Someone has plans for Grand and Morgan

Don’t look for 1001 West Grand ’round here no more.

Who knows what’s to come at the West Town intersection of Grand Avenue and Morgan Street. But whatever it is, someone’s in a big hurry to clear some space.

Demolition permits were issued last month for 462 North Morgan and 1001 West Grand, and within days, both properties had been torn down. I didn’t even have time to get a shot of 462 Morgan before it was rubble. Not that there hasn’t been recent activity here; Bennett Day School did a total rehab of the building on the east side of Morgan.

Alliance Demolition did the dirty work. They also palletized tons (I’m guessing here, but probably literally tons) of old brick to be reused somewhere, somehow.

I took photos of the structures on the west end of this block (1005, 1015, 1019) too, just in case they come down as part of this project as well. Only 1019 appears to be occupied.

462 North Morgan from the old B.U.C. HQ.
Renovations at Grand & Morgan for Bennett Day School, June 2016

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Demolition Update: 1411 South Michigan is pretty much demolished

1411 South Michigan

It’s all over but the hauling away for 1411 South Michigan.

A demolition permit was filed for the old National Association of Letter Carriers building at 1411 South Michigan Avenue on July 7th. My bad for not checking back with it sooner, because a visit Sunday produced multiple angles of nothing but rubble shots. And that’s no surprise. Demolitions this close to downtown usually mean someone’s salivating over the future empty lot said demo will produce.

Such is the case at 1411 South Michigan, where Russland Capital Group is developing a 15-story apartment tower. The Boarman Kroos Vogel Group design will have 199 rental units ranging from studios to 3-bedroom apartments, with 40,000 square feet of commercial space. Lendlease will serve as the general contractor.

Demolition Permit Signals End and Beginning for 1411 South Michigan

1411 South Michigan

1411 South Michigan will soon be no more, replaced by a new, improved, taller 1411 South Michigan.

A demolition permit filed by the City of Chicago on Thursday will bring down the former home of the Chicago Department of Children and Family Services at 1411 South Michigan Avenue in the South Loop, making way for new rental tower. (1411 South Michigan also previously housed the National Association of Letter Carriers.)

1411 South Michigan will be a 15-story apartment tower from Chicago developer Russland Capital Group. Designed by the architecture firm of Boarman Kroos Vogel Group, 1411 South Michigan will have 199 rental units ranging from studios to 3-bedroom apartments. 40,000 square feet of commercial space is included in the plans as well. Lendlease will serve as the general contractor.

1411 South Michigan

Alliance Demolition is ready to get to the demolishing part.

1411 South Michigan render

A rendering of 1411 South Michigan from Russland Capital Group.

1411 South Michigan

Unless used at the new 1411 South Michigan, this would make for a great souvenir piece.

1411 South Michigan demo permit

The Demo Permit.