Stuff That’s Done: Elevate Lincoln Park

Elevate Lincoln Park, 930 West Altgeld in Lincoln Park.

Elevate Lincoln Park is an 11-story horseshoe-shaped apartment building along North Lincoln Avenue in Lincoln Park. If you’ve ridden the Brown, Purple, or Red Line CTA trains between Fullerton and Diversey, you’ve brushed right up against it.

Developed by Baker Development and designed by SCB, it delivered 191 new apartments, plus 16,000 square feet of retail space and 160 parking spaces, upon its opening in July 2018. McHugh Construction was the general contractor.


Construction Update: Elevate Lincoln Park getting literal as it hits the tenth floor

Elevate Lincoln Park

Steven Vance at Chicago CityScape elevated high above Elevate Lincoln Park for this fantastic shot!

Elevate Lincoln Park, the ten-story, 191-unit apartment complex from Baker Development, has elevated just about as high as it’s ever going to get. McHugh Construction crews have reached the tenth floor just over one year after demolition started on the site. And as if that isn’t accomplishment enough, the first row of glass has begun installation.

Elevate Lincoln Park

Rendering of Elevate Lincoln Park.

In addition to residences, Elevate Lincoln Park will include ground-floor retail space and three levels of parking. As you can see in the above photo from @ChiBuildings, the SCB design fits perfectly into the odd-shaped lot bounded by Lincoln Avenue, Altgeld Street, and the CTA’s elevated tracks.


Construction Progress: Elevate Lincoln Park

The old tennis courts with junk strewn about them long since demolished, Elevate Lincoln Park continues to grow along North Lincoln Avenue in (of course) Lincoln Park. Where once stood condos and retail shops will soon be Baker Development Corporation‘s mixed-use project. Designed by Solomon Cordwell Buenz, Elevate Lincoln Park will deliver 191 rental units, plus three levels of parking and a whole bunch of ground-floor commercial space. McHugh Construction is on the job as general contractor.

You’ll see signage in the following photos telling you to expect Elevate to be ready this summer. A delay getting started set that back, but Baker Development still hopes to have Elevate Lincoln Park open before 2017 closes.

Putting the “Elevate” in Elevate Lincoln Park

Elevate Lincoln Park

A sea of rebar at Elevate Lincoln Park.

On the heels of a big demolition, and then lots of digging, Baker Development’s latest project has finally risen to street level.

Elevate Lincoln Park will eventually rise 10 stories above Lincoln Avenue in Lincoln Park, bringing with it 191 luxury apartments, three levels of parking, and ground-floor retail space. SCB took care of designing for Elevate Lincoln Park, while McHugh Construction has been seeing to the general contracting duties. The original goal was to have the apartments ready for tenants this summer, but since construction got started a tad behind schedule, that might not be attainable.

Elevate Lincoln Park raises a tower crane

Having ceremoniously broken ground on the first of the month, Elevate Lincoln Park has begun celebrating yet another milestone; a tower crane is being assembled on the site of the future rental development. It’s a shiny yellow one too, the best kind. And you’ll be able to see it next to the elevated tracks when riding the Red, Brown, and Purple Line trains. It more than makes up for not getting to watch people play tennis atop the old Lincoln Centre condos, right? Wait. Did anyone ever play tennis up there?

Moot point. What’s important here is this: Elevate Lincoln Park, a Baker Development project, will feature 191 apartments, three levels of parking, and ground-floor commercial space, designed by Solomon Cordwell Buenz.

Elevate Lincoln Park gets a building permit

Elevate Lincoln Park

A rendering from Baker Development of Elevate Lincoln Park, which received a building permit Thursday.

You may not recognize the address (930 West Altgeld Street) but Baker Development‘s latest project, Elevate Lincoln Park, is a go. It will occupy the spaces previously known as 2518-2534 North Lincoln Avenue. On the way are 191 apartments, three levels of parking, and ground-floor commercial space, designed by Solomon Cordwell Buenz.

The original schedule of events for Elevate Lincoln Park had foundation work beginning in June, so things are still a tad behind schedule. McHugh Construction may not be able to catch up to those lofty plans, but fear not. They’ll complete work all in good time.

With demolition complete, Elevate Lincoln Park can up its game

ELEVATE Lincoln Park

The signs are everywhere: ELEVATE Lincoln Park is coming.

There isn’t even rubble left of Lincoln Centre; just memories. Memories of an R before an E that just never looks right. Those tennis courts are gone too.

With the lots at 2518-2534 North Lincoln Avenue scraped clean, ELEVATE Lincoln Park can now begin construction. A project of Baker Development, ELEVATE Lincoln Park brings a 10-story, 200-unit rental complex, designed by Solomon Cordwell Buenz, plus 16,300 square feet of retail space, to the Lincoln Park neighborhood. McHugh Construction will be the general contractor, with completion slated for October 2017.


Demolition Update: Elevate Lincoln Park

ELEVATE Lincoln Park isn’t technically being demolished. Lincoln Centre is being demolished, to make room for ELEVATE Lincoln Park. And there isn’t much of it left, as anyone who rides the Red, Brown, or Purple line can tell you.


Slowing Down Demolition at ELEVATE Lincoln Park


There are things to be seen from the L. But the Brown Line train never seems to slow down at opportune times. So I slowed it down for you.

Granted, it will take you about 3 days to get to the Howard station at this pace, but at least you can get a good look at the demolition Taylor Excavating is doing at 2518-36 North Lincoln, to clear the way for ELEVATE Lincoln Park.

For more about ELEVATE Lincoln Park, see this post from last week.

Raquets Down, Racket Up as Demolition Begins for Elevate Lincoln Park


Sorry, no more service here, Ace.

Tennis, anyone? Well, you’re a little too late. Those elevated tennis courts you saw on your Brown Line ride between the Fullerton and Diversey stops are no more. Game, set, match.

Elevate Lincoln Park

Taylor on the tear down; McHugh on the new construction.

In its place will soon be ELEVATE Lincoln Park, a mixed use project from Baker Development Company.

Approved by the Chicago Plan Commission back in July 2015, permits were filed for five addresses spanning North Lincoln Avenue from 2518 to 2534 between May 3 and May 5. Your plan commission says to expect a 10-story, 200-unit complex designed by Solomon Cordwell Buenz that will also include 16,300 square feet of retail space.

The original schedule for ELEVATE Lincoln Park had designs on beginning caisson work by the first of this month, so progress is a tad behind schedule. But not to worry. Demolition is a pretty good sign things are well underway.

Elevate Lincoln Park

The taggers got to Lincoln Centre before Taylor demo crews did.

Elevate Lincoln Park

A commuter’s view, from a CTA Brown Line train.

Elevate Lincoln Park

Somebody feed that excavator, stat!

Elevate Lincoln Park

Soil sampling rigs showed up on site back in September. A good sign it’s time to sell your condo.

Elevate Lincoln Park

Another angle of the carnage.

Elevate Lincoln Park

A rendering of Elevate Lincoln Park from Baker Development Company.