Goose Island and Wicker Park team up for a Friday Flag, Tank, and Crane

Flag tank crane

A goose island water tank, back by an American Flag and a tower crane in Wicker Park.

Your Flag, Tank, and Crane shot for Friday, September 08 features:

The water tank at Carbit Paint, 927 West Blackhawk Street

The American Flag atop 1200 North Ashland Avenue

The tower crane working on the Wicker Park Connection, 1640 West Division Street

Carbit Paint water tank

A better view of the Carbit Paint water tank.

Wicker Park Connection Tower crane

A better view of the Wicker Park Connection tower crane, and the flag atop 1200 North Ashland.

Construction Progress: Wicker Park Connection 

Wicker Park Connection

A growth spurt at the Wicker Park Connection, 1640 West Division Street.

When last we dropped in on the Wicker Park Connection, Linn-Mathes had just erected a tower crane, and construction was starting to poke up out of the ground. My, how times have changed.

Foundation work seems to be completed on the Centrum Partners & Hirsch Associates project, and now steel and slab work is approaching the fifth floor, on its way to 15 stories and 140 apartments.

Wicker Park Connection starts poking out of the ground

Wicker Park Connection

The Wicker Park Connection is going 3-D.

The large earthen pit at 1640 West Division Street in Wicker Park shows signs of becoming the Wicker Park Connection, as Linn-Mathes has begun building atop foundation work that began back in the winter. A joint project of the tag-team combo Centrum Partners and Hirsch Associates Architects, the Wicker Park Connection will deliver 140 apartments within the 15-story tower.

Quick Look: The Wicker Park Connection tower crane is up

Wicker Park Connection tower crane

The finished tower crane over the Wicker Park Connection, Monday evening.

It got started over the weekend, and by Monday evening it was completed. The Wicker Park Connection can begin going vertical, now that there’s a tower crane on site. We watched most of the erecting from the B.U.C. HQ, but a well-timed going-away dinner (Bon Voyage, Steve!) on Division Street meant a good look at the new kid on that block.

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Wicker Park Connection joins the Tower Crane fun

Wicker Park Connection tower crane

A freshly-planted tower crane stub springs up at the Wicker Park Connection.

How’s this for quick. On Tuesday, the City of Chicago issued a tower crane permit for the Wicker Park Connection. That’s the 15-story, 140-unit Transit Oriented Development Centrum Partners is building next door to the T.O.D. they built at 1664 West Division Street, Centrum Wicker Park. The Wicker Park Connection is another collaboration with Hirsch Associates Architects, who also teamed with Centrum in River North on 412 North Wells and Centrum Hubbard (is it called “Hubbard221” now?)

Where was I? Oh yeah, tower crane permit. Anyway, general contractor Linn-Mathes wasted no time in getting the tower crane stub planted in the ground. Foundation work is still underway, but expect that new tower crane to start lifting heavy stuff off the ground in no time.

The Wicker Park Connection digs in

Wicker Park Connection

A rendering of the Wicker Park Connection from Hirsch Associates Architects.

After filing a foundation permit late in 2016, the Wicker Park Connection is burrowing into the soil on its lot at 1640 West Division Street. The 15-story project from Centrum Partners will sit right next to the nearly-completed Centrum Wicker Park, another collaboration between Centrum and Hirsch Associates Architects.

Revcon is out there drilling caissons now; Linn-Mathes is the general contractor assigned to sending the 140 apartments skyward.

LG’s TOD taking shape at 1241 North Milwaukee in Wicker Park

1241 North Milwaukee

At the intersection of Ashland and Milwaukee Avenues, and just off Division Street, LG Development is building a seven-story rental building that will include 16,000 feet of retail space and the renovation of the existing two-story structure facing Ashland. Designed by Jonathan Splitt Architects (who also did the new Blue Plate Catering digs over in the Fulton Market District), 1241 North Milwaukee will have 60 apartments. As is often the case on LG projects, LG Construction is handling general contractor duties.

The Western saddles up and rides into Wicker Park

Not to be confused with just any western, the movie above is The Western.

A new project from developer Vequity at 1920 North Milwaukee in Wicker Park, The Western is situated smack-dab under the Western Avenue Blue Line platform. The seven-story building, designed by Brininstool + Lynch, will contain 44 luxury apartments and 6,000 square feet of retail space.

Easily the most interesting feature of The Western will be this nugget from the full building permit, filed by the city December 15:


That means, very soon, a couple bros with beers in hand will be able to utter the sentence “Let’s go to the rooftop for some bocce, because THAT”S HOW WE ROLL!”

Yeah. Anyway, Vequity is not only the developer, but also the general contractor on The Western. And as you can see, they’re making good progress.


Here comes the Wicker Park Connection

The Wicker Park Connection

The Permit. Let The Wicker Park Connection begin!

A permit filed Tuesday by the City of Chicago signals the beginning of the Wicker Park Connection. Another project from the combined forces of Centrum Partners and Hirsch Associates Architects, the Wicker Park Connection will fill the surface parking lot at 1640 West Division Street.

The Wicker Park Connection will be a 15-story building, bringing 140 residential units with 52 parking spaces, along with ground-floor retail. Linn-Mathes has been hired to be the general contractor.