Hyde Park Labs (Harper Court Phase II) has gone 3-D in Hyde Park

Post-demolition, pre-construction for Hyde Park Labs at 5201 South Harper, 3/1/2023.

Made my first visit to Hyde Park Labs (at that link, click on “View Brochure” for everything you’ll ever want to know about Hyde Park Labs) at 5201 South Harper since this was still a fenced-off dirt lot waiting to get started. Well, not only has it started, but the crane’s in the air and the core has risen to — let’s call it the fifth floor. They’re going up to 13.

Let’s see if I have all the players correct on this project, the 2nd phase of Harper Court:

Trammell Crow Company and Beacon Capital Partners are the developers.
Elkus Manfredi Architects is the design architect.
Power Construction is the general contractor, with an assist from UJAMAA
Adjustable Concrete Construction is the concrete contractor.

Now, how ’bout some permit dates:

Demo of the single-story building previously on this site, issued 1/17/2023
Tower crane, issued 2/22/2023
“Selective” demo for existing building & parking garage, issued 4/6/2023
Caissons, issued 5/9/2023
Full build, issued 6/15/2023

And finally, some photos of progress, taken August 21:

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