210 North Carpenter drops its tower crane

210 North Carpenter crane removal

A train goes by as a crane goes bye-bye at 210 North Carpenter.

“Why is that big tall street crane in my shot?” I said to myself as I aimed the camera over the Chicago River into the West Loop. I knew I was looking at tower cranes from the Hoxton Chicago hotel and 210 North Carpenter, but couldn’t figure out what construction site I had missed that would have such a big crane. Then I zoomed in. Noticed the people up on top of the more distant crane. And realized 210 North Carpenter was, in fact, on its way down.

210 North Carpenter crane removal

See? Those are people up there, removing the counterweights from the counterjib.

I had just been in the West Loop earlier in the day, and that street crane wasn’t erected yet. So this came as a surprise. Plus, it meant I had to walk all the way back over there to check things out. Central Contractors Service was on site with GC Leopardo Companies and concrete contractor Adjustable Forms starting to dismantle Manitowoc MD485 (don’t be impressed; I copied that info from the permit.) Leopardo is now one step closer to finishing their new headquarters.

***Whilst in the area of the West Loop Saturday, I stopped at the new McDonald’s HQ and had a go at those new Australian bacon-cheese fries everyone’s been talking about. I suggest you try them.

Lendlease drops the tower crane at 1101 South Wabash

1101 South Wabash crane removal

The tower crane sinks below the top of the 2 Hiltons in the South Loop. You know that means doom.

The Hilton Homewood Suites and Hilton Garden Inn aren’t finished yet, but the tower crane is. We got word last week that the tower crane would be removed any day now, and sure enough, crews from Central Contractors Service, Lendlease, and Pepper Construction (as the concrete contractor, it’s technically their crane) were out there Sunday, taking sections down and hauling them off the site.

There remains quite a bit of work to do to make this tower a hotel. Or two. But now the heavy lifting will be up to the skip hoist.

Renelle on the River drops its tower crane

Renelle on the River crane removal

Is a tower crane still a tower crane if only the cab remains on the tower? I think not.

It was only November when Renelle on the River made news by erecting Chicago’s 60th tower crane of 2017. It took McHugh Construction and that tower crane just six months to erect the 18-story bKL Architecture design that will soon contain 50 of the city’s newest, nicest condominiums. last week, it came down.

Don’t worry though, there’s still a lot of work to be done here. Only one level of curtain wall has been installed so far, so we’ll have that to watch before all that’s left to do is interior work on those 50 condos.

You can remove a whole mess ‘o tower cranes from the official survey

Chicago had three tower cranes in various stages of removal over the weekend, while one–at UIC’s Harrison Hall–was already gone completely.

Hilton Hotels South Loop

The luffing crane at 1101 South Wabash has done all it can do for the two new Hilton Hotels.

In the South Loop, the crane Lendlease is using to build the Homewood Hilton Suites/Hilton Garden Inn combo at 1101 South Wabash has just sunk below the top of the tower.

Renelle on the River

A look at Saturday’s Renelle on the River tower-crane removal exercises.

In River North, McHugh Construction took down the tower crane that erected Renelle on the River in a big dang hurry.

210 North Carpenter

Yep, that’s a human atop the tower crane jib at 210 North Carpenter, as it’s removed from the site.

And in the West Loop, Leopardo Companies moved one step closer to completing their new headquarters by taking down the tower crane at 210 North Carpenter.

UIC Harrison Hall

Harrison Hall’s tower crane at UIC was already down before the weekend began.

There you have it. Four of the tower cranes listed on our May 2018 Survey that are now gone from the skyline.

145 South Wells will soon add a tower crane to The Loop

145 South Wells May 2018

Case Foundation has moved their equipment onto the 145 South Wells construction site.

We figured 145 South Wells would be the first project stepping up to fill the tower crane void in The Loop. Hard to believe, but it’s been more than a year since The Loop’s last tower crane, at 151 North Franklin, came down from the sky. The only other potential candidate to put one up is 110 North Wacker, but we won’t see a tower crane there for some time yet. But this 20-story office tower from Moceri + Roszak should get the job done very soon.

