Progress Update: 1454 West Randolph

1454 West Randolph

Checking in on the farther-west of two developments from Marquette Companies.

1454 West Randolph is also the shorter of the two projects (1400 West Randolph is the other), bringing 11 stories and 242 units to the triangular lot bounded by Randolph Street, Ogden Avenue, and Lake Street. Designed by Brininstool + Lynch; built by Power Construction.

1454 West Randolph will deliver 242 new apartments to West Town

1454 West Randolph is the second of Marquette Companies‘ apartment developments currently testing the boundaries of what I think of as the West Loop. Yes, West Town may be more suitable for this one, as it’s located west of Ogden Avenue. But I shamelessly admit the West Loop is my favorite of Chicago neighborhoods, even though it’s not one of our official community areas

1454 West Randolph will be an 11-story, 242-unit apartment building. Brininstool + Lynch is the design architect. Power Construction is the general contractor. Marquette plans to welcome tenants early next year.

Another Chicago Water tank gets permission for repairs

Water tank 1622 West Carroll Avenue

Will repairs to the water tank at 1622 West Carroll Avenue include removing the tags?

Yesterday, we looked at the scaffolding around the water tank at the Salvation Army Thrift Store in River West. And now, news of another tank that’s being repaired instead of removed: 1622 West Carroll Avenue in West Town. The City of Chicago issued a permit for repairs on June 1.

The general contractor tasked with this unique fixer-upper is Karl Natschke Construction of Woodstock, IL. And this being a water tank, it seems appropriate to point out the plumbing contractor as well: Discovery Plumbing & Heating, of Lansing, IL. Thanks to those two contractors, and to Sassafras Enterprises, the owners of the building, for saving another Chicago Water Tank.

Construction Progress: Chicago Blackhawks Community Training Center

Chicago Blackhawks Community Training Center

Work continues on the Chicago Blackhawks Community Training Center.

At 1801 West Jackson Boulevard on the west side, McHugh Construction continues working on the Chicago Blackhawks Community Training Center. Wingers, defensemen, and goalies will be able to use it too though. The two-story, 125,000-square-foot facility, designed by HOK, replaces the original, now-demolished Malcolm X College, which became expendable when a new facility was built across the street.

In addition to providing practice surfaces for the Blackhawks and visiting NHL teams, the center will provide youth hockey development, and host recreational hockey leagues as well. It is expected to open in December of this year.

Construction Progress: Chicago Blackhawks Training Center

Blackhawks Training Center

The Chicago Blackhawks Community Training Center on the city’s west side.

On the grounds of now-demolished Malcom X College (which just happens to be across the street from the brand-new Malcolm X College), the Chicago Blackhawks Community Training Center is being constructed at 1801 West Jackson Boulevard. McHugh Construction has pulled off quite the power play, linking steel together to form the facility’s frame, and even getting the roof in place. The One Goal? Have the center open in December 2017.

HOK designed the dual-rink, 125,000-square-foot icehouse.

Catching up on the tearing down of Malcolm X College

Malcolm X College demolition

Malcolm X College demolition has been ongoing since April.

Having opened up a new Malcolm X College in time for spring classes in January 2016, the old college is being demolished to make way for a new training facility for the Chicago Blackhawks. Heneghan Wrecking (Click that link, and marvel at Heneghan’s drone photo of the Rush Medical Center teardowns) has been ripping the building apart since April, and they’re in the home stretch. Only a small portion of the school remains towards the west end of the lot. At the west end, McHugh Construction has already started foundation work for the hockey facility.


Construction Update: The United Center signs an extension

United Center office

Lots of glass on the new 6-story office building at The United Center.

An extension *of* the United Center, that is. The 22-year-old arena, home to the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks, broke ground last year on a 6-story, 250,00-square-foot office building in the parking lot immediately east of the stadium. That office building will be the new home of employees of the Bulls and Blackhawks, as well as United Center staff. The new structure will also feature a new team store, and a 25,000-square-foot atrium that will connect old building to new. Designed by HOK and being built by McHugh Construction, it is scheduled to be complete in time for the 2016-2017 NBA and NHL seasons.



Though technically not a rebuilding year, the Blackhawks *are* building

Chicago Blackhawks Community Training Center

Caisson crews work on foundations, even as demolition crews tear down the remainder of Malcolm X College.

On the site where the old Malcolm X College is being demolished as we speak, McHugh Construction crews are doing foundation work for the new Chicago Blackhawks Community Training Center. Designed by HOK, the 125,000-square-foot facility will serve not only the Blackhawks and their visiting opponents, but the entire Chicago hockey-playing community as well. How? Well, I could go on and on about it, but I suggest you read it straight from the team’s mouth. View the press release here, or read it in full after the foundation work photos below:



The Chicago Blackhawks announced today that the organization will build a 125,000-square-foot community training center for youth hockey development programs, recreational leagues and other events, which will also serve as the practice facility for the Blackhawks and visiting National Hockey League teams.

