LG Development writing a new story for the West Loop

If it seems there’s construction on every block of the West Loop, it’s probably because there’s construction on every block of the West Loop. But it’s not all fancy corporate HQs and boutique hotels.

At 177 North Morgan Street* (that’s the address according to the building permit. As you can see in the tweet above, LG Development refers to the property as 185 North Morgan.), LG Development is erecting a single-story retail building at the foot of the Morgan Street CTA L station.

177 North Morgan reveals foundation work and a ghost sign

177 North Morgan

Foundation work at 177 North Morgan.

177 North Morgan will be a one-story retail building in the heart of the development-furious West Loop. Crain’s Chicago wrote back in July that Shapack Partners had lined up Shake Shack as one tenant for the space. LG Construction, the general contractor on the project, is hard at work on foundations. The design is by Bureau of Architecture and Design in River North.

The demolition of the previous structure on the site revealed an old advertisement on the bricks of the Music Box Films building next door, at 173 North Morgan Street. Presumably, it will disappear once again as 177 rises to its full one-story height.

Mural & building coming down at 177 North Morgan

It’s not often you celebrate a building’s demise by painting it. (Unless you’re a tagger.) But that’s exactly what happened in the West Loop on July 28. Folks came out to add some color to the black & white mural by artist Lauren Asta at 177 North Morgan Street.

The building holding Lauren’s ill-fated mural was permitted for demolition on July 21, and though it’s still standing, albeit surrounded by the fences of doom, there is already a building permit for a one-story (One story? In the Fulton Market District?) retail building from developer Shapack Partners. Designed by The Bureau of Architecture and Design, it will be built by LG Development Group.