Hyde Park Labs (Harper Court Phase II) has gone 3-D in Hyde Park

Post-demolition, pre-construction for Hyde Park Labs at 5201 South Harper, 3/1/2023.

Made my first visit to Hyde Park Labs (at that link, click on “View Brochure” for everything you’ll ever want to know about Hyde Park Labs) at 5201 South Harper since this was still a fenced-off dirt lot waiting to get started. Well, not only has it started, but the crane’s in the air and the core has risen to — let’s call it the fifth floor. They’re going up to 13.

Let’s see if I have all the players correct on this project, the 2nd phase of Harper Court:

Trammell Crow Company and Beacon Capital Partners are the developers.
Elkus Manfredi Architects is the design architect.
Power Construction is the general contractor, with an assist from UJAMAA
Adjustable Concrete Construction is the concrete contractor.

Now, how ’bout some permit dates:

Demo of the single-story building previously on this site, issued 1/17/2023
Tower crane, issued 2/22/2023
“Selective” demo for existing building & parking garage, issued 4/6/2023
Caissons, issued 5/9/2023
Full build, issued 6/15/2023

And finally, some photos of progress, taken August 21:

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Progress Update: 1114 West Carroll bringing 368 more apartments to the Fulton Market District

There’s big progress to report at 1114 West Carroll.

1114 West Carroll, the 34-story, 368-unit apartment tower from Trammell Crow Company in Dallas is really showing out in the Fulton Market District. Don’t believe me? Check out the gallery of Power Construction progress, who appear to have reached the underside of Floor 11:

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Another Fulton Market apartment tower begins, as 1114 West Carroll sprouts from the ground

1114 West Carroll has gone vertical in the Fulton Market District.

1114 West Carroll, the 34-story, 368-unit apartment tower from developer Trammell Crow Company, is beginning to go 3-D from its excavation site in the Fulton Market District. On the site where once stood a Ryder truck-rental site, GC Power Construction has been digging out space for the below-grade 95 parking spaces for several weeks. But now, the core is rising.

Designed by ESG Architecture & Design, who also teamed with Trammell Crow on the Fulton Labs project on the north side of the Metra tracks, 1114 West Carroll will add retail space at ground level. Below-grade parking + ground-level retail = no parking podium, if my math is correct.

To date, 1114 has received the following building permits:
foundation issued 1/9/23
tower crane issued 1/23/23
full build issued 3/7/23
hoist issued 4/25/23

I got over here a couple times while the digging was still being dug — you’ll see photos from those visits in the gallery, including shots from Craning Day in March — but verticality is always a nice milestone. Those pics were taken May 7.

Carroll Avenue demolitions continue in Fulton Market, with more on the horizon

As demolition by Heneghan Wrecking at ADM Milling Company and 1200 West Carroll continue, comes news that Carroll Avenue could see a lot more tearing down and redeveloping in the very near future.

Brick by brick, the ADM office building at 1300 West Carroll is being taken apart.

And the ADM silos at the west end of the 1300 block are being chipped away as well.

The former Midtown Transfer buildings in the 1200 block are all but gone.

The Happy Tails & Trails building at 1240 is the only building remaining on the north side of the 1200 block. For now.

Crain’s Chicago and Urbanize Chicago both reported this week about plans to redevelop both sides of West Carroll’s eastern 1100 block. We know Trammell Crow from their work just north across the Metra tracks at Fulton Labs (which only has one level of curtain wall to go, btw.)

315 N May
315 N May. It wouldn’t take much to improve this site.
315 N May

On the south side of the 1100 block, 315 North May fronts May Street, Carroll Ave, and Aberdeen Street.

On the north side of the 1100 block is a Ryder truck-rental lot.

The Ryder lot at 1100 W Carroll. Even easier to improve this site.
The Ryder “building” at 1112 West Carroll. Fulton Labs is in the background.

Stay tuned. The ever-changing Fulton Market District is in for even bigger changes.

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Fulton Labs announces topping out

Fulton Labs topping out

Fulton Labs caught some rays over the weekend.

Blogs are okay, but the best source for information is always from the best source: the source itself.

Tuesday, Fulton Labs announced the topping out of the building at 400 North Aberdeen in Fulton Market. That keeps the facility on track to open early next year.

Here’s the text of the announcement, which can be seen in its entirety at the link above:

CHICAGO — March 23, 2021 — Trammell Crow Company (TCC), one of the largest commercial real estate developers in the United States, today announced it has topped out the construction on its Fulton Labs at 400 N. Aberdeen development. The facility is a 423,454 square-foot best-in-class laboratory building that the company is developing to help meet rapidly expanding demand for Class A lab space in the Chicago region, an area that has had chronic shortages of such space for decades.

The company broke ground on the development in July 2020 and anticipates completing the facility on schedule by Q1 of 2022. Portal Innovations, a premier venture development platform that bridges scientific ideation and value creation in life science, medtech and bioinformatics, has already signed a lease and will occupy a full 35,000-square-foot floor upon the building’s completion.

“After the past few years of working toward making this hub of life science innovation in Chicago possible, it is rewarding to see it all begin to come together,” said Morgan Blaska, Senior Associate for Trammell Crow Company. “With the community of life sciences tenants strengthening in our Fulton Labs at 1375 W. Fulton facility, coupled with securing our first lease at 400 N. Aberdeen and achieving this milestone in the construction process, we’re excited to see the continuing impact that our investment in purpose-built wet and dry lab space is having on the community.”

Power Construction is the general contractor on the project, ESG Architects is supplying design and architectural services, CRB is providing lab planning and engineering design support,  and CBRE is directing the life sciences transaction and advisory work.

“With our decades of construction experience in Chicago, it is exciting to be a part of a project like this that will help solve the chronic shortage of lab space in the Chicago area,” said Steve Jackson, Vice President at Power Construction. “Our expertise in this field, along with our partnership with groups like CRB and ESG, allows us to be a part of a much-needed facility that will foster collaboration and innovation for life science companies.”

Of the building’s 16 floors, 12 are dedicated to wet or dry lab space, including one full floor of shared lab space managed and programmed by Portal Innovations. The facility’s features are designed to allow for flexibility and scalability, such as column-free and long-span layouts. The facility has been designed to serve the robust infrastructure requirements for office and lab users alike, while also providing unique advances in building technology, such as View Smart Windows that automatically adjust the tint throughout the day to allow for minimized heat, UV damage, glare, and pathogens, while still providing sunlight to tenants.

Construction progress as if Saturday, March 20:

He who labs glass, glass lasts

Fulton Labs March 2021

What I’m trying to say is, Fulton Labs has its first couple rows of glass installed. Here’s an updated photo gallery from the first half of March 2021.

Fulton Labs shines in the December sun

Fulton Labs grows behind (or next to) the Birdie tank in the Fulton Market District.

This isn’t about one of my favorite water tanks ever, but I certainly can’t ignore it.

No, this post is about Fulton Labs at 400 North Aberdeen, a 16-story, 400,000+ square-foot laboratory facility Power Construction is erecting in Fulton Market. Expected to be operational in early 2022 (2022? Oh, that’s right. 2022 is less than 13 months away. Gosh, 2020 flew by…) Fulton Labs is a development by Trammell Crow Company, and a design by ESG Architecture. This same team brought West End on Fulton to the West Loop as well, which opened this summer.