3Eleven doesn’t have glass yet. Or does it?


A lone panel of glass adorns 3Eleven, at 311 West Illinois Street in River North.

You know that one guy who keeps showing up for work, so you find a job for him somewhere he can be on his own, out of the way, even though you don’t have anything for him to do? Meet the lone glass panel at 3Eleven in River North.

3Eleven has risen 8-10 stories high in River North, just enough to start rendering the parking garage next door obsolete for construction photos. And though it’s clearly too soon (or is it) to begin the curtain wall, there is one piece of glass securely fastened to the north wall. Some sort of place-holder, I presume.

You surely recall that 3Eleven is a development from the John Buck Company, featuring 25 stories of 245 apartments, and 3,000 square feet of retail space. There will also be parking, some for the apartments, and some set aside for the exclusive use of Assumption Catholic Church, from which the lot was purchased. The design is by FitzGerald Associates Architects; Power Construction is doing the heavy lifting.



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