Solstice on the Park has a tower crane, just in time for longer days

Solstice on the Park

Hyde Park’s newest tower crane reigns high above Solstice on the Park.

About the same time the Winter Solstice was making its appearance, Solstice on the Park was planting a tower crane at 161 East 56th Street in Hyde Park. And now that the days will be getting longer (I’m ignoring the part about them getting colder, too), Linn-Mathes can really get busy on the foundations.

Solstice on the Park

Note the parking configuration on this elevation drawing from Studio Gang.

The building Studio Gang designed for developer Antheus Capital will fit 250 apartments and a whopping 316 parking spaces into the 26-story tower. **Those parking spaces appear to be spread over six stories, two of which may be below grade, if the elevation rendering on the Studio Gang website is to be taken literally. The foundation permit calls for five levels of parking.**

Studio Gang, Antheus Capital, and Linn-Mathes comprise the same team responsible for building City Hyde Park, which opened late last year.



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