A crane grows at Illume Chicago

If you were watching your Instagram feed Friday, you may have noticed the above photo from Norcon, showing the beginning of work on the tower portion of the new tower crane at Illume Chicago in the West Loop.

Illume Chicago tower crane

The tower at Illume Chicago went up Friday. The crane will follow.

You can (kind of) see the tower in the photo above, taken from the B.U.C. HQ. Judging by the forecast for Saturday, it’s very possible Norcon’s plan to assemble the crane over the weekend might be washed out. If that’s the case, expect them to try again next weekend. (Weekday assembly isn’t a possibility because of the need to close off Green Street.)

Illume Chicago tower crane

Boom, there it is.

Early Saturday morning, and it would appear the boom (or jib, if you prefer) is lying in Green Street. Maybe they’re gonna get this done today and tomorrow after all! Stay tuned.

Illume Chicago tower crane

Weak morning light gives us our first view of the tower.

Illume Chicago tower crane

Allow me to further update you:

At 8:30 this morning, crews from Norcon and Central Crane were at Illume, getting ready to start putting the tower crane up. barring a lightning storm, they’re determined to work through the rain. But there’s a lot of rain in the forecast. Wish them luck.



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