The glass is full at 1407 On Michigan

1407 On Michigan

The podium needs some glass, but the residential windows are to the top of 1407 On Michigan.

Save for a few exceptions, where construction hoists get in the way, the curtain wall has risen to the top of the 15-story¬†1407 On Michigan, Russland Capital Group’s South Loop apartment tower at 1411 South Michigan Avenue.

There’s still some podium work left for Lendlease to do on the BKV Group-designed building, but the bulk of energy on this one is now focused on getting the 199 apartments ready for residents to move in. We’re still looking at the end of the year for that goal, and having all those windows up should certainly help interior work to be a little more pleasant.

Quick Look: The glass is half full at 1407 On Michigan

Showing no ill effects of losing its tower crane a couple weeks ago, 1407 On Michigan continues to progress towards completion. The following photos were taken late (it’s gets dark at 6:30 now ūüėü) Tuesday afternoon. Late-day sunlight serves this project well.

The South Loop loses a tower crane, as 1407 On Michigan comes down

1407 On Michigan tower crane removal

Lendlease, Pepper Construction, and Central Contractor Services are all working the weekend, bringing the 1407 On Michigan tower crane down.

Any more posts about Lendlease, and they’ll have to put me on the payroll. When the B.U.C. HQ moved into the South Loop, we landed right in the middle of four of their construction sites. Maybe this is the Lend Loop now.

Lendlease’s job at 1407 On Michigan is losing its tower crane. Crews from Central Contractors Service and Pepper Construction are all on hand this weekend, as the crane is lowered from the sky. Russland Capital Group’s 15-story apartment building is topped out (you can see Lendlease’s press release here) and getting glassy, and all the heavy lifting is done.

When complete, the BKV design will include 199 studio to 3-bedroom-sized units, an outdoor pool, basketball court, and business center. The ground floor will have Rush Primary and Specialty Care facility. With three-and-a-half months remaining in 2017, meeting the original goal of having 1407 On Michigan open for residents before the end of the year seems like a stretch, but lets sit back and see how it goes. Mild fall months help.

1407 On Michigan is glassing up the South Loop

1407 On Michigan

New glass of 1407 On Michigan hovers above the Chicago Firehouse Restaurant.

The newly-renamed 1407 On Michigan now has some newly-installed cladding to show off. The 15-story rental tower from Russland Capital Group looks to have reached the underside of the 15th floor, so it should be topping out very soon. Unless, of course, we missed a floor of the podium, and it already has topped out.

And that would mean Lendlease is that much closer to having the 199 apartments and 40,000 square feet of commercial space open. As you can see from the signage, Rush Primary And Specialty Care will be included in that space.

Russland originally planned to have 1407 On Michigan open before the year was out. There’s a lot of work to do in the next four months; we’ll see if construction extends into 2018, or if that goal will be met. Stay tuned.

1411 South Michigan is so last-week. Say hello to 1407 On Michigan

1407 On Michigan

1407 On Michigan has taken over what 1411 South Michigan began.

That’s right. What we’ve all known as 1411 S. Michigan¬†now has a new name and some new signage in the South Loop. 1407 On Michigan has taken over, and it continues upward toward its ultimate 15-story height. The mixed-use tower from Russland Capital Group will include 199 apartments and 40,000 square feet of commercial space. And at least a portion of that space will be¬†Rush Primary And Specialty Care.

Lendlease is the contractor responsible for the progress at 1407 On Michigan, which to the naked eye appears to have reached the 11th floor. Sunshine made this the prefect day to stop by and take a look.

Upward progress continues at 1411 South Michigan

1411 South Michigan

1411 South Michigan rises toward 15 stories in the South Loop.

1411 South Michigan continues to climb into the South Loop sky, as Lendlease works on the 15-story, 199-unit apartment tower. Pepper Construction is overseeing the concrete pour, as mixers move in and out of the site. The project from Russland Capital Group will include 40,000 square feet of commercial space, and is expected to be open before the year is out.

Construction Update: 1411 South Michigan

1411 South Michigan

An overhead view of 1411 South Michigan. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Healy.

Gravity seems to be no obstacle at 1411 South Michigan, as Lendlease workers (with assistance from Pepper Construction on the concrete work) continue erecting a 15-story residential tower for Russland Capital Group. BKV Group’s design will include 199 apartments for rent, plus more than 40,000 square feet of commercial space. Russland hopes to have 1411 South Michigan open before the calendar flips over into 2018.

Tower crane at its disposal, 1411 South Michigan starts going vertical

1411 South Michigan

The freshest tower crane in the South Loop is stacking building parts at 1411 South Michigan.

That new tower crane at 1411 South Michigan has construction going vertical. 3-D portions are popping up all around the lot, with some digging going on in the middle. Pretty sure the crane has less to do with the large hole than it does with the vertical pieces.

On a side note: 1411 South Michigan will sit next door to the Chicago Firehouse Restaurant. Two years ago, it was gutted by a fire, but it’s open again now as of the beginning of February. Kudos to ownership for committing to the neighborhood, and a great old Chicago building, to come back. All the best!

Chicago Firehouse Restaurant

Chicago Firehouse Restaurant, about a week before its grand reopening.

1411 South Michigan gets in on the tower crane fun

1411 South Michigan Avenue

I see you over there.

What is it, Spring already?

Tower crane seedlings are sprouting all over Chicago, proving there’s no season like Construction Season. You may have read a thing or two about the pair of cranes being erected at Vista Tower, but those aren’t the only ones in town. 1411 South Michigan planted its own tower crane stub Thursday in the South Loop, marking the next big step in the development process for Russland Capital Group’s¬†15-story, 199-apartment tower. Lendlease is on the build, responsible for getting the design from¬†Boarman Kroos Vogel Group¬†completed in time for opening late this year.