St. John Cantius Church again a standout of Open House Chicago 2016

St. John Cantius Church

St. John Cantius Church, Chicago, IL.

Sometimes I forget the first word of Open House Chicago is, indeed, “open.” I walked into Saint John Cantius Church in River West for the first time, camera and tripod in hand. I looked around and so no one else with a tripod, and wondered if what I was doing was okay. So I asked. “Of course!” was the answer. I wouldn’t be intruding on a wedding. I wouldn’t be interrupting worshipers. It was an Open House.

Never participated in Open House Chicago? Leave your weekends available in October 2017. It’s a whole new window on the City of Chicago.

Here now, my favorite photos from my favorite site in 2016. (Sorry, Yale Building. You had been the front-runner until late Sunday.)


Finally! 1001 South State, from the *inside.

1001 South State

1001 South State, in Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood.

There are three ways us common folk can check out the hot new skyscrapers in Chicago. We can

  • Make an appointment to look at new apartments in the city
  • *Pretend* we’re looking at renting a new apartment, just so we can get inside a new development


  • Wait for Open House Chicago, and hope the new apartments are on the schedule of locations available for tours.

I used the latter method to finally be able to see 1001 South State, after visiting it many times during its construction. And as you might imagine, it’s gorgeous, with all the luxurious amenities you’d expect from new construction. There areĀ 397 studio, one-, two-, and three-bedroom rental units in the tower. Among the coolest features, besides the pool and all the grills, the outdoor deck atop the podium wraps 360 degrees around the building, so you can get all your steps in without leaving the premises, and without walking up and down a hallway.

A goal of mine is to photograph the entire construction progress of every Chicago development I can get to, from the time a lot is empty, or a building or parking lot is destroyed, through completion. Then, to be able to visit that project once opened. 1001 South State is the first building in Chicago for which I’ve completed that cycle.

The Open House Chicago 2016 Gallery

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