465 North Park jumps the tower crane again as it keeps growing taller

465 North Park

Evidence of a tower-crane jump at 465 North Park.

*** AIA Chicago is sponsoring a tour of 465 North Park this afternoon. Get on this! Deets here

A couple weekends ago, Power Construction jumped the tower crane at 465 North Park, as work is ongoing on Jupiter Realty Company’s 47-story apartment tower.

It seems like only yesterday I drove from Uptown to the empty lot bounded by Illinois, North Water, and New Streets, with Park Drive on the west, planning to leave my car in the surface parking lot. Yep, that’s when I was first introduced to the Loews construction site. And now the north end of that same lot is filled in with 465 North Park.

When complete, the Pappageorge Haymes Partners-designed apartment tower will boast 444 rental units, 181 parking spaces, and nearly 12,000 square feet of retail space. Power’s been on the build here since getting a foundation permit back in July. Caisson work started that same week. A tower crane was planted, and official groundbreaking ceremonies were held, in September. The first week of October 2016 saw the tower crane assembled. And that brings us to where we are now, exactly one year into the life of 465 North Park’s tower crane.

So how about more of that trestle bridge at Wolf Point East?

You know, because it’s cool. Ridiculously cool.

Illume Chicago rises to 7/10 of its ultimate height

111ume Chicago

Progress on Illume Chicago has reached the underside of the 8th floor.

LG Development’s 10-story West Loop condominium project, Illume Chicago, at 111 South Peoria, continues to progress upward, on its way to delivering 79 luxury condos next to Mary Bartelme Park. Designed by Pappageorge Haymes Partners, Illume Chicago broke ground in December 2016. It will feature residences on floors 2 through 8, with duplex condos spanning the 9th and 10th floors, with 94 parking spaces on the first floor and underground. Illume’s website shows it to be more than 60% sold.

The Big Green W is building a bridge at Wolf Point East, and I can’t get over it

Wolf Point East trestle bridge

Walsh Construction is building a trestle bridge at Wolf Point East to give equipment easier access the site.

It’s not a building permit you see every day.


As part of the Wolf Point East tower project, Walsh Construction is building a trestle bridge. Why? Well, they can, for one. But seriously, they gave a much better explanation on Twitter:

There you have it. Equipment needs to get to the site one way or another. Sometimes, you just have to build “another.”

Walsh Construction and Case Foundation keep doing stuff at Wolf Point East

Wolf Point East

Chicago Water Taxi cruises past Wolf Point East on Tuesday.

I thought the caissons were done. I guess they’re not quite. Sheeting might be done, because the pile driver is folded up like it’s driving away soon. But maybe not. I don’t know.

The Big Green W and Case Foundation are doing work at Wolf Point East, and I have no idea what it is. But they have cool toys, and they all seem to know what they’re doing. So I took some photos and now you can see them too.

The end.



Construction Progress: No. 508

No. 508

No. 508, at 508 West Diversey in Lake View.

Crews from Macon Construction continue to grow No. 508 up on the city’s north side. A development from Boston-based Broder, the building at 508 West Diversey in Lake View will bring 53 luxury units to the neighborhood, and is designed by Pappageorge Haymes Partners.

The 12-story tower will include commercial space on the ground floor, parking on levels 2 and 3, residential units on floors 4-11, and amenities on the 12th floor, all topped off by a green roof.

The link to Broder’s website for No. 508 tells you it will be ready this year; don’t count on it. This project got off to a slow start, and with construction having only reached the fifth floor so far, a 2017 opening seems awfully ambitious. But, Macon *does* have an almighty tower crane at its disposal (they’re about to get their second one in the Chicago skies, at Hayden West Loop), so maybe we shouldn’t completely discount them.

With caissons done, Walsh Construction drives piles at Wolf Point East.

Wolf Point East pile driving

Walsh Construction drives piles at Wolf Point East, as seen (humble brag) from the 35th floor of 150 North Riverside.

If you’re in Chicago’s Loop, you don’t need to be told that Walsh Construction is driving piles deep into the ground at Wolf Point East. It creates quite a ruckus. But it also creates quite a foundation. And 60-story towers need good foundations. So please forgive the noise for a little while longer, and be thankful the city doesn’t allow work to be done around the clock on a regular basis. The weather just got to where we can keep the windows open at night; pile-driving isn’t particularly conducive to that.

Here’s some video; turn up the volume and enjoy.

If you don’t already know, or if the din has clouded your memory, Walsh is building the 700-unit apartment tower for the joint effort of Hines and the Kennedy Family, which owns the land. Also a joint effort is the design, handled by architect-of-record Pappageorge Haymes Architects and designer Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects. It is the second of three towers planned for the confluence of the Chicago River, with Wolf Point West already inhabited, and Wolf Point South slated for future construction.