Topped out, 8 East Huron drops its tower crane

8 East Huron tower crane

The tower crane at 8 East Huron fades away behind Holy Name Cathedral.

Chicago’s ever-changing tower-crane count has changed yet again, dropping to 34 as the crane at 8 East Huron comes down in River North. Perched high atop the intersection of State and Huron, the pretty yellow Liebherr crane did what it was born to do, and as of Thursday afternoon is halfway to the ground.

8 East Huron, the 26-story apartment tower from  Harlem Irving Companies and CA Ventures, is on schedule to deliver 105 new units by early Fall 2017, with 31 parking spaces and about 2,800 square feet of retail space on the ground floor.

This was Clark Construction’s only tower crane in Chicago, so here’s hoping we can get 145 South Wells on the books soon, and get Clark back on the board.


A Sunny Day At: 8 East Huron

8 East Huron

Straight up, 8 East Huron looks best on a sunny day.

Okay, so sunny days were almost the norm for awhile during our February Spring. Still, new construction is meant to be seen when the sun is shining. And winter ain’t over yet, so the sun could be gone just as quickly as it appeared.

Here’s an update on progress at 8 East Huron, the residential tower from CA Ventures and Harlem Irving Companies. The building, designed by Valerio Dewalt Train Associates, will have 102 apartments, 31 parking spaces, and more than 2,700 square feet of ground-floor retail. Clark Construction is on the build.

8 East Huron glasses up River North

8 East Huron glass

8 East Huron is showing off 3 full levels of glass these days.

The 26-story 8 East Huron is 18 stories into its climb in River North. The latest big achievement for the CA Ventures project is glass on all four sides, starting on the fifth level. When Clark Construction completes work, 8 East Huron will be home to 105 apartments, 31 parking spaces, and some ground-floor retail.

Progress Update: 8 East Huron keeps climbing

You remember 8 East Huron. It’s a 26-story, 105-unit apartment tower being developed by CA Ventures in River North. 8 East Huron was designed by Valerio Dewalt Train Associates, and will include some ground-floor retail spaces, and also about 30 parking spaces, all wedged right up against the Consulate General of Ukraine at 10 East Huron. Clark Construction is on the build.

8 East Huron is getting so real, it has a website

8 East Huron

Banners announce the arrival of

Because that’s how you know a project really exists. Besides the tower crane, of course. And all that racket from caisson work. And the core. And all the rebar.

8 East Huron (I’ll let you guess the address) in River North has a brand-spanking new website now. Click on that link, have a gander at a bunch of renderings (check out that pool!), give them your email address so you can get updates on apartment availability, and when you get back, there will be a bunch of construction progress photos waiting for you. Enjoy.

Tower Crane Update: 8 East Huron

If you erect them, they will come watch. Them being tower cranes, they being I.

To be fair, and uncreepy, I was hardly the only interested party spectating at State and Huron Streets Saturday, as a crew from Morrow Equipment Company erected another of its pretty yellow cranes at the 8 East Huron construction site.

Recapping 8 East Huron, it will be a 26-story apartment tower with 105 units. CA Ventures is the developer, Valerio DeWalt Train Associates the designer, and Clark Construction he general contractor. Units are expected to be ready for occupancy in 2017.

















































The Day The Tower Cranes Took Over

For many, the appeal of living in Chicago is the change of seasons. But what we should be promoting is the change of tower cranes. For just when one comes down, another (or three) goes up.

With lots of new construction comes lots of tower cranes. There isn’t much that can be built around town without the use of one (or two – looking at you, Sinclair.) A long walk on my regular rounds turned up no fewer than three seedlings being planted for future tower cranes.

DePaul School of Music

Up in Lincoln Park, DePaul is building a new facility for music education. The DePaul School of Music won’t be a very tall structure, but it will be spread out over a large lot. Bulley & Andrews is erecting its tower crane near the middle of the lot, so it’ll reach 360 degrees around the site.

822 North Clark Mormon Church

At 822 North Clark Street in the Near North neighborhood, McHugh Construction is setting up a tower crane to erect a 7-story Mormon church. I’ll have more about this project once I know for sure what I’m talking about.

8 East Huron

Finally, at 8 East Huron in River North, Clark Construction has begun putting up a tower crane for the 26-story residential tower from CA Ventures. Designed by Valerio Dewalt Train Associates, 8 East Huron has been sitting on its tower crane permit since May 24. I was getting a little antsy waiting for this one.



8 East Huron Digs Down, Shores Up

8 East Huron

Foundation work is ongoing at 8 East Huron in River North.

With two buildings torn down at the northeast corner of State and Huron Streets, a new residential tower is starting to grow.

8 East Huron is a 26-story, 105-unit building being developed by CA Ventures. (That’s CA as in Campus Acquisitions, not something from California. CA Ventures is the new branding, as of 2012.) There will be ground floor retail as well, and 30 or so parking spaces on levels 2-4.

8 East Huron is designed by Valerio Dewalt Train Associates. Clark Construction is on the build. Or, under the build, as you’ll see from the photos below.