The tower cranes, they are a-falling

A quick L ride to the South Loop and back revealed a couple new developments (no pun intended) in Chicago’s tower crane landscape on Tuesday. The crane building No. 508 (508 West Diversey) in Lake View was being taken down, and the crane at Ancora at Riverline (720 South Wells) in the South Loop has also begun its final descent.

Sorry I have no photos of the dis-assemblage for now. My phone was ready at Diversey as our train stopped at the platform, but a perfectly-timed northbound Brown Line train blocked my view. As for Ancora, that one surprised me as we went around the bend off Wells Street onto Van Buren. The least I can do is remind you what those two tower  cranes looked like when they were still in service.

No. 508

No. 508 back in August. Macon Construction still has one tower crane in Chicago, at Hayden West Loop.

Ancora at Riverline

Ancora at Riverline in December. Lendlease has plenty more around town.

3833 North Broadway puts up Chicago’s 61st tower crane of 2017

3833 North Broadway tower crane

A pretty sight at the 3833 North Broadway site, as DLG Management erects a tower crane.

We all made a big deal earlier this month about Chicago reaching 60 tower cranes for this calendar year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t erect any more of them. Just ask 3833 Broadway, the Jonathan Splitt Architects-designed, 8-story, 134-unit residential project from DLG Management at the intersection of North Broadway and West Sheridan Road.

I was up there Friday morning, and the tower cranes wasn’t complete yet. But another visit Monday showed Central Contractors Service putting the finishing touches on the pretty yellow Liebherr 316 EC-H 12 Litronic machine. As they’re providing their own general contractor service as well, this marks DLG’s first entry into our Chicago Tower Crane count, so congratulations!

Here are a few (it’s never just a few) shots from Friday and Monday:

Clearing the sand at 3833 North Broadway for a tower crane (and 134 apartments)

3833 North Broadway

Sand, as far as the eye can see, as foundation excavation continues at 3833 North Broadway.

Someday, maybe it won’t surprise me to see the amount of sand that has to be excavated on construction sites around the Lake View neighborhood. Today ain’t the day.

At 3833 North Broadway, DLG Management is building an 8-story, 134-unit residential project at the intersection of North Broadway and West Sheridan Road. Designed by Jonathan Splitt Architects, 3833 North Broadway will include two basements, according to the foundation permit issued back in November, and below-grade parking. That calls for a lot of digging, and you know how sand can be; dig a scoop, and watch it all fall back in on itself.

Seven addresses, encompassing 3819 through 3835 North Broadway as well as 731 West Sheridan, were demolished to make room for this one. The north-most, 3835, had its historic facade dismantled, to be reused for the facings on both Broadway and Sheridan.

DLG is handling its own general contractor duties. A full-build permit was issued by the City of Chicago on June 22, and a tower crane permit was issued September 6th. This will be DLG’s only crane on the official count. For now.

As the regular season winds down, Hotel Zachary prepares for Opening Day in 2018

That’s Curtis Waltz from Aerialscapes up there in that tweet, and he’s absolutely right. There may not be mints on pillows yet, but the Hotel Zachary looks like a hotel that wants to be open sooner rather than later. Granted, another Cubs playoff run will still draw the bulk of the attention around Wrigley Field this fall, but maybe HZ likes it that way. Fly under the radar. As Aerialscapes flies over.

The Hotel Zachary is Hickory Street Capital’s development, and designed by VOA Associates/Stantec. The 7-story hotel will have 175 guest rooms, retail spaces, and multiple dining options. Walsh Construction has been on the job since breaking ground last summer. You won’t have to wait for the Cubs Opening Day 2018 to stay at the Hotel Zachary; it will open early next year.

The Viridian on Sheridan tops out in Lake View

That Facebook post yesterday from Hirsch Associates Architects announced the topping out of The Viridian on Sheridan, a new 10-story apartment building from Vermilion Development.

The 100-unit building sits on the corner of Sheridan and Broadway, at 734 West Sheridan Road. The Hirsch design includes one-bed, two-bed, and three-bedroom units, with a top-floor amenity level, all sitting under a green roof that will include a vegetable garden. (Of course, renters won’t want to tell their moms that, or they’ll be told they have to eat more vegetables.) Ground-level retail space will also be included, as will 59 parking spots.

