It’s tower crane time at Nobu Hotel

Everybody’s talking about the new crane in town. Even purveyors of fine sandwiches.

As you read these words, Central Contractors Service and Centaur Construction are on the Nobu Hotel Chicago site in the West Loop, assembling the tower crane that will send the 11-story boutique hotel vertical. It’s also the reason you can’t drive on Peoria Street between Randolph and Lake. We’ve waited a long time for this one, so let’s enjoy it while it lasts. If it lasts. Now that Nobu will start going vertical, it won’t take long to stack its 11 floors on top of each other.

*** Centaur CEO Spiro Tsaparas called the B.U.C. to let me know a correction is in order on the Nobu project. I’ve reported that Walsh Construction was assigned the task of concrete work. That information, listed in Nobu’s building permits, is incorrect. Pepper Construction is, in fact, the masonry contractor for the Nobu Hotel.***


Little crane making big progress at the Moxy Hotel

Moxy Hotel Chicago

The Moxy Hotel rises from the corner of LaSalle Street and Grand Avenue in River North.

That little tower crane in River North that I insist on counting, then keep forgetting to count, isn’t letting any statistical oversight keep it down. Pepper Construction is using it to put up the 8-story Moxy Hotel at 530 North LaSalle Street. Issued its full permit back in February, the Moxy has been rising steadily ever since, as it approaches the targeted mid-2018 opening date.

Moxy is opening a Times Square hotel in New York City this month, and you should see the rooftop space. Really. Click this link to see it. Those views!

Upward progress continues at 1411 South Michigan

1411 South Michigan

1411 South Michigan rises toward 15 stories in the South Loop.

1411 South Michigan continues to climb into the South Loop sky, as Lendlease works on the 15-story, 199-unit apartment tower. Pepper Construction is overseeing the concrete pour, as mixers move in and out of the site. The project from Russland Capital Group will include 40,000 square feet of commercial space, and is expected to be open before the year is out.

River North’s Moxy Hotel gets Chicago’s most unique tower crane

Moxy Hotel tower crane

Off in the distance stands one of Chicago’s newest tower cranes, at the Moxy Hotel site.

Moxy Hotel tower crane

Tower crane parts are delivered the first week of May.

We knew there’d be a crane at the Moxy Hotel site in River North, but when the parts showed up, I asked someone on site and was told it really wasn’t a “tower crane.” But a piece of paper can make all the difference in the world, and as you can see, the City of Chicago’s building permit says it’s a tower crane:


Yeah, Liebherr is the correct spelling, but that’s not important. What matters is that this contraption with the weight stack that looks like the bench-press machine from high school goes in my official book as another tower crane for Chicago.

There were similar cranes to this one spotted during a visit to Phoenix this winter, but they were operated from the ground. Since the Moxy Hotel crane requires an operator to make the climb up to a cab, that gives it even more legitimacy. Count it.


Construction Update: 1411 South Michigan

1411 South Michigan

An overhead view of 1411 South Michigan. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Healy.

Gravity seems to be no obstacle at 1411 South Michigan, as Lendlease workers (with assistance from Pepper Construction on the concrete work) continue erecting a 15-story residential tower for Russland Capital Group. BKV Group’s design will include 199 apartments for rent, plus more than 40,000 square feet of commercial space. Russland hopes to have 1411 South Michigan open before the calendar flips over into 2018.

The Moxy Hotel grows a core in River North

Moxy Hotel

Work atop the core at the Moxy Hotel in River North. #54 is watching.

While the skyscrapers were getting all the attention, the Moxy Hotel project at 530 North LaSalle Drive in River North has begun shooting up out of the ground. The Pepper Construction joint has an elevator core jutting about four stories in the air, while ground work continues around it. This design from DLR Group is only slated for eight stories, so don’t blink on it, or it’ll be done while you napped.

The Moxy Hotel rests in the calm before the storm

Moxy Hotel

Sure, have a drink. Then let’s get back to work on the Moxy Hotel.

Following the somewhat secretive whirlwind of caisson work, all’s quiet at the future grounds of what is believed to be the Moxy Hotel at 530 North LaSalle Drive in River North. Save for one lone excavator, the lot is empty of equipment, and more resembles freshly-plowed farmland than an 8-story boutique hotel site.