chicago

Putting the Ill in Illume…The tower crane at Illume Chicago needs some repairs.

Expect a street closure Thursday in the 100-block of South Peoria Street, as a street crane sets up to make repairs on the tower crane holding court above Illume Chicago. Weather permitting, repairs shouldn’t last more than a day, and Peoria Street will be back in business Friday.

Illume Chicago puts down roots in the West Loop

111ume Chicago

Springtime at Mary Bartleme Park. With tower crane and Sears Tower.

It’s been exactly one month since Norcon grew a tower crane at its Illume Chicago site in West Loop. Now, that crane is contributing to the foundation being shored up for the new condominiums from LG Development.

Located at 111 South Peoria Street, Illume Chicago will be ten stories containing 79 condos, with parking in the basement and first floor, designed by Pappageorge Haymes Architects.


A crane grows at Illume Chicago

If you were watching your Instagram feed Friday, you may have noticed the above photo from Norcon, showing the beginning of work on the tower portion of the new tower crane at Illume Chicago in the West Loop.

Illume Chicago tower crane

The tower at Illume Chicago went up Friday. The crane will follow.

You can (kind of) see the tower in the photo above, taken from the B.U.C. HQ. Judging by the forecast for Saturday, it’s very possible Norcon’s plan to assemble the crane over the weekend might be washed out. If that’s the case, expect them to try again next weekend. (Weekday assembly isn’t a possibility because of the need to close off Green Street.)

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Illume Chicago plants a tower crane in the West Loop (Updated)

Illume Chicago Tower Crane

Wait…is that…IT IS! It’s a tower crane at Illume Chicago!

Floating somewhere within the universe that is the City of Chicago’s building permit database that hasn’t updated since Friday, there lies a tower crane permit for 111 South Peoria Street in the West Loop. How do I know this? Well, it isn’t because I’m smart. No, it’s because I wandered past the Illume Chicago construction site, and was greeted by a tower crane stub sticking up out of the ground.

According to Norcon, the general contractor at Illume, full tower assembly will occur this weekend, weather permitting. And if weather doesn’t permit, it will be rescheduled for next weekend. That way, Green Street (at the east end of the site) can be closed for two days without impacting weekday traffic.

Illume Chicago tower crane

Look what popped up Tuesday afternoon: The tower crane permit, issued yesterday. The site finally updated.

P.S. A quick shout-out to Norcon, for strategically installing their crane between the two towers of Emerald Lofts, so I get a clear view of of it from the B.U.C. HQ. This one brings the total to six tower cranes I cold easily zipline to from here.




With caissons complete, Illume Chicago digs in its heels

111ume Chicago foundaation

Foundation work at Illume Chicago, as seen from the desk of B.U.C. HQ.

Whether the neighbors like it or not, Illume Chicago has powered through caisson work, and is now digging out the foundation. The 79 condominiums from LG Development and Pappageorge Haymes Partners broke ground in early December, and now the site has been dug a few feet below street level at 111 South Peoria in the West Loop.

There’s a large pile of pilings sitting in the dirt these days. I wonder if it will be noisy at all when those are pounded into the ground.


An exercise in major construction for Midtown Athletic Club

Midtown Athletic Club

Construction of the Midtown Athletic Club addition in Bucktown.

Near the recently-reworked intersection of Elston, Damen, and Fullerton Avenues in Bucktown, Midtown Athletic Club is working out on a huge addition to its already-large facility. Designed by DMAC Architecture of Evanston, the new More Club Than Gym (as opposed to More Club, Then Gym, which means you’re probably not going to have avery good workout) is adding more than 100,000 square feet of new space, including two swimming pools, a restaurant, and 31 hotel rooms. How’s that for mixed use? And with that bigger club will be more parkers, so work is also being done to expand the parking garage next door along Elston Avenue. Norcon is lifting the heavy weights of construction.

You can keep up with progress at the Midtown blog.