Tower crane at its disposal, 1411 South Michigan starts going vertical

1411 South Michigan

The freshest tower crane in the South Loop is stacking building parts at 1411 South Michigan.

That new tower crane at 1411 South Michigan has construction going vertical. 3-D portions are popping up all around the lot, with some digging going on in the middle. Pretty sure the crane has less to do with the large hole than it does with the vertical pieces.

On a side note: 1411 South Michigan will sit next door to the Chicago Firehouse Restaurant. Two years ago, it was gutted by a fire, but it’s open again now as of the beginning of February. Kudos to ownership for committing to the neighborhood, and a great old Chicago building, to come back. All the best!

Chicago Firehouse Restaurant

Chicago Firehouse Restaurant, about a week before its grand reopening.

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