Stuff That’s Done: Solstice On The Park

Solstice On The Park, from the park.

The last time I visited Solstice On The Park, it was *almost* done. That was close to a year ago. Now, it’s finished, and being lived in. And still very very cool. I’ll attempt to prove that opinion with the two dozen photos included below.

The basics about Solstice On The Park:

Design Architect – Studio Gang

Developer – Mac Properties

Builder – Linn-Mathes

26 stories, 250 apartments, stunning views from, and of, Hyde Park.


Touch ‘em all, Jeanne: Studio Gang knocks another one out of the…well, you know…

Solstice on the Park May 2018

From the Solstice on the Park website, this is the view from high up in the tower, facing north. It is beyond stunning.

Last week’s visit to Hyde Park to check out the new tower crane at 5252 South Cornell provided another chance to check on progress at Solstice On The Park, the 27-story, 250-unit apartment tower designed by Jeanne Gang at Studio Gang. I’m a sucker for this building, especially on sunny days with blue skies as a backdrop. I wasn’t disappointed. The angles, the glass, the lines. It all works.

General contractor Linn-Mathes looks to be putting the finishing touches on the tower. The view shown above is still available for rent, just so you know.


Solstice on the Park nears the finish line

Solstice on the Park March 2018

As this Metra Electric train pulls into the station, so too Solstice on the Park is soon to arrive.

A Spring opening appears imminent for Solstice on the Park, the Studio Gang-designed residential tower in Hyde Park. And since that was the plan all along, the timing is perfect.

The foundation permit for Solstice on the Park was issued back in October of 2016, allowing Linn-Mathes to start building atop what was previously a surface parking lot, with one level of parking underground. That lot is but a distant memory now.

Developer Antheus Capital has about 250 apartments available within the tower. The B.U.C. is eyeing up one of those three-bedroom, south-facing units, with views of Lake Michigan and Jackson Park. We figure we’ll turn one of those bedrooms into an office, just as soon as we do a thorough check through the sofa cushions and honor-box snack station for spare change.

And now, a whole mess of photos of the finished-looking Solstice on the Park residential tower. Congratulations, Hyde Park. This one’s a gem!

Pictures from Solstice On The Park as the tower crane comes down

Solstice On The Park tower crane removal

Local 63 Ironworker Nick Barwegen gets up close and personal with the tower crane at Solstice On The Park.

Local 63 Ironworker Nick Barwegen sent over some stellar photos from Solstice On The Park this morning, as Chicago’s south-most tower crane is being lowered to the ground. Sad as it is to see it come down, it sure does make for a cool photo-op.

Thanks, Nick!

It’s a tower-crane wash, as Chicago puts one up (Nobu Hotel) and takes one down (Solstice On The Park)

Nobu Hotel Chicago tower crane

Say hello to the tower crane at the Nobu Hotel Chicago…

For a brief moment, while it was still dark Monday morning, Chicago had 31 tower cranes in operation across the city.

Centaur Construction completed assembly of their tower crane at the Nobu Hotel Chicago site over the weekend. But word came from a Little Birdie Friend last week that today would be the beginning of the end for the tower crane at Solstice On The Park, as Linn-Mathes and Adjustable Forms begin taking theirs down from the Hyde Park skyline.

So if you’re doing the math at home, this equation’s pretty simple: 30 + 1 – 1 = 30.

Solstice On The Park tower crane

…And say goodbye to the tower crane at Solstice On The Park, as it comes down this week.


Solstice On The Park tops out, puts on new glasses

Solstice On The Park, the 27-story residential tower in Hyde Park, topped on on Monday, according to a tweet to us from Studio Gang. Also on Monday, Studio Gang also shared a photo on its LinkedIn page showing some pretty impressive glass panels being installed on the ground floor. What does one do when there’s new glass to be seen? One heads down the Metra Electric Line and has a look for oneself.

Solstice On The Park glass

Glass installation at Solstice On The Park, from Studio Gang’s LinkedIn post.

Congratulations to Studio Gang, Linn-Mathes, Antheus Capital, Mac Properties, heck, to all of Hyde Park on the topping out! It looks like Chicago’s south-most tower crane is in danger of disappearing soon, but that’s the price of progress.

Many, many photos, as Solstice On The Park continues upward

Solstice On The Park

Solstice On The Park is next to a park. You get lots of views like this one.

Solstice On The Park, the 27-story high rise by storied Chicago architecture firm Studio Gang, has climbed to the 20th floor on the corner of 56th Street and Cornell Avenue in Hyde Park. Antheus Capital and Mac Properties are putting up 250 apartments in the tower, on what used to be a surface-and-underground parking deck. That lost parking will be replaced by 300 spaces in a multi-level parking deck on the north side of the development.

It’s been more than three months since I’ve checked on Linn-Mathes’ progress here, so…*lots* of photos to get you caught up.

Construction Progress: Studio Gang’s Solstice on the Park

Solstice On The Park

Solstice On The Park will reside at the corner of South Cornell Avenue and East 56th Street.

On a previous visit to Hyde Park, less than two months ago, Solstice On The Park had just erected its tower crane, and construction was still in the groundwork stage. Apparently, crews from Linn-Mathes have continues to work even though I wasn’t around to track their progress.

Solstice On The Park, the “other” big residential project from Studio Gang (I assume you’ve heard of Wanda Vista Tower?) is coming along quite nicely. A development from Antheus Capital, it will deliver 250 apartments within its 27 stories, stacked atop 300+ parking spaces, all capped off by a green roof.

Solstice on the Park has a tower crane, just in time for longer days

Solstice on the Park

Hyde Park’s newest tower crane reigns high above Solstice on the Park.

About the same time the Winter Solstice was making its appearance, Solstice on the Park was planting a tower crane at 161 East 56th Street in Hyde Park. And now that the days will be getting longer (I’m ignoring the part about them getting colder, too), Linn-Mathes can really get busy on the foundations.

Solstice on the Park

Note the parking configuration on this elevation drawing from Studio Gang.

The building Studio Gang designed for developer Antheus Capital will fit 250 apartments and a whopping 316 parking spaces into the 26-story tower. **Those parking spaces appear to be spread over six stories, two of which may be below grade, if the elevation rendering on the Studio Gang website is to be taken literally. The foundation permit calls for five levels of parking.**

Studio Gang, Antheus Capital, and Linn-Mathes comprise the same team responsible for building City Hyde Park, which opened late last year.



It’s time to rise and shine for Solstice on the Park

Solstice on the Park

Solstice on the Park, from Studio Gang.

Studio Gang is at it again in Hyde park.

Fresh off the success of City Hyde Park, Studio Gang’s latest South Side creation, Solstice on the Park, had a foundation permit issued by the City of Chicago Wednesday, after being approved by the Chicago Plan Commission back in February. Coupled with the demolition permit filed Monday to dig out the underground parking lot at 1616 East 56th Street, and Solstice on the Park is officially ready to rise. The Solstice team, as it did on City Hyde Park, includes developer Antheus Capital and general contractor Linn-Mathes.

You should expect the 26-story tower to include 250 apartments and a whopping 316 parking spaces. What you shouldn’t expect is to see anything resembling the former parking garage; Taylor Excavating has already transformed the site into a large hole. I hope you moved your car.