A Chicago Water Tank finds salvation

Salvation Army Chicago Water Tank

Hooray for the Salvation Army, saving the water tank atop the thrift store at 509 North Union.

Water tanks make the news when they crash to the ground, or are torn down on purpose. So it’s always nice to see efforts to save them

Last week, the City of Chicago issued a permit to repair the water tank atop the Salvation Army thrift store at 509 North Union Avenue in River West. A character tank, this is, one with very distinctive markings. It can’t be mistaken for any other water tank in Chicago. And it looks like it will remain in the skyline for a long time.

Kudos to the Salvation Army for spending the resources to save this tank. According to the permit, Perry & Associates of Chicago is the structural engineer for the tank and stand repair; Pinnacle Development of Forest Park will handle the physical labor.

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