Sorting out New York City

Hudson Yards

If you insist on using the word “massive,” use it here, at Hudson Yards. As seen from the wonderful High Line elevated trail.

This blog has been idle for a few days because of a weekend stay in New York City. My plan to post photos of construction throughout Manhattan hit a roadblock when I quickly became overwhelmed by the scope of work being done, as well as my self-inundation with pictures taken.

I knew there was a lot of construction happening in New York; I just didn’t truly understand just how wide-spread — and TALL — it is. In the coming days, I’ll share some of the thousands of photos of construction sites, water tanks, and architecture on display in the City That Never Sleep (they call it that because there’s a Starbucks ON EVERY BLOCK.) But first, I have to sort and make sense of these pics.

If you’re looking for detailed information about each project, look to Twitter user @newyorkyimby. It would be silly for me to fly in for a weekend and think I could speak intelligently about the mass of activity there. The @newyorkyimby team has a handle on it all, and covers it thoroughly. Besides, I still need to run around Chicago and see what happened while i was gone for four days.


53W53 catches a few morning rays.


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