This is an even Bigger Deahl: 1475 North Kingsbury has a tower crane stub

A tower crane stub juts from the ground at 1475 North Kingsbury

1475 North Kingsbury (Blackhawk?) is doing its part to get Chicago another new tower crane. Thursday morning, we found a brand-spankin’-new stub sticking out of the ground. It sure looked by the efforts at the base of the base that the stub had had just been set, but I was too timid to interrupt a very busy crew to get confirmation on its arrival date. The important thing is, it’s there, and the rest of the crane should soon follow.

As we noted in this very space back in April:

1475 North Kingsbury received a caisson permit and a tower crane permit Wednesday, April 6. Designed by FitzGerald, it will be a 27-story tower with 327 rental apartments. Along with Structured Development, two other developers join the team for this one: White Oak Realty Partners, and Ponsky Capital Partners. Ponsky’s website uses the name “Blackhawk” for this one; we’ll see if that moniker sticks. (Reminder: The Seng and Common Lincoln Park are both addressed on Blackhawk Street.)

Next up, photo. The first gallery is from Thursday’s crane discovery. Then you’ll see a batch taken May 1 of the last remnants of caisson work.

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This is another really Big Deahl: 1475 North Kingsbury scores its first two permits

Rendering of 1475 North Kingsbury from FitzGerald.

If it seems like only this morning I shared photos from The Seng and Common Lincoln Park and their early construction progress, that’s be because it was this morning. Then later this morning came the news that The Shops at Big Deahl had two permits to start building another component.

1475 North Kingsbury received a caisson permit and a tower crane permit Wednesday, April 6. Designed by FitzGerald, it will be a 27-story tower with 327 rental apartments. Along with Structured Development, two other developers join the team for this one: White Oak Realty Partners, and Ponsky Capital Partners. Ponsky’s website uses the name “Blackhawk” for this one; we’ll see if that moniker sticks. (Reminder: The Seng and Common Lincoln Park are both addressed on Blackhawk Street.)

As with this morning’s two Big Deahl buildings, Power Construction is the general contractor. Maybe they’ll get started here before the Blackhawk Street tower crane comes down, giving us two tower cranes on the same project. Fingers crossed.

Darn Near Done: North+Vine approaches its opening

North+Vine, at 633 West North Avenue in Old Town.

We don’t need another category of blog posts around here, but if we did, it would be Stuff I Didn’t Get To Until It Was Darn Near Done.

It’s hard to tell just walking by whether North+Vine is open yet. Sure, there’s work to be done inside, but are those the retail spaces? The lobby? Hmmm.

North+Vine, at 633 West North Avenue in Old Town, is a collaboration from developers White Oak Realty Partners, CA Residential, and GID. A design by West Loop firm FitzGerald, the 11-story rental building brings 260 apartments to the old Father & Son Plaza site. This is a Power Project, and again, it looks like the have it darn near done.



I’ve missed a lot; Milieu West Loop Edition

Milieu on the Park

Milieu (on the Park?) has risen to its full height at Adams & Peoria (205 S. Peoria) in the West Loop.

The last time I walked around Milieu in the West Loop, Power Construction had just set up the tower crane. Now, the tower crane is gone, and Milieu (Is it Milieu on the Park? That’s what White Oak Realty Partners calls it. I kinda like it.) is up. The FitzGerald-designed apartment building is slated to open this summer.


Chicago’s newest tower crane (for a few days) has risen at Milieu

If, as is rumored to be the case, the tower crane at 145 South Wells begins assembly today, then Milieu won’t have Chicago’s newest tower crane for very long.

But it’s The New Kid for now, after rising at 205 South Peoria in the West Loop last week. Power Construction will utilize it to build the FitzGerald-designed Milieu, a 19-story, 275-unit apartment development, for White Oak Realty Partners and Crayton Advisors.

Shout-out to Twitter user Alex Katz (@AT_Katz) for letting us know on Friday that the crane was up and running.

Milieu plants a tower crane stub amidst caisson work

Milieu June 2018

That’s a fresh tower crane stub at Milieu in the West Loop.

Even as Stalworth Underground continues caisson work at Milieu (205 South Peoria) in the West Loop, something even more exciting has taken over the lot: Power Construction has evened out their tower-crane count after taking down the rig at the Hoxton Chicago by planting a stub on this site.

The Power Crane permit was issued Tuesday the 5th; they wasted no time getting that stub in place. Now, progress on the FitzGerald-designed 19-story, 275-unit apartment building can start going vertical immediately after caisson works wraps up. Yes, the West Loop is going to remain a very busy construction hub for quite some time.

Milieu has a clean West Loop slate to begin construction

Milieu West Loop

Demolition is complete at the corner of Adams and Peoria Streets in the West Loop, leaving just a silky-smooth lot with which to begin Milieu, the 275-unit apartment project from co-developers White Oak Realty Partners and Crayton Advisors.

