Construction Progress: Hilton Homewood Suites is all 3-D

The 30-story Hilton Homewood Suites at 1101 South Wabash, somewhat slow to get out of the ground, is starting to shoot upwards. Credit Lendlease for the progress on the hotel, which is scheduled to open late next year.

Eleven40 drops its pretty yellow tower crane

Eleven40 tower crane removal

A crane too low. (It’s okay to be sad.)

When I got home last night, in the dark, which angers me because I hate winter, I said out loud “Hey, does that crane look too low to you?” None of you answered, which is good, because it would have been creepy if you’d have been here, but sure enough, Lendlease began the task of dismantling the tower crane at Eleven40 yesterday, meaning Chicago’s tower crane count dips to 33.

Work will continue for the next couple days on removal. This morning, a crew is taking apart the upper tie-in. Photos follow:

Construction Update: Ancora at Riverline

Ancora at Riverline at Sunset

Ancora at Riverline, at sunset, from the Harrison Street bridge.

Ancora at Riverline

Ancora from above, courtesy Olin Eargle of @properties.

Call it Ancora, call it Phase One of Riverline, call it whatever you want, but it’s growing. And will continue to do so until it reaches 29 stories. CMK Companies’ first portion of the Riverline development along the Chicago River is making its presence known in the South Loop. The podium has reached the fourth level, while a pair of cores shoot up through the center. You’ll find the best spots to view Lendlease’s handiwork along the Harrison Street bridge.