And then there were 32: The Landmark West Loop lowers the tower crane

Landmark West Loop tower crane removal

When the crane disappears behind its own building, that’s a good indication it’s coming down.

Chicago’s ever-fluid tower crane count has changed again, as Landmark West Loop begins to lower its crane at 1035 West Van Buren Street. Landmark topped out March 23, so we knew this day was coming. The loss of this shiny yellow Liebherr EC-12 Litronic model brings our count down to 32.

Landmark West Loop tower crane removal

One South Halsted is waiting for a Liebherr, so…

American Flag, Water Tank, and Tower Crane (x3) in the West Loop

Flag Tank Crane West Loop

An American Flag, Water Tank, and a mess of tower cranes in Chicago’s West Loop.

The water tank is atop 1035 West Lake Street.

The American Flag waves from atop the old Richter’s Food Products factory, now Venue One.

The tower crane in the distance is at the Landmark West Loop. The two closer cranes are at the McDonald’s Headquarters site.

Flag Tank Crane West Loop

An earlier attempt got a fourth crane, at 171 Aberdeen, but the flag wouldn’t wave.

Landmark West Loop tops out

Landmark West Loop

A brooding Landmark West Loop from the B.U.C. HQ, through some Monday morning weather.

I must have had my back turned Thursday the 23rd, as the Landmark West Loop, the 30-story, 300-unit apartment tower at 1035 West Van Buren Street from Related Midwest, topped out last week. A press release from Lendlease that popped up on LinkedIn shared the news. A milestone moment for the Landmark to be sure, but also a forewarning that another tower crane will be disappearing from the West Loop landscape soon. Shooting stars, they are.

You can read Lendlease’s press release by clicking here, or see the text that follows a few photos from a sunny February day:

Lendlease & Related Midwest Celebrate the Topping Out of Landmark West Loop (Chicago, IL, March 23, 2017) Today, Lendlease, one of the largest construction management firms in Chicago, and Related Midwest, the pre-eminent developer of luxury condominiums and rental homes in Chicago, celebrated the topping out of Landmark West Loop, a new 30-story residential tower located at 1035 W. Van Buren in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood. The event, which included lunch and giveaways for the tradesmen and women, celebrated the structure reaching its maximum height, bringing the project one step closer to completion. “We’re very excited to celebrate the topping out of this highly anticipated project that will truly transform the West Loop,” said Bert Brandt, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Lendlease. “I want to acknowledge the combined efforts of Related Midwest, the design team, the union trades and our Lendlease project team for their tireless efforts in helping reach this significant project milestone.” “A quality development begins with a quality team, and our longstanding relationship with Lendlease allowed us to assemble just that — thanks to the dedication of the men and women working on this project, Landmark West Loop is on track for August move-ins,” said Don Biernacki, Senior Vice President of Construction at Related Midwest. “As work on the tower continues, we’ve already started pre-leasing and are thrilled by the response from prospective residents, many of whom have been waiting for this level of luxury rental housing to come to the West Loop and Illinois Medical District.” Located along the Eisenhower Expressway, Landmark West Loop is a 442,845-square-foot building featuring 300 luxury apartments and associated parking. Designed by Morris Adjmi Architects, the building is targeting LEED Silver certification.

Landmark West Loop takes over where 1035 West Van Buren began

Landmark West Loop

From this day forward, 1035 West Van Buren would like to be called Landmark West Loop.

You know the guy at the office who refills the stapler for you, then staples the last four pages together and takes credit for the TPS reports you spent all week working on? Well, that’s a very vague analogy for what’s just happened at Related Midwest’s new apartment tower in the West Loop.

New signage had been spotted, and Stephanie Lulay at  DNAinfo reported yesterday, that what had been called 1035 West Van Buren through all the digging and heavy lifting shall henceforth be known as Landmark West Loop.

There’s still a little ways to go to top off the 30-story tower, as it’s reached about 25 floors in height, but still, a lot of the work was done before this new name swooped in. Though to be fair, buildings named after their addresses aren’t especially clever, and three-word street names are just clunky anyway. Besides, no one has moved into any of the 300 new, unfinished rental units yet, so it isn’t like they’ll need change-of-address cards already. So a new moniker for this one seems fitting. Landmark West Loop it is.

Landmark West Loop

Landmark West Loop rises along the Eisenhower Expressway.



A Sunny Day At: 1035 West Van Buren

1035 West Van Buren

Okay, this one isn’t from a sunny day. I just really like the way 1035 West Van Buren looks at night. I won’t try to fool you again.

Another segment in the A Sunny Day At series. This time, it’s 1035 West Van Buren. With its new rows of glass, yellow forms, and red wraps, it begs to be photographed when the sun is out.

1035 West Van Buren

1035 West Van Buren works its way into Chicago’s western skyline.

1035 West Van Buren brings the pane

1035 West Van Buren glass

The first few panes of glazing have been installed at 1035 West Van Buren in the West Loop.

1035 West Van Buren, the 30-story apartment tower Related Midwest is developing in the West Loop, has reached a milestone moment: glass has made its first appearance, one level above the podium.

Designed by the combined forces of New York’s Morris Adjmi Architects and Chicago’s very own GREC Architects, the new tower sits alongside the Eisenhower Expressway, and will deliver 300 rental units to the neighborhood. Lendlease is the general contractor. It is the hope that 1035 West Van Buren will be open before 2017 is closed.

Construction Progress: 1035 West Van Buren

1035 West Van Buren

1035 West Van Buren in the West Loop, colorful even on a gloomy day.

The 30-story, 300-unit apartment tower from Related Midwest at 1035 West Van Buren continues to show its true colors, all of them primary, alongside the Eisenhower Expressway in the West Loop. The blue, yellow, and red-covered construction site would have looked much better on a sunny day, but a quick check of the forecast shows it might be completed before we get more sunshine in Chicago. I’m afraid you’ll have to settle for the following photos from a dreary December afternoon.

1035 West Van Buren continues its climb along the Eisenhower

1035 West Van Buren

The “back” of 1035 West Van Buren is starting to rise into view of passersby on the Eisenhower Expressway.

Work continues on 1035 West Van Buren, Related Midwest‘s newest residential tower in the West Loop. The tower is beginning to make its presence known at the foot of what will soon be the end of the Jane Byrne Flyover ramp from the Dan Ryan Expressway onto the Eisenhower. The parking podium is up the the fourth floor, while the elevator core continues to climb from within.

The 30-story, 300-unit development by Morris Adjmi Architects of New York City, and Chicago’s own GREC Architects, is expected to be inhabitable before Baby New Year rings in 2018. Lendlease, the general contractor for 1035 West Van Buren, will see to that schedule being met.

1035 West Van Buren Starts Peeking Above the West Loop

1035 West Van Buren

1035 West Van Buren is beginning to shoot up through the other buildings in the West Loop

It’s not real construction until I can see it from the 48th floor. It is now that time for the new 1035 West Van Buren in the West Loop.

Related Midwest is bringing the apartment tower to 1035 West Van Buren Street, It’s designed by New York City firm Morris Adjmi Architects (that’s a new name to me here in Chicago) with a local assist from GREC Architects here in Chicago. It is GREC’s Greg Randall who appears on the building permit as the architect.

1035 will be a 30-story rental development with 300 units. That’s pretty darn close to averaging 10 units per floor, for those of you who were told there’d be no math today.

Related Midwest plans to have the tower open to residents before the end of 2017. Lendlease construction crews are on site, seeing to that completion goal.