It looks like Stalworth Underground will hit the site first, as they’re equipment is already on the lot. They’ll help take care of foundation work for GC Power Construction, tasked with sending Milieu up to its desired 19-story height. Designed by the West Loop’s own FitzGerald, Milieu brings 13,000 square fete of retail space, as well as parking spots for nearly 200 cars.

For now, Power has a permit to build up to the 5th floor. Soon they’ll get a tower crane permit as well, then the full-build will follow. Milieu is expecting a Summer 2019 opening.

Milieu is about to move into the West Loop

Milieu 205 South Peoria Street

Construction fencing is up around the Milieu site, as another FiztGerald design, 727 West Madison, watches in the background.

More West Loop news!

A pair of permits last week–one demolition, one construction–signaled the beginning of Milieu, a 19-story, 275-unit apartment project from co-developers White Oak Realty Partners (625 West Adams) and Crayton Advisors. Designed by the West Loop’s very own FitzGerald, Milieu (205 South Peoria Street) will also include 13,000 square feet of retail space and parking for 183 cars. Power Construction will handle the GC honors.

You can read the full press release on Milieu from Murphy Knott Public Relations after you take a gander at a few photos of the soon-to-be-dust 847 and 855 West Adams.



First of its Kind:  Lifestyle-Centered, Amenity-Rich; Adjacent to Chicago’s Fulton Market Delivering Summer 2019

CHICAGO— April 4, 2018 — White Oak Realty Partners and Crayton Advisors announce Milieu, a new 19-story apartment development expected to deliver summer 2019 in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood.

Milieu, which will feature 275 residential units, will include a mix of studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom spaces, with approximately 183 parking stalls and 13,000 square-feet of commercial retail space. When complete, Milieu will be the first of its kind: a lifestyle-centered, amenity-rich, boutique apartment property pushing the norms of residential interior and amenity design. Milieu’s environment will encompass natural earth elements and a superior social engagement experience to meet the desires of Chicago’s discerning apartment dweller.

The boutique apartment property’s prominent location overlooks Mary Bartelme Park, the West Loop’s most sought after green space and urban refuge.  With its close proximity to both Fulton Market and the more traditional West Loop business district, work-life balance will be front and center.

Milieu will be located at 205 S. Peoria St. The property will be built in partnership with Pacific Life Insurance Company, contractor Power Construction, and a design team headlined by architect Fitzgerald Associates, interior designer Patina Collection|Design, and engineering firms WSP, WMA, and Eriksson Engineering.

#  #  #

About White Oak Realty

White Oak is a privately held, fully integrated acquisition and development firm focused on the investment and management of high net worth and institutional capital into apartment, office, and retail investment opportunities in targeted CBD and select suburban locations.

About Crayton Advisors

Crayton Advisors is an investment and advisory firm, who through its affiliated companies, is focused on acquiring and managing multifamily, retail and assets in major markets throughout the U.S. with an emphasis on extending its VCollective Brand.

A Hard-Hat Tour of 625 West Adams with Power Construction

625 West Adams hard hat tour

Luis Monroy, Project Engineer at 625 West Adams, discusses all things tower crane with Emily East and Rashad Young. All three work for Power Construction.

A huge thank you to Luis Monroy and Power Construction, who led me on a hard-hat tour of 625 West Adams on Wednesday. Power topped out the SCB-designed office tower back on May 22. Now, cladding is being installed and has reached the 11th-floor terrace.

Come take a walk with me.

625 West Adams hard hat tour

The bracing you see in the photo above (also visible in the top photo) is part of the tie-off reinforcement for the tower crane. The steel braces run from the crane to the core.

625 West Adams hard hat tour

Remember the oculus I’ve been showing you on the 19th-floor terrace? We’re now looking at it from eye-level, way off in the corner. This is taken on the 21st (penthouse) floor. Yes, it’s a 20-story tower with a penthouse for a mechanical floor.

This is Eddie. Eddie is a master at hanging glass panels. You can watch him work in the time-lapse video below.

Luis, Emily, and Rashad standing out on the soon-to-be terrace of the 19th floor. Behind them, the inverted tripod that supports the oculus. You may also notice the Sears Tower.

More from the 21st floor.

21st floor looking east.

21st floor looking south. 

21st floor looking north toward the B.U.C. HQ.

21st floor looking west.

Looking out toward the 11th-floor terrace.

The 11th-floor terrace.

A terrace I didn’t know about. This one is on the 7th floor, on the south elevation of the tower. The rebar surrounds what will be planters.

Old St. Patrick’s Church.


I was close enough to the tower crane to climb it. I did not.

The top of the ramp leading to the 6th floor, the last level of parking.

These stairs go up.

These stairs go down.

The ceiling, for now, of the lobby. The lobby ceiling will be about 25 feet high.

The lobby at ground level.

The sun came out after the tour was finished. Thanks a lot, sun. \

And thank you for joining me.


625 West Adams puts a ring on it

Power Construction is doing everything they can to make 625 West Adams look like its renderings. Monday morning, a piece was set in place to form the oculus that will be featured on the upper of two outdoor terraces.