An October Flag Crane Tank shot, featuring Chicago’s newest tower crane

Chicago’s newest tower crane, our 34th in the sky right now, provides us with today’s American Flag-Tower Crane-Chicago Water Tank shot.

American Flag, Tower Crane, Chicago Water Tank

We’ve been on this block before and featured the same flag and tank.

Sterling Bay is responsible for both the tower crane, now at work for Leopardo Companies at 210 North Carpenter…

..and for the flag, which sits atop Venue One at 1034 West Randolph.

The water tank is atop 1035 West Lake Street.

Goose Island and Wicker Park team up for a Friday Flag, Tank, and Crane

Flag tank crane

A goose island water tank, back by an American Flag and a tower crane in Wicker Park.

Your Flag, Tank, and Crane shot for Friday, September 08 features:

The water tank at Carbit Paint, 927 West Blackhawk Street

The American Flag atop 1200 North Ashland Avenue

The tower crane working on the Wicker Park Connection, 1640 West Division Street

Carbit Paint water tank

A better view of the Carbit Paint water tank.

Wicker Park Connection Tower crane

A better view of the Wicker Park Connection tower crane, and the flag atop 1200 North Ashland.

Three flags, a water tank, and a tower crane in the Prairie District

Prairie District Flag Crane Tank

You get a 3-fer in the latest edition of American Flag, Tower Crane, Water Tank.

The flags fly above New City Alfa Romeo at 2401 South Michigan Avenue.

The water tank sits atop Motor Row Gallery at 2345 South Michigan Avenue.

The tower crane is lifting heavy stuff at the Triple-branded Hilton Hotel project at 123 East Cermak Road.

A subtle twist on the Flag Tank Crane

Flag Tank Caisson rig

American Flag, Water Tank, and Caisson Rig along the Lake Street elevated tracks.

A strong indicator of future tower cranes is a present caisson rig. Stalworth Underground has a couple of them on site at Lake and Green Streets for the Hoxton Chicago hotel. Get off the CTA Green Line train at the Morgan for a great view of an American Flag, a water tank, and a caisson rig. A caisson rig with the Stars & Stripes attached, that is. It’ll be a tower crane soon enough.

The Chicago Water Tank and American Flag sit atop East Bank Storage, 730 West Lake Street.

Ten months after the demolition permit, a Chicago Water Tank disappears

809 North Racine Chicago Water Tank

Very little remains of the water tank at 809 North Racine Avenue.

It held on as long as it could. So long, in fact, that I had forgotten to be vigilant. But a Sunday stroll along Grand Avenue, a peek to the north, and it was gone. The Chicago Water Tank at 809 North Racine Avenue has been demolished, reduced to little more than a kiddie pool.

Since I’d stopped paying close attention, I don’t know when it happened, but I can only assume it was last week. And there’s still some work to be done on it.

809 North Racine Chicago Water Tank

Slated for demolition back on August 30 of 2016, this tank had staying power.

809 North Racine Chicago Water Tank

We can no longer be amused by you.

Another Chicago Water tank gets permission for repairs

Water tank 1622 West Carroll Avenue

Will repairs to the water tank at 1622 West Carroll Avenue include removing the tags?

Yesterday, we looked at the scaffolding around the water tank at the Salvation Army Thrift Store in River West. And now, news of another tank that’s being repaired instead of removed: 1622 West Carroll Avenue in West Town. The City of Chicago issued a permit for repairs on June 1.

The general contractor tasked with this unique fixer-upper isĀ Karl Natschke Construction of Woodstock, IL. And this being a water tank, it seems appropriate to point out the plumbing contractor as well: Discovery Plumbing & Heating, of Lansing, IL. Thanks to those two contractors, and to Sassafras Enterprises, the owners of the building, for saving another Chicago Water Tank.

As promised, the Salvation Army water tank is under repair

Salvation Army water tank

Repairs are underway on the Salvation Army water tank at 509 North Union Avenue.

As you may have read back in March, the water tank above the Salvation Army Thrift Store at 509 North Union Avenue in River West was issued a restoration permit. Now, scaffolding surrounds the tank as the promised repairs are underway. The work is being done by Pinnacle Development of Forest Park.

Always nice to see a water tank being saved, isn’t it?