The state-of-the-art facility will be located two blocks south of the United Center on a 4-acre site currently housing Malcolm X College, which is expected to move into its own new building north of Jackson Boulevard in January 2016. The privately funded project will cost approximately $50 million and is being designed to contain two NHL regulation-size ice rinks, spectator seating and a dedicated oasis parking lot to serve facility guests and buses (renderings attached). In total, approximately 94 percent of the proposed facility’s utilization will serve the surrounding community, including young adult, youth and community programs that may not have the means to play otherwise.

“Hockey’s future is dictated by the ability of kids to get on the ice,” Blackhawks Chairman Rocky Wirtz said. “For those in urban areas like Chicago, that’s an incredible challenge. We want to provide our community the opportunity to learn how to skate and help them develop a love and passion for the sport that has brought so much joy to Chicago and the region these past few years.”

HOK and McHugh Construction are working to finalize the design and engineering of the ice rink. Since opening in 1994, the United Center–a join initiative owned by the Chicago Blackhawks and Chicago Bulls–has invested over $180 million in construction costs for the stadium and over $100 million in area improvements.

The facility will offer special programs dedicated to serving youth in partnership with the Chicago Park District, open-skate ice times and community events, including hockey and figure skate rentals, ice rentals for adult and youth recreation leagues and local, national, international, collegiate and amateur tournament play.

Per USA Hockey, Illinois ranked fifth in the nation with 30,553 registered hockey players during the 2014-15 season, marking a 37.5 percent increase in membership since the 2007-08 season, which is the second-largest percent increase among USA Hockey regional affiliates. Since 2007-08, Illinois saw the largest total increase in participants among USA Hockey regional affiliates with 8,331 new members. The Blackhawks currently have partnerships with 56 hockey rinks in Illinois, but only four exist within the city of Chicago.

“The addition of a Blackhawks training and community facility is another step in the progress and advancement of our franchise as we continue to strive for consistent excellence both on and off the ice,” said Blackhawks President & CEO John McDonough.

“Soon Malcolm X will get a new 21st century campus to complement the 21st century education they provide and a site that used to serve one of Chicago’s community colleges will soon serve as a community anchor, bringing even more economic opportunity to the Near North Side,” said Mayor Emanuel. “This plan creates a permanent home for the Blackhawks to train in Chicago and allows Rush University Medical Center, which has already been a great partner with Malcolm X, to expand it campus and further support the people who live and work in this neighborhood.”

Chicago Blackhawks Charities (CBC) will oversee year-round youth programs and clinics at the training center, ensuring the project’s community benefits extend to those who would otherwise be unable to cover the costs of ice time, equipment and transportation. CBC pledges to support programs and institutions throughout Illinois that focus on health and wellness, education and housing, while striving to serve local citizens and impact the lives of youth and their families in and around the city of Chicago. Since its inception in October 1993, Chicago Blackhawks Charities has contributed over $14 million to local non-profit organizations, including over $2 million over the past year to 28 community organizations that focus on health and wellness, education and housing.

“Any kid that wants to ‘Be Like Mike’ can go down the street and shoot hoops,” Wirtz said. “It’s a little tougher if a kid wants to be the next Patrick Kane or Jonathan Toews. We’re thrilled to make this investment in our community and give more kids the opportunity to learn to skate and play this great game.”

Demolition Update: Malcolm X College

Malcolm X College demolition


There’s a lot going on at the lot Malcolm X College used to occupy. As Heneghan Wrecking continues to tear down the old facility, McHugh Construction is equally busy doing foundation work for the new Chicago Blackhawks Community Training Center.

Hopefully, those two companies are doing a good job of remembering which equipment should be ripping things to shreds, and which machines should be laying foundation work. Things are pretty well divided between a west end of the site and an east end, so they likely know what they’re doing.

Heneghan has been at it since the demo permit was filed back in April. It’s a huge site, so sorting and hauling debris away eats up big chunks of time.

I stood and watched for awhile. Wanna see the pics? Well of course you do.


Quick Look: Is it demolition? Is it construction? Well, yes it is.

Chicago Blackhawks Community Training Center


Now there’s something you don’t see every day.

Even as demolition crews are tearing apart the old Malcolm X College, construction crews are busy doing caisson work for the Chicago Blackhawks Community Training Center. And they don’t appear to be getting in each other’s way.

Malcolm X College is being destroyed because a new campus was just completed on the other side of Jackson Boulevard. In July of last year, the Blackhawks announced they’d be using the same site for their new training digs, which they broke ground on in June of this year. McHugh Construction is the general contractor for the HOK design.

Chicago Blackhawks Community Training Center

It’s two job sites in one.