145 South Wells received a foundation permit from the City of Chicago back in November of last year. And then last week, it got a tower crane permit. Case Foundation let us know a few weeks ago that caisson work would get started here soon, and sure enough, they’ve moved foundation equipment onto the site.

The new tower is a design by Thomas Roszak Architecture, who also designed the tower-crane-worthy LINEA Apartments at 215 West Lake Street. Clark Construction will serve as general contractor.

If you’re wondering where Clark has been in the Chicago Tower Crane Survey, 145 South Wells marks their return to our list, with their most recent entry being at 8 East Huron in River North. (You may also see Adjustable Forms markings on this crane. They’re serving as the masonry contractor, and that usually means they are responsible for the tower crane.)

The month of May sees 28 tower cranes sprouted over Chicago

Hyatt House West Loop

Chicago’s newest tower crane, at Hyatt House in the West Loop, gets a hand from the moon on Tuesday.

Hyatt House West Loop

The Hyatt House tower crane as of Tuesday evening. Hmm. It’s regressed. That’s okay; I’m counting it anyway.

If this post had been written for May 1, Chicago would have had 29 tower cranes in the air. But things have changed in the first week or so of the month. Already in May, we’ve lost tower cranes at The Van Buren in the West Loop, and at Eight Eleven Uptown. But past is past, and now is now, so let’s look at the 28 we do have, including one–at Hyatt House in the West Loop–that was still being erected Tuesday.

***Expect another crane in the air in the very near future, as 5252 South Cornell is about to go up, followed soon thereafter by 333 North Green.

New since the March Survey:

  1. Hyatt House West Loop
  2. 180 North Ada
  3. 1201 West Lake
  4. GEMS World Academy Upper School
  5. Three Sixty West

Gone since the March Survey:

  1. The Van Buren
  2. Eight Eleven Uptown
  3. Addison & Clark
  4. Wicker Park Connection
  5. 465 North Park
  6. 900 West

Who has tower cranes:

  1. Lendlease – 4
  2. W.E. O’Neil – 4
  3. McHugh – 4
  4. Power – 4
  5. Walsh – 2
  6. Leopardo – 2
  7. Eight general contractors have one tower crane apiece: Skender (Hyatt House West Loop); Centaur (Glad to see you back! Nobu Hotel); Macon (Hayden West Loop); Onni Group (Atrium Village Phase 2); Maris (Three Sixty West); M.A. Mortenson (Home2 Suites River North); Pepper (UIC Harrison Hall); DLG (3833 North Broadway)

Where are the tower cranes:

  1. West Loop – 8
  2. South Loop – 4
  3. River North – 4
  4. Lakeshore East – 3
  5. Lincoln Park – 3
  6. Streeterville – 2
  7. Four neighborhoods have one tower crane apiece:  Lake View (3833 North Broadway; University Village (UIC Harrison Hall); Gold Coast (61 East Banks); Near North (Atrium Village Phase Two)

What are they building:

  1. Residential – 18
  2. Hotel – 6
  3. Office – 2
  4. Education – 2

Coming soon:

  1. 5252 South Cornell
  2. 1201 East 60th
  3. 333 North Green



After 18 months of labor, the tower crane comes down at 465 North Park

465 North Park April 2018

A tower crane at half-mast; you know a tower is nearing completion.

465 North Park

Remember when the stub photobombed groundbreaking ceremony? (Photo courtesy 465 North Park)

A year and a half after being put into service above Streeterville, the tower crane at 465 North Park came down last week. Power Construction used it to erect the 48-story, 444-unit apartment tower by Pappageorge Haymes Partners for Jupiter Realty, but with the exterior topped out and glazed, it’s time to concentrate on getting interiors ready for the anticipated opening later this year.

You can reminisce about tower crane assembly at this link, then check out the gallery of the crane coming down below.