New York City posters an invaluable resource to visiting construction bloggers

45 East 60th Street

These posters on job sites can help you remember what you took photos of yesterday. And the day before.

45 East 60th Street

Also note the work permit itself in the lower left corner of the poster.

The poster pictured above hangs on the pedestrian wall at 45 East 60th Street in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Construction bloggers covering New York City’s job sites likely know these spots by heart, but as a visitor in town only for a weekend, this is tremendously helpful in that it provides a wealth of information without having to do much homework.

Granted, it’s still up to me to remember where on set of photos ends, and the next set begins, but at least I have a place holder for each project. And it’s not that I’m too lazy to do the homework. But let’s face it; four days wasn’t enough time to capture more than just a fraction of the current construction in progress around this massive city, so you aren’t looking to me for comprehensive coverage. You just want to see a few photos. And these signs help me give you the most basic of details, at the least. I’ll be including them in future photo galleries of New York City construction.

45 East 60 Street

Looking straight up at 45 East 60th Street, also known as 520 Park Avenue.

For more about 520 Park Avenue/45 East 60th Street, follow this link to New York Yimby.

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