Work on The Viridian on Sheridan got started this past winter, when a demolition permit was issued in late February to wreck and remove the gas station formerly on the site. The the City of Chicago issued the building permit for the new property in April of this year, and general contractor Arco/Murray got to work on construction.

Vermilion plans to have residents in their new digs in Spring 2018. Congratulations to the entire team on reaching the top!

Addison & Clark continues filling in its enormous Lake View space

Addison & Clark

Curtis Waltz at Aerialscapes, killing the overhead shots at Addison & Clark.

That’s a big lot up that at Addison & Clark. And Addison & Clark is a big project. Seems like the prefect match, doesn’t it?

M&R Development and Bucksbaum Retail Properties are the co-developers on the sprawling mixed-use project, bringing 148 apartments and 146,000 square feet of retail space across the street from Wrigley Field. Power Construction is out there doing the heavy labor, and they’ve reached as high as the 5th floor, depending on which part of the site you look, of the eight floors in total. That includes lots of podium work, to be expected when the SCB design involves parking for 400+ cars.

The plan is to have residents and shoppers alike enjoying Addison & Clark in 2018. Progress looks well on the way to that goal.

Expect a very busy September for Chicago tower cranes

As you surely must know by now, Chicago began the month of September with 31 operating tower cranes in the air. And even though we’ve already seen one of those come down — the East Crane at the McDonald’s Headquarters (followed soon by West Crane) — there are plenty more where those two came from, already permitted and ready to rise. As of Friday afternoon, Chicago had seven outstanding tower crane permits.

Which isn’t to say we won’t lose a few more. A permit was issued last week for a crane to remove the two tower cranes at the Simpson Querrey Biomedical Research Center. Eleven40 and 1407 On Michigan in the South Loop are both topped out, so we’ll likely lose those two cranes soon as well.

But let’s concentrate on the positive. Here are the seven tower cranes with active permits that will dot the skyline in the immediate future:

One Grant Park

One Grant Park second tower crane

Beams are driven into the ground at One Grant Park to support its second tower crane.

One Grant Park put up a tower crane way back in April. But then, on August 24, the city issued a permit for a second crane. McHugh Construction started driving a dozen beams into the ground to act as caisson for supporting Crane #2, which will be utilized to construct the parking deck that rises up to the 16th level. Crane #1 will continue working on the residential tower.

The Lincoln Common

Lincoln Common south tower crane

Overhead shot of The Lincoln Common south tower crane, from Curtis Waltz at Aerialscapes.

Another “second tower crane.” W. E. O’Neil erected a tower crane at The Lincoln Common the week of August 21st. The two 20-story towers will each require a tower crane of its own, so expect the second to be erected within the next week-to-10-days.

900 West

900 West tower crane stub

A tower crane stub marks progress at 900 West.

900 West is a relatively small building, at nine stories and 22 condominium units. But it’s just tall enough to require a tower crane. A stub was erected on the West Loop site the first week of September.

Hoxton Chicago

Hoxton Chicago hotel tower crane stub

Another West Loop stub, this one at the Hoxton Chicago hotel at Lake and Green Streets.

Like 900 West above, the Hoxton Chicago hotel is another Power Construction project in the West Loop, and another recently-planted tower crane stub, having been set in place on Friday. The Hoxton will be a 12-story, 175-room boutique hotel for the booming Fulton Market neighborhood. Sadly, Building Up Chicago can no longer watch this site from HQ, having moved HQ to the South Loop.

Hayden West Loop

Hayden West Loop

The tower crane will follow caisson work at Hayden West Loop.

Yet another West Loop development, Hayden West Loop is another project that may not look like it needs a tower crane, but come on. They all need a tower crane. Hayden will be a nine-story, 28-unit condominium building, and it received a tower crane permit on September 7.

808 West Van Buren

808 West Van Buren

Deep excavation work, but no tower crane yet, at 808 West Van Buren.

You didn’t think we were done in the West Loop, right? 808 West Van Buren is a 12-story, 148-unit apartment tower replacing the empty lot at Halsted and Van Buren. It received a tower crane permit last week, on the 6th, and with caisson work wrapped up, a stub should be appearing any day now.

3833 North Broadway

3833 North Broadway

3833 North Broadway, back in June. Looks like I better get back there soon and catch up on progress.

Way up north, 3833 North Broadway will be an eight-story, 134-unit apartment project, with ground floor retail space. The tower crane permit came through on September 6, and will be the first one on the Chicago count for DLG Development.