Permits in hand, 4600 North Marine tears up a parking lot

The Weiss Hospital parking lot at Marine Drive and Wilson Avenue is gone. Toast. Rubble. History. Ground prep is underway after the first permits were issued early this month by the city for a new 12-story, 303-unit residential development here. The foundation permit came through on the first of the month. And no waiting on a tower crane permit; that was issued September 7.

4600 North Marine is a design by Valerio Dewalt Train Associates. Lincoln Property Company is the developer. Gilbane Building Company the general contractor, with Adjustable Concrete Construction as the concrete contractor.

Want more info? Lukas knows what’s up.

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aLoft Chicago Mag Mile adds some glass as it rises in Streeterville

aLoft Chicago Mag Mile

Fresh glass at the aLoft Chicago Mag Mile in Streeterville.

Don’t look now (you can look when we get to the photo gallery) but Tishman has the *aLoft Chicago Mag Mile nearing the top (on or about the 15th floor, I’d say) of its 18-story goal at 243 East Ontario in Streeterville. And as if that wouldn’t be enough of a milestone, they’ve also started installing glass, on level 3 of the Valerio Dewalt Train-designed hotel.

When completed next winter, the aLoft Chicago Mag Mile will open 336 new guest rooms to Chicago’s most vibrant shopping neighborhood.

*Looks like I’ve been spelling it wrong all this time. “aLoft” – little ‘a’ big ‘L’



More hotel progress, as Aloft Chicago Mag Mile grows in Streeterville

Aloft Chicago Mag Mile

Aloft Chicago Mag Mile grows toward 18 stories ate 243 East Ontario Street in Streeterville.

On a very busy block for hospitality, the Aloft Chicago Mag Mile is beginning to push skyward where the former Museum of Contemporary Art once stood in Streeterville. The 18-story, 336-room Valerio Dewalt Train-designed hotel will join the brand-new Hotel EMC2 and Marriott Fairfield Inn just across Ontario Street, plus the Ivy Boutique next door.

Tishman, which recently completed the Kenect project in River West, is the general contractor for the Aloft Chicago Mag Mile. This is their lone tower crane on the Chicago count. Completion is expected in Winter 2018.

With lofty expectations of 18 stories, the Aloft Chicago Mag Mile goes vertical

Aloft Chicago Mag Mile hotel

The first of 18 floors is rising at the Aloft Chicago Mag Mile hotel in Streeterville.

The Aloft Chicago Mag Mile hotel has started poking up from the ground at 243 East Ontario Street in Streeterville. Tishman, the developer and general contractor, has work on the elevator core rising just above street level. The 18-story, 336-room hotel got rolling in January, with a demolition permit for the former Museum of Contemporary Art building.

Demo occurred in February, after which Tishman broke ground and began work on the new project. Foundation and tower-crane permits followed in March, with the full-build permit coming through in June. Tishman hopes to have the Aloft Chicago Mag Mile open in Winter 2018, which could be just over, or just under, one year from the start of demolition. That will depend on the actual opening date.

Topped out, 8 East Huron drops its tower crane

8 East Huron tower crane

The tower crane at 8 East Huron fades away behind Holy Name Cathedral.

Chicago’s ever-changing tower-crane count has changed yet again, dropping to 34 as the crane at 8 East Huron comes down in River North. Perched high atop the intersection of State and Huron, the pretty yellow Liebherr crane did what it was born to do, and as of Thursday afternoon is halfway to the ground.

8 East Huron, the 26-story apartment tower from  Harlem Irving Companies and CA Ventures, is on schedule to deliver 105 new units by early Fall 2017, with 31 parking spaces and about 2,800 square feet of retail space on the ground floor.

This was Clark Construction’s only tower crane in Chicago, so here’s hoping we can get 145 South Wells on the books soon, and get Clark back on the board.


Quick Look: Aloft Chicago Mag Mile plants a tower crane stub

Streeterville has a new tower-crane stub, thanks to the lovely new seedling sprouting up at the Aloft Chicago Mag Mile at 243 East Ontario Street. Just a little more sand left to dig out of the lot, and Tishman’s 18-story hotel can start going vertical.

Aloft Chicago Mag Mile keeps digging while we wait for a tower crane

Aloft Chicago Mag Mile

Stalworth Underground drives piles into the Streeterville sand, as foundation work for the Aloft Chicago Mag Mile continues.

The tower crane was permitted for the Aloft Chicago Mag Mile on March 31, but we’ll have to continue to be patient. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot going on where the newest Streeterville hotel will be planted. You see, there are still piles to drive and sand to dig. LOTS of sand.

I still can’t get my head around the idea that much of Chicago as I know it was beach. But start digging, and you’ll find it. They’ve certainly found it at 243 East Ontario. I bet sand is easier to drive piles through than rock, though. But you’ll have to check with Stalworth Underground about that.

As you may recall, Tishman is building the 18-story, 336-room Aloft Chicago Mag Mile here, designed by Valerio Dewalt Train Associates.

Aloft Chicago Mag Mile sets foundations in Streeterville

Aloft Chicago Mag Mile

Stalworth Underground is on the foundation beat at the new Aloft Chicago Mag Mile.

Aloft Chicago Mag Mile rendering from the Tishman website.

With the former home of Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art erased from existence, the new Aloft Chicago Mag Mile has begun putting down roots into the Streeterville soil. This is a design from Valerio Dewalt Train Associates, but the project itself is all Tishman. That’s because Tishman is not only the developer, owner, and manager of the new 18-story, 336-room hotel, but they’re the general contractor too.

For now, Stalworth Underground is on the scene, drilling caissons upon which the Aloft Chicago Mag Mile will sit. Next, they’ll do sheeting work (not the making-the-bed kind) before Tishman sends the new hotel vertical. They expect have it open in Winter 2018.

A Sunny Day At: 8 East Huron

8 East Huron

Straight up, 8 East Huron looks best on a sunny day.

Okay, so sunny days were almost the norm for awhile during our February Spring. Still, new construction is meant to be seen when the sun is shining. And winter ain’t over yet, so the sun could be gone just as quickly as it appeared.

Here’s an update on progress at 8 East Huron, the residential tower from CA Ventures and Harlem Irving Companies. The building, designed by Valerio Dewalt Train Associates, will have 102 apartments, 31 parking spaces, and more than 2,700 square feet of ground-floor retail. Clark Construction is on the build.

The former MCA building is almost gone

MCA Chicago demolition

Demolition leaves little remaining of the old Museum of Contemporary Art building.

Mostly Cleared Away.

That’s what MCA stands for now, with demolition of the former Museum of Contemporary Art building at 237 East Ontario Street just about complete.

On the way is the Aloft Chicago Mag Mile, a 19-story, 336-room hotel from Tishman Realty. The new Streeterville hotel is a design from Valerio DeWalt Train Associates, so the MCA building had to die so the new structure could be built, or die.