Another Chicago Water tank gets permission for repairs

Water tank 1622 West Carroll Avenue

Will repairs to the water tank at 1622 West Carroll Avenue include removing the tags?

Yesterday, we looked at the scaffolding around the water tank at the Salvation Army Thrift Store in River West. And now, news of another tank that’s being repaired instead of removed: 1622 West Carroll Avenue in West Town. The City of Chicago issued a permit for repairs on June 1.

The general contractor tasked with this unique fixer-upper is Karl Natschke Construction of Woodstock, IL. And this being a water tank, it seems appropriate to point out the plumbing contractor as well: Discovery Plumbing & Heating, of Lansing, IL. Thanks to those two contractors, and to Sassafras Enterprises, the owners of the building, for saving another Chicago Water Tank.

As promised, the Salvation Army water tank is under repair

Salvation Army water tank

Repairs are underway on the Salvation Army water tank at 509 North Union Avenue.

As you may have read back in March, the water tank above the Salvation Army Thrift Store at 509 North Union Avenue in River West was issued a restoration permit. Now, scaffolding surrounds the tank as the promised repairs are underway. The work is being done by Pinnacle Development of Forest Park.

Always nice to see a water tank being saved, isn’t it?

A Chicago Water Tank, a skyscraper, and a timely appearance by the sun

Chicago water tank, 527 South Wells Street

Chicago water tank, 527 South Wells, b/w Roosevelt University.

Chicago water tank, 527 South Wells StreetNo, not another theme. Just a shot resulting from being in the right place at the right time.

The water tank sits atop 527 South Wells Street, home of Jos. Cacciatore & Co. Real Estate. The tower in the background is the Roosevelt University building at 425 South Wabash Avenue.

The photo was taken from West Harrison Street, as the sun came out after an otherwise cloudy day, just in time for sunset. This is one of my favorite Chicago Water Tanks, and with the RooU building behind it, it’s a tough view to beat.

Have a great weekend, Chicago!

Another Flag, Another Tank, Another Crane, for another Friday

Revisiting a very busy section of the West Loop.

In the foreground, the tower crane at the McDonald’s Headquarters site. To the left, a full view of the tower crane at 171 Aberdeen.

The banner yet waving is atop Venue One.

The water tank belongs to 1035 West Lake Street.

Have a great weekend, construction nerds!


Ode to a resilient Chicago Water Tank

Chicago Water Tank 809 North Racine

The tank sits on top of Handelsman Lofts, on the right. But the building on the left, 811-813 N Racine, is a gorgeous building.

If there’s one thing I like, it’s rooftop water tanks. And baseball. And a good MLT, mutton lettuce and tomato sandwich, when the mutton is nice and lean. But water tanks. Those are cool.

All the way back in of August of 2016, a permit was issued by the city allowing for the removal of the water tank atop 809 North Racine Avenue in the Goose Island (I think?) neighborhood. Now, I don’t know what this particular water tank is ding right, but here we are almost seven months later, and that Chicago water tank still stands proud.

I think that deserves a blog post. Here is that tank’s blog post.

Chicago Water Tank 809 North Racine

Standing tall and proud in the distance.

American Flag, Water Tank, and Tower Crane (x3) in the West Loop

Flag Tank Crane West Loop

An American Flag, Water Tank, and a mess of tower cranes in Chicago’s West Loop.

The water tank is atop 1035 West Lake Street.

The American Flag waves from atop the old Richter’s Food Products factory, now Venue One.

The tower crane in the distance is at the Landmark West Loop. The two closer cranes are at the McDonald’s Headquarters site.

Flag Tank Crane West Loop

An earlier attempt got a fourth crane, at 171 Aberdeen, but the flag wouldn’t wave.