1237 West Division, Chicago’s first multi-story logistics center, putting its two tower cranes to good use

That’s 1237 West Division off in the distance.

We celebrate tower cranes here at the B.U.C. HQ. And we celebrate twice as much when there are two of them to enjoy.

Elston & Cortez, February 2023, just after the first tower crane was erected.

1237 West Division is a two-story double-height logistics center, with separate car-parking structure, in Chicago’s West Town community area. At least, it will be. Construction has been ramped up (heh) for months now, with The Big Green W at the helm. Logistics Property Company is the developer. The links above have all the deets and specs you could ever want, and then some.

This one is best viewed from a passing Metra train or helicopter. Since it’s not very tall, it’s tough to see from a distance. Although Halsted just north of Chicago Ave offers some cool glimpses.

Not only did I get to add a new category for 1237 West Division — “Logistics” — but I also got to take more photos of a warehouse than ever before. And here that are:

Coppia (1101 W Van Buren) has topped out along the Eisenhower Expressway

1000M, for the final construction visit?

1000M stand tall above Grant Park.

The days of watching construction at 1000M are drawing to a close. Just a handful of the top levels remain unglazed. Soon the tower crane will come down and this will look like a finished product while crews work on the interior.

1000M gave us the rare thrill of watching a skyscraper begin twice. First when caisson work got underway, and then again, after a pandemic-induced delay left the site dormant for months and months. The tower crane base that had been planted was removed, it went from condos to apartments, the design was tweaked, and it roared back to life early in 2022.

It’s always weirdly sad to me when a building wraps up construction and there’s nothing to watch anymore, but this one legit tugs at the heartstrings, knowing Helmut Jahn isn’t here to enjoy its completion.

1000M should be open to residents in 2024. And please, if you get one of these apartments, invite me over. I’ll even help you move in, if that’s what it takes.

Riu Plaza Hotel shoots up from Streeterville

Riu Plaza Hotel, 150 East Ontario in Streeterville.

And now, for another Streeterville high-rise in a tight lot, the Riu Plaza Hotel. The 28-story, 390-key hotel looks to have reached the 23rd or 24th level. That’s W.E. O’Neil putting in the work as the GC. The hotel is a design by Lucien LaGrange Studio. The Prime Group is the developer. Opening is slated for late 2024.

Photos from this week, and late March

The Saint Grand is topped out and glassing up the Streeterville neighborhood

The Saint Grand, at 218 West Grand in Streeterville.

The Saint Grand is an apartment tower replacing that eyesore of a parking deck that used to occupy the corner of St. Clair St. and Grand Ave. in Streeterville. But you wouldn’t know that from this blog, because I’ve been neglecting this construction site. It’s in a tight spot, so it can be a challenge to get compelling shots of progress.

The Saint Grand is a Mavrek Development joint. The 21-story tower will deliver 248 rental apartment, plus 42,000 square feet of office space, 8,000 square feet of retail space, and parking for 100 cars. I guess that’s fair, since it’s replacing a parking garage. NORR is the design architect; Lendlease is on the build, with Goebel Forming on concrete. They’ve topped out, per Urbanize.

The photos are up next. First, from August 21. Then a few from earlier progress back in March:

Hyde Park Labs (Harper Court Phase II) has gone 3-D in Hyde Park

Post-demolition, pre-construction for Hyde Park Labs at 5201 South Harper, 3/1/2023.

Made my first visit to Hyde Park Labs (at that link, click on “View Brochure” for everything you’ll ever want to know about Hyde Park Labs) at 5201 South Harper since this was still a fenced-off dirt lot waiting to get started. Well, not only has it started, but the crane’s in the air and the core has risen to — let’s call it the fifth floor. They’re going up to 13.

Let’s see if I have all the players correct on this project, the 2nd phase of Harper Court:

Trammell Crow Company and Beacon Capital Partners are the developers.
Elkus Manfredi Architects is the design architect.
Power Construction is the general contractor, with an assist from UJAMAA
Adjustable Concrete Construction is the concrete contractor.

Now, how ’bout some permit dates:

Demo of the single-story building previously on this site, issued 1/17/2023
Tower crane, issued 2/22/2023
“Selective” demo for existing building & parking garage, issued 4/6/2023
Caissons, issued 5/9/2023
Full build, issued 6/15/2023

And finally, some photos of progress, taken August 21:

4600 North Marine moves ever closer to exterior completion

4600 North Marine is topped out in Uptown

Don’t get me wrong; I know there’s still a good deal of work yet to be done to the exterior of 4600 North Marine in Uptown. But the bricks are on, the windows are in, and the crane is down. But as you’ll see, Gilbane is nearing the home stretch.

More Photos Than I Know What To Do With: The Obama Presidential Center

Construction on The Obama Presidential Center from Wooded Island in Jackson Park.

We’re down a tower crane at The Obama Presidential Center, to three from two. But two cranes are still a big deal around here. So is all this concrete. There’s a lot of concrete here.

The tower portion is really showing out now. I took a bunch of photos on August 21, as you may have gathered that from the headline. Here they are:

The glass is half full at 225 North Elizabeth

A USAF Thunderbird flies over 225 North Elizabeth during the 2023 Chicago Air & Water Show.

Another tower crane gone since my last visit. Of course, it has been three months since I’ve been out and about. The topped-out and craneless 225 North Elizabeth has achieved approximate half-glassness. That’s an industry term; don’t bother looking it up if you’re not privy to insider information. Only us cool, in-the-know construction-types have it.

At Cassidy on Canal, the glazing is half up, and the tower crane is half down

The half-staff tower crane at Cassidy on Canal, 09/18/2023.

Cassidy on Canal is topped out at 350 North Canal in River West. The tower crane is on the way done, as the glass exterior rises toward the top. It appears The Habitat Company’s 343-unit apartment tower is on pace for its scheduled Spring 2024 opening. Great location, too.

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