900 West is approaching the finish line

900 West

900 West, in between bouts of Wednesday’s sunshine, will open late this summer.

As I wandered past 900 West (900 West Washington) in the West Loop Wednesday, I couldn’t help but wonder how soon its opening would arrive. And then I got my answer.

The PR firm of Murphy Knott sent over a couple new renderings, along with word that residents would move into the new 10-story condominium tower from Taris Real Estate in a mere 90 days. That’s plenty of time to head out to IKEA and pick out your bookcases, sofas, and computer desks.

900 West

900 West, designed by Northworks. Rendering provided by Murphy Knott PR.

900 West

900 West, designed by Northworks. Rendering provided by Murphy Knott PR.

Power Construction brings the pane to (a topped out?) 900 West

900 West

The green & glass of home at 900 West.

What stands out to you more at 900 West in the West Loop, the fresh glass? or the green insulation?

There’s no wrong answer here, as both features are rather striking. We suggest putting your sunglasses on if you plan to drive across Washington Boulevard any time soon.

Power Construction has been working on Taris Real Estate’s 10-story, 22-unit condominium tower since the foundation permit was issued back in July 2017. Designed by Northworks Architects + Planners, the building was the subject of a major transaction back in May, when Crain’s reported a penthouse sale for over $5 million.

900 West starting to show in the West Loop

900 West Washington

The view of 900 West progress from EarthCam Monday evening.

Already up to the underside of the seventh floor, Power Construction continues to make quick work of 900 West, the 10-story condominium building from Taris Real Estate coming to the West Loop.

Sure, there’s a photo gallery, because I needed the exercise. But remember that you can keep with progress from the comfort of your easychair via EarthCam on the 900 West website.

You can check up on progress at 900 West Washington via construction cam

900 West Washington

Here’s a screenshot from Earthcam at 900 West Washington in the West Loop.

Just because your favorite construction bloggers go away on vacation doesn’t mean  you have to miss out on progress around Chicago. Many projects have webcams set up to let us all peek in on the goings-on.

We got an email from Earthcam this morning making sure we knew about the camera watching over 900 West, at 900 West Washington in the West Loop. All you need do is go to the development’s website here and click on the “VIEW CONSTRUCTION PROGRESS” link, and you’re right on top of the action.

Thanks for the heads-up, Earthcam!

Power Construction plants a tower crane at 900 West

900 West Tower Crane Stub

Is that what I think it is, peeking over the construction fence? Yep. 900 West has a tower crane stub.

Not all of the tower crane news coming out of the West Loop is bad.

A tower crane stub has been planted at 900 West Washington Boulevard, the site of 900 West. You may recall our mid-August visit when we stopped by to check on Caisson work. At the time, Power Construction had just received the full-build permit from the City of Chicago to erect the entire 10-story, 22-unit condominium project from Taris Real Estate.

One week later, on August 24, another permit came through, this time for the tower crane. Now, we don’t know exactly when the stub was planted (August 26 was the most recent day we’ve walked by until now) but lo and behold, there was the fresh stub on Tuesday. So, expect Power to send 900 West rocketing skyward now that they’ve got the heavy lifting covered.

900 West digs in, and scores another permit

900 West

Stalworth Underground drills caisson at 900 West in the West Loop.

900 West, the 10-story, 22-unit condominium building coming to the West Loop from Taris Real Estate, has permission to go vertical, after receiving its full-build permit Wednesday from the City of Chicago. (They thought they could trick me by using 904 West Washington Blvd as the address, but I catch on quick.)

In the meantime, Stalworth Underground continues to rip holes in the earth and then fill said holes with concrete. Then once they’re done with caissons, Power Construction will start bringing the Northworks Architects + Planners design to life, with the goal of a Summer 2018 opening.

And yes, Power Construction assures us there *will* be a tower crane at 900 West.

900 West lands a foundation permit

900 West

The sweet smell of a foundation permit, fresh of the City presses. 900 West may begin.

The lot at Washington Boulevard and Peoria Street in the West Loop has been cleared, and now a foundation permit has been issued that allows 900 West to move into the site. The 10-story, 22-unit condominium development from Taris Real Estate has already made Chicago news, when Dennis Rodkin at Crain’s reported on the signed contract for one of the building’s two penthouse units for more than $5 million. In addition to the penthouses, there will be two-bed, three-bed, and four-bedroom condos.

Northworks Architects + Planners designed the new building. Power Construction has been tasked with putting all the right pieces in all the right places. Taris plans to have 900 West ready for residents in Summer of 2018.

900 West Washington begins to crumble ahead of 900 West

900 West Washington

Demolition at the corner of Washington and Peoria signals the start of 900 West.

The modest one-story building at 900 West Washington Boulevard in the West Loop no longer has much to hide, as a demolition crew from Tierra Services of Frankfort, IL tears it to shreds, exposing it for all the world to see. They’re clearing the site for the beginning of 900 West, a 10-story, 22-unit condominium development from Taris Real Estate.

Designed by Northworks Architects + Planners, 900 West made news earlier this month when Dennis Rodkin at Crain’s reported on the signed contract for one of the building’s two penthouse units for more than $5 million. There will be two-bed, three-bed, and four-bedroom condos, plus that second, aforementioned penthouse unit. Taris plans to have 900 West ready for residents in Summer of 2018.