Check One Off The List: 625 West Adams Plants a Tower Crane

625 West Adams tower crane

Setting the tower crane base, bright and early this morning.

It was an inadvertent Tower Crane Tuesday post. And here we are on Thursday, and it’s already obsolete. But in the good way. For no longer are there six tower crane permits awaiting actual tower cranes. No, my friends, now there are five.

625 West Adams trucked in the base of its new tower crane yesterday, and wasted no time this morning rooting it into the ground. It’s one of those pretty yellow ones, too. And it will be right outside my window. Thank you, Power Construction. You know the way to my heart.

Please let me know if there’s an angle of this crane you’d like to see that I haven’t included below…


30 East Continues Ground Work in the South Loop

30 East Balbo

A bird’s eye view (if the bird parks its car) of construction work at 30 East.

Smack dab in the middle of all the murals in the Wabash Arts Corridor, Power Construction crews are hard at work on 30 East, a 16-story residential tower coming to the South Loop at 30 East Balbo Avenue.

Gilbane Development Company has its eye on the growing student population in this neighborhood. In that respect, 30 East will have 134 apartments ranging from studios to 4-bedroom units. Every unit will be furnished, ideal for student rentals. Designed by Solomon Cordwell Buenz, 30 East will also have 8,000 square feet of retail space at the ground level. Gilbane expects to have the tower ready for Fall 2017 classes.

More Photos Than I Know What To Do With: The Sinclair

The Sinclair

The Sinclair, at Clark and Division Streets, designated 1201 North La Salle on permits.

Up at Clark and Division Streets in the Gold Coast neighborhood, crews are busy building a new Jewel-Osco store to replace the one torn down last year. But this is no ordinary Jewel. This one will have a produce department, dairy section, a bakery, and a 35-story, 390-unit luxury apartment tower known as The Sinclair.

Designed by Solomon Cordwell Buenz, The Sinclair has quickly become one of the coolest construction projects in Chicago. You can thank McHugh Construction for that. But more important than making the project look cool, it’s McHugh’s task to have the tower ready for residents in Summer 2017.


Drillin’ and Fillin’ at 625 West Adams

625 West Adams

625 West Adams is a beehive of activity.

Monday, I showed you photos of foundation equipment being moved into the construction site at 625 West Adams Street that is soon to become 625 West Adams, a 20-story office tower from CA Ventures and White Oak Realty Partners.

Well, let me do some math for you: That was THREE DAYS AGO. And here we are on Thursday, and Power Construction crews are ripping holes in the earth for caissons like the foundation rigs are due back tomorrow. At this rate, the SCB-designed 625 West Adams might be move-in ready by Tuesday. (Well, not *this* Tuesday, I guess. But *a* Tuesday, for sure.)


Foundation Toys Take Over 625 West Adams Site

625 West Adams

Caisson drill bits arrived by truck Monday morning.

It’s move-in day at 625 West Adams in the West Loop.

No, they didn’t build a 20-story office tower over the weekend. It’s not tenant move-in day; it’s foundation equipment move-in day.

625 West Adams

Another truck, more foundation materials.

Bright and early Monday morning, Case Foundation could be seen flooding the 625 West Adams work site with materials and gear they’ll use to begin work on the joint development from CA Ventures and White Oak Realty Partners.

On its way to Chicago is a 20-story office building with 400 parking spaces on levels 1-5, 2,500 square feet of retail space, and three outdoor terraces mixed into the upper floors. Designed by architect Martin Wolf of Solomon Cordwell Buenz, 625 West Adams was approved way *way* back in November of 2012, and developers have decided now is the time to build, and they’ll sign on tenants as they go. The City of Chicago filed a foundation permit last month, and the arrival of all that equipment means things will be very busy at Adams and Desplaines for quite awhile.



Raquets Down, Racket Up as Demolition Begins for Elevate Lincoln Park


Sorry, no more service here, Ace.

Tennis, anyone? Well, you’re a little too late. Those elevated tennis courts you saw on your Brown Line ride between the Fullerton and Diversey stops are no more. Game, set, match.

Elevate Lincoln Park

Taylor on the tear down; McHugh on the new construction.

In its place will soon be ELEVATE Lincoln Park, a mixed use project from Baker Development Company.

Approved by the Chicago Plan Commission back in July 2015, permits were filed for five addresses spanning North Lincoln Avenue from 2518 to 2534 between May 3 and May 5. Your plan commission says to expect a 10-story, 200-unit complex designed by Solomon Cordwell Buenz that will also include 16,300 square feet of retail space.

The original schedule for ELEVATE Lincoln Park had designs on beginning caisson work by the first of this month, so progress is a tad behind schedule. But not to worry. Demolition is a pretty good sign things are well underway.

Elevate Lincoln Park

The taggers got to Lincoln Centre before Taylor demo crews did.

Elevate Lincoln Park

A commuter’s view, from a CTA Brown Line train.

Elevate Lincoln Park

Somebody feed that excavator, stat!

Elevate Lincoln Park

Soil sampling rigs showed up on site back in September. A good sign it’s time to sell your condo.

Elevate Lincoln Park

Another angle of the carnage.

Elevate Lincoln Park

A rendering of Elevate Lincoln Park from Baker Development Company.



Building Up ‘Building Up Chicago’ Starts at 625 West Adams

625 West Adams

Site prep is underway at 625 West Adams

This here blog was the brainchild of literally dozens of minutes of deep thought, wondering what to do with the thousands (yes, I really do have thousands) of construction photos I’ve taken over the past couple of years, plus those I add on an almost-daily basis.

Buying the domain was the easy part. Setting up a Twitter account was the fun part. Penning the first post? Excruciating. What do I start with? I have files of pictures for finished buildings, unfinished buildings, parking lots, vacant lots, buildings under demolition. Do I start with a construction project I’m most obsessed with? That’d be 150 North Riverside. But I’ve done that. More than once. What about something no one else has covered? Those projects don’t exist; there are dozens of us running around Chicago capturing images of every phase of construction at every location imaginable.

So maybe I just I go with something close by, something I can see from the 48th-floor windows of the B.U.C. HQ. (It’s not really an office, it’s an apartment. But don’t ask to come visit without a covered dish and beverages.) Well, I’ve done that too, actually. But I have to pick a horse at some point and get things moving. A couple darts have been thrown, and they landed on “newest” and “closest.” And that can only mean 625 West Adams.

625 West Adams received its foundation permit from the City of Chicago on May 23. The former surface parking lot has been enclosed in fencing, and backhoes have started ripping holes in the pavement. They’re preparing the site for a 20-story office tower designed by Chicago architecture firm Solomon Cordwell Buenz. You know SCB’s work at The Legacy at Millennium Park (a personal favorite) and 500 Lake Shore Drive, among others. They do a lot of work in Hawaii, too. Hawaii’s awesome. Just thought that was worth mentioning.