Return to New York City: 520 Park Avenue

520 Park Avenue

A rendering of 520 Park Avenue from

520 Park Avenue, at 45 East 60th Street, is a 54-story, 33-unit condominium tower in New York City’s Upper East Side neighborhood. It’s another design from Robert A.M. Stern Architects, noted in Chicago for their work on One Bennett Park. Zeckendorf Development is the developer; Lendlease is the general contractor. Overlooking Central Park, it will, obviously, have glorious views and severe price tags. Filing this one under “If Only.”

For extensive coverage of 520 Park Avenue, please visit New York Yimby and the CTBUH.

Return to New York City: Central Park Tower

Central Park Tower

Central Park Tower, left, and 220 Central Park South, right, face off on a chilly October night.

You remember the post from last month about 220 Central Park South right? Well, you may have noticed another skyscraper rising adjacent to that tower. That “other” development will only be New York City’s tallest residential tower, at over 1,500 feet, when completed in 2019.

Meet Central Park Tower. At its official address of 217 West 57th Street, Central Park Tower will stand back-to-back with 220 Central Park South, in essence sharing 58th Street as a high-profile alley. A project of Extell Development Company, the 131-story monster was designed by Chicago’s own Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Archecture, and will include a 7-level Nordstrom flagship store. Lendlease has the tall task of general contractor on this one.

Want to know more about Central Park Tower? (Yes, you do. You have to!) Please check out these sights, in addition to the links above:

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Return to New York City: 3 World Trade Center

3 World Trade Center

3 World Trade Center, New York City.

3 World Trade Center will be an 80-story office tower at 175 Greenwich Street. Two-and-a-half million square feet of office space, plus 150,000 square feet of retail space — over 5 floors — it’s expected to open in 2018. The design is by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners of London. The developer is Silverstein Properties.

For more on 3 World Trade Center, please follow these links:

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The Real Deal

Return to New York City: Hudson Yards

I will spend absolutely no space here trying to explain the scope of Hudson Yards, on Manhattan’s Far West Side. Suffice it to say, it’s a project of mind-boggling proportions, underway since 2012, that could continue until 2025. What I will do, however, is compile the following list of online resources, should you decide you’d like to explore Hudson Yards on your own. And, show you the photos from our October visit to Hudson Yards and the High Line.

Hudson Yards (all the fun, juicy statistics here)

New York YIMBY (lots of construction coverage)

6SQFT (heavy on Real Estate news)

Wikipedia? (Sure, why not)

Hudson Yards Development Corporation 

Curbed New York

And now, photos:


Return to New York City: 220 Central Park South

220 Central Park South

Looking straight up at 220 Central Park South from West 58th Street.

No, I didn’t really return to New York City. That would be wishful thinking. I merely sorted through a few more photos that I actually managed to label properly, in order to put together a gallery focused on the new condo tower at 220 Central Park South in Midtown Manhattan.

Developer Vornado Realty Trust is building 116 units or so in two parts: One, an 18-story “villa” that fronts 59th Street, and a 79-story tower that unofficially fronts the north side of 58th Street. 220 Central Park South is a design by New York’s Robert A.M. Stern Architects, currently known around these parts for designing One Bennett Park in Streeterville.

Lendlease, also busy all over Chicago, is the general contractor.

To learn more about 220 Central Park South, please see the outstanding work from New York YIMBY here, and from 6sqft here.

And now, a barrage of photographs.



Zaha Hadid condos rise along New York City’s High Line


520 West 28th, designed by Zaha Hadid, under construction along the High Line in West Chelsea.

I knew I’d see a lot of construction along New York City’s High Line elevated park; I also know I’d wish for more time. (All these photos are from atop the High Line itself; there wasn’t time to walk 360 degrees around construction sites.)

A standout of that construction? 520 West 28th Street in West Chelsea, from Related Companies. Designed by the late great Zaha Hadid along with Ismael Leyva Architects, 520 West 28th brings 39 uber-luxurious condos over 11 floors, right next to the High Line, in a modern, curvy building. Stay away from the $50,000,000 penthouse on the top three floors though; I’ve already committed to buying that one.

P.S. The High Line is a glorious place. I can’t wait to get back.

New York City construction gallery: 53W53


A stunning rendering from the 53W53 website.

53W53 will be an 82-story condominium tower in Midtown Manhattan. Designed by noted starchitect Jean Nouvel, 53W53 will feature 160 “high-end” (does New York City have any condos that *aren’t* high-end?) units. Developed by Hines (let’s hear it for River Point!) and Pontiac Land Group, the project will also include 52,000 square feet of exhibition space for the adjacent Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

You should be quite familiar by now with the general contractor on 53W53; Lendlease is working on several Chicago projects, including 640 North Wells, 151 North Franklin, One Bennett Park, and Riverline.

For extensive coverage of 53W53 construction, please visit New York Yimby here.

For more about the Museum of Modern Art, click here.

New York City posters an invaluable resource to visiting construction bloggers

45 East 60th Street

These posters on job sites can help you remember what you took photos of yesterday. And the day before.

45 East 60th Street

Also note the work permit itself in the lower left corner of the poster.

The poster pictured above hangs on the pedestrian wall at 45 East 60th Street in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Construction bloggers covering New York City’s job sites likely know these spots by heart, but as a visitor in town only for a weekend, this is tremendously helpful in that it provides a wealth of information without having to do much homework.

Granted, it’s still up to me to remember where on set of photos ends, and the next set begins, but at least I have a place holder for each project. And it’s not that I’m too lazy to do the homework. But let’s face it; four days wasn’t enough time to capture more than just a fraction of the current construction in progress around this massive city, so you aren’t looking to me for comprehensive coverage. You just want to see a few photos. And these signs help me give you the most basic of details, at the least. I’ll be including them in future photo galleries of New York City construction.

45 East 60 Street

Looking straight up at 45 East 60th Street, also known as 520 Park Avenue.

For more about 520 Park Avenue/45 East 60th Street, follow this link to New York Yimby.

Sorting out New York City

Hudson Yards

If you insist on using the word “massive,” use it here, at Hudson Yards. As seen from the wonderful High Line elevated trail.

This blog has been idle for a few days because of a weekend stay in New York City. My plan to post photos of construction throughout Manhattan hit a roadblock when I quickly became overwhelmed by the scope of work being done, as well as my self-inundation with pictures taken.

I knew there was a lot of construction happening in New York; I just didn’t truly understand just how wide-spread — and TALL — it is. In the coming days, I’ll share some of the thousands of photos of construction sites, water tanks, and architecture on display in the City That Never Sleep (they call it that because there’s a Starbucks ON EVERY BLOCK.) But first, I have to sort and make sense of these pics.

If you’re looking for detailed information about each project, look to Twitter user @newyorkyimby. It would be silly for me to fly in for a weekend and think I could speak intelligently about the mass of activity there. The @newyorkyimby team has a handle on it all, and covers it thoroughly. Besides, I still need to run around Chicago and see what happened while i was gone for four days.


53W53 catches a few morning rays.