Progress Update: 900 Randolph (164 N Peoria)

If you’re looking for the permits, 164 North Peoria is the address you’ll want. If you’re looking for details on the soaring new West Loop apartment Tower, 900 Randolph is the name you need.

Okay, it might not quite be soaring yet. But at 43 stories, 900 Randolph will soon be the tallest building in Chicago west of Halsted Street (not the Kennedy; I think that designation stays with 727 West Madison), as the West Loop and Fulton Market neighborhoods continue to grow upwards and outwards. And it’s making its way up, as the core appears to have reached the 14th or 15th floor.

Let’s catch you up on the latest progress, photographed Sunday, May 1.

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900 Randolph has gone 3D in the West Loop

Morris Adjmi Architects rendering of 900 Randolph

You’d think by now I’d be prepared to walk into the West Loop and not be stunned by development activity, even when it’s months between visits. Yet here we are in 2022, and I’m still in awe of everything going on in Chicago’s best neighborhood. (Yes, that’s a hill I chose to die on.)

Speaking of “months between visits” here are a couple friendly reminders for me before venturing out again:

  1. Make sure the camera mirror and lenses are cleaned thoroughly before heading out to take photos.
  2. See Rule #1

Now, having spent the last few days editing out the dirt marks from every picture I took, I can start showing you what I saw. And we’ll start with 900 Randolph.

900 Randolph is a development from Related Companies. This soon-to-be 43-story tower will bring 300 new residential units to the West Loop. The construction arm of Related Companies, LR Contracting, is the general contractor, with a helping hand from BOWA Construction. Morris Adjmi Architects (think Landmark West Loop) is the design architect.

900 Randolph received its:

  • demolition permit for 160 North Peoria on 6/25/2021
  • first building permit, (all addressed at 164 North Peoria) for foundations on 7/30/2021
  • tower crane permit on 8/10/2021
  • full-build permit on 8/27/2021

Some progress photos taken Monday, March 21. Sunny and 70 degrees. In other words, a prefect day.

Enjoying the photos? Metra and CTA rides (and Amtrak trains to Milwaukee), Zipcars, Divvy Bikes, camera lenses, domain fees, and comfortable walking shoes add up. You can help offset expenses by making a greatly-appreciated donation to Building Up Chicago.

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May at the topped out and dazzling One Bennett Park

One Bennett Park May 2018

One Bennett Park, seen from the Adler Planetarium.

Admittedly, I often lose interest in new construction once the tower crane comes down. Not just because I’m obsessed with tower cranes, but because when the crane comes down, it signals the end of visible work from the exterior of a building.

There are also those projects that rise so high, it’s hard to see what’s going on, even when they *do* still have their cranes. Case in point: One Bennett Park in Streeterville. I have been neglecting this magnificent tower lately on this blog. I’ve still been taking photos of it, but it’s hard to mark progress on a tower as tall, and as close to completion, as One Bennett Park.

The following gallery represents random pictures taken throughout the month of May, from close-up, far away, and in between. One Bennett Park has an amazing presence already from Adler Planetarium; that’s my favorite view. (I’ve yet to see it from the lake; boats aren’t really my thing.) Enjoy.

One Bennett Park nears the top

With that Instagram photo, One Bennett Park  posted a selfie and announced last week that Lendlease crews have reached to within five floors of topping out the 69-story residential tower.

The Related Midwest project is combined design of Robert A.M. Stern Architects and GREC Architects, bringing a mix of 348 apartments and condominiums to the Streeterville neighborhood. Completion is scheduled for 2019 move-ins, so there’s still a lot of work to be done. But topping out soon will be a big milestone, even if it means the beginning of the end for One Bennett Park’s two pretty, yellow tower cranes.

Not *of* One Bennett Park, but *from* One Bennett Park!

These photos were sent to me by Nick, one of the tower crane operators over (at) One Bennett Park. They provide further proof that some of the best views in Chicago — some of the best views in *any* city around the world — are enjoyed by the men and women in hard hats who climb the stairs and ride the hoists to work every day.

Thanks for these, Nick!

Quick Look: One Bennett Park walk-around

Sometimes I just stare at this one. So pretty. Enjoy One Bennett Park’s progress as of October 31.


One Bennett Park shines in the dark

Remember when we last visited One Bennett Park? Of course you do, because it was just last week. But that was during the day. (A sunny day; the best kind of day to see it.) This time, let’s check it out at night, which, before we know it, will be at about 4:30.

Sorry, I just depressed myself. Yay, Chicago winters.


One Bennett Park turns 50

One Bennett Park

From Grant Park, you can see the growth of One Bennett Park, now 50/69ths of the way up.

Related Midwest announced this week that One Bennett Park, their 69-story residential tower underway in the Streeterville neighborhood, has reached the 50th floor, nearly three-quarters of the way to its ultimate 69-story height. Chicago Architecture Blog had the press release yesterday.

One Bennett has been a marvel to watch, with all that yellow form work and blue wrapping. Dual tower cranes doesn’t hurt its curb appeal either. The joint design of Robert A.M. Stern Architects and GREC Architects brings a mix of 348 apartments and condominiums to town, slated to be ready for the moving vans in 2019,  plus a new public park (Bennett Park, of course.)

As appears to be today’s theme, Lendlease is the general contractor on this project.

And now, some distant views of One Bennett Park’s 50 floors of progress:

BREAKING NEWS: One Bennett Park keeps growing taller

One Bennett Park

Staring up at the two tower cranes atop Streeterville’s One Bennett Park.

Maybe file this one in the “not surprising news” column, because if there’s one thing you can count on with 69-story towers, it’s that they’ll grow high.

One Bennett Park continues to do just that in Streeterville. How do I know? There are two tell-tale signs of tall buildings. First, the more it hurts your neck to see the top, the taller they are. Second, if most of your progress photos have to be in portrait mode instead of landscape, then you’re looking at a relatively tall building. It’s science.

Higher and higher goes One Bennett Park

One Bennett Park

One Bennett Park podium and tower, from (partially) above.

One Bennett Park, the mixed condo-and-apartment skyscraper from Related Midwest, continues its rise into the clouds above the Streeterville neighborhood. The two-crane masterpiece by Robert A.M. Stern Architects and GREC Architects is approaching the 30th floor, on its way to 69 stories and 348 units. That’s Lendlease out there getting all that work done.

Bennett Park will be a thing in its own right, but there’s just too much construction going on with the tower for the park to have started looking like a park yet. Unless you mean a place to park construction equipment and material. Then yes, it’s a park. All in good time, though: One Bennett Park isn’t expected to open until 2019.