Not down yet, but the 3Eleven tower crane is out of commission

3Eleven tower crane removal

The tower crane at 3Eleven has been lowered below the top of the building. You know what that means.

Having served its city well, the tower crane at 3Eleven (311 West Illinois Street) is on the way down. The John Buck Company’s 25-story apartment building topped out in April, and the cladding has nearly reached the top of the tower. Now the work is done for this pretty yellow Liebherr 316 EC-H 12 Litronic tower crane.

Where will it end up next? Well, this is purely speculation, but the tower crane permit for the Nobu Hotel at 854 West Randolph Street in the West Loop calls for the exact same type of Liebherr crane. “Hmmm,” you might say.

3Eleven has topped out, endangering yet another Chicago Tower Crane

3Eleven topped out

The top of the topped-out 3Eleven, at 311 West Illinois Street in River North.

Word came down from Power Construction that 3Eleven, the 25-story apartment tower from The John Buck Company, topped out this past Friday. Sure, that’s mostly good news. Good news in that the 245 apartments in the FitzGerald Associates-designed tower will are that much closer to being inhabitable. Good news in that the 3,000 square feet of ground-floor retail space can soon open to new businesses. Good news in that parishioners at Assumption Catholic Church will soon have parking again, after the church parking lot was removed to make room for 3Eleven.

But the topping out also means we lose another tower crane in Chicago. One of the pretty yellow ones, too. And you know how much I love those. Who else remembers August of last year, when the stub was first planted, like a newborn baby coming home from the hospital? Sigh. I promised myself I wasn’t going to cry….

Here are some photos of the topped-out 3Eleven. Look at them, while I try to compose myself.


A roof-top crane means 3Eleven nears topping out

3Eleven rooftop crane

This permit, issued Tuesday, allows Power Construction to put a crane on the roof of 3Eleven.

A permit issued last week for a “TEMPORARY TIMBERLAND ASD 35-100 DERRICK CRANE ON ROOF LEVEL” means the John Buck Company’s 3Eleven must be getting close to topping out. I mean, no one puts stuff up on a roof if they don’t anticipate having a roof in the near future, right?

Sure enough, Power Construction says they’ll top out the 25-story apartment tower near the end of the month. Just the 23rd floor, the penthouse-level 24th floor, and mechanical 25th floor remain to be added until it’s roof time.

3Eleven rooftop crane

Rendering of 3Eleven from FitzGerald Associates Architects.

3Eleven rooftop crane

Working in the shadows.

3Eleven gets a webpage, signage

And with that tweet, The John Buck Company announced that 3Eleven now has its own website. So in addition to looking fantastic in the sunlight, you can now find 3Eleven on the interwebs.

3Eleven still rising in River North, and is now adding glass


#eleven rises along side Assumption Catholic Church on West Illinois Street in River North.

3Eleven, the 25-story apartment tower in River North from The John Buck Company, has reached the glass milestone. Not the glass ceiling, mind you. So far, only the windows are glass. As the tower rises to the 17th floor or so, Power Construction is starting to glaze up the exterior. 3Eleven will hold 245 rental units, 3,000 square feet of retail, and 109 parking spaces, some of which will be shared with Assumption Catholic Church next door.

3Eleven doesn’t have glass yet. Or does it?


A lone panel of glass adorns 3Eleven, at 311 West Illinois Street in River North.

You know that one guy who keeps showing up for work, so you find a job for him somewhere he can be on his own, out of the way, even though you don’t have anything for him to do? Meet the lone glass panel at 3Eleven in River North.

3Eleven has risen 8-10 stories high in River North, just enough to start rendering the parking garage next door obsolete for construction photos. And though it’s clearly too soon (or is it) to begin the curtain wall, there is one piece of glass securely fastened to the north wall. Some sort of place-holder, I presume.

You surely recall that 3Eleven is a development from the John Buck Company, featuring 25 stories of 245 apartments, and 3,000 square feet of retail space. There will also be parking, some for the apartments, and some set aside for the exclusive use of Assumption Catholic Church, from which the lot was purchased. The design is by FitzGerald Associates Architects; Power Construction is doing the heavy lifting.



3Eleven grows, and Assumption Catholic Church gets a new story


3Eleven, at 311 West Illinois Street in River North, being constructed on what used to be the parking lot of Assumption Catholic Church.

Progress continues on the 25-story apartment tower 3Eleven in River North. The future home of 245 “luxury” rentals, 3,000 square feet of retail, and 109 parking spaces by the John Buck Company broke ground back in June in the parking lot of Assumption Catholic Church. 3Eleven is a design by FitzGerald Associates Architects. Power Construction is doing the build.

A related project to this one is the one-story addition Assumption Church is getting to the priory on the west end of the lot. The architecture firm of McBride Kelley Baurer Architects designed the priory portion; Norcon is the general contractor for the addition.

Quick Look: Crews climbing the walls to get back to work at 3Eleven


Power Construction crew gets busy after a weekend off at 3Eleven.

Some of us are better at relaxing than others. Some take a couple days off for the weekend reluctantly, and pace and fidget until Monday morning arrives, and they can get back to the work week.

Like these guys, climbing the walls to get back at it on the 3Eleven construction site.


Quick Look: The 3Eleven tower crane. (It’s more of a late look)

3Eleven tower crane

The tower crane at 3Eleven is up and running. But mostly up.

They set up the crane at 3Eleven in River North the day before vacation. So it’s been up and running for a week and a half. Monday was my first chance to see it. And now you can see what I saw when I walked by.

3Eleven tower crane

3Eleven tower crane

It’s already dragging things around the lot at 311 West Illinois Street.