After 18 months of labor, the tower crane comes down at 465 North Park

465 North Park April 2018

A tower crane at half-mast; you know a tower is nearing completion.

465 North Park

Remember when the stub photobombed groundbreaking ceremony? (Photo courtesy 465 North Park)

A year and a half after being put into service above Streeterville, the tower crane at 465 North Park came down last week. Power Construction used it to erect the 48-story, 444-unit apartment tower by Pappageorge Haymes Partners for Jupiter Realty, but with the exterior topped out and glazed, it’s time to concentrate on getting interiors ready for the anticipated opening later this year.

You can reminisce about tower crane assembly at this link, then check out the gallery of the crane coming down below.




Even at night, 465 North Park is still topped out

Because it’s tradition in some parts of the world — a tradition I just invented — to celebrate the topping out of a building three times, here are more photos of the newly-topped 465 North Park. This time, taken on a gorgeous Chicago fall evening that felt like spring. Enjoy.

The sunny day 465 North Park deserves as it celebrates topping out

Yesterday, we shared topping-out news at 465 North Park in Streeterville. Sad thing is, that news was accompanied by a gallery full of dreary-day photos. We think 465 North Park deserves to bask in better light, and Thursday provided that for us. So, without further ado, here’s the photo gallery the new tower deserves, from a sunny, gorgeous Chicago fall day.


465 North Park has topped out in Streeterville

465 North park topping out

The top of 465 North Park, now topped out.

A Facebook post back on November 18 from Pappageorge Haymes Partners announced the topping out of 465 North Park, the 48-story apartment tower from Jupiter Realty.

465 North Park topping out

Jupiter Realty’s photo of Alderman Reilly posing with the tower crane stub, September 2016.

Power Construction began work on the Streeterville tower in earnest back in July of 2016, then planted the soon-to-come-down tower crane in September. It was such a big deal, the alderman posed with.

465 North Park replaced an empty lot at Illinois Street and Park Drive, directly across the street from the AMC River East theaters. Its development is a win for everyone, because we all need a place to live, and no one wants to preserve empty lots. With 444 apartments that will open in 2018, the tower includes a sky lounge on the 38th floor, an outdoor pool deck, and every other creature comforts renters have come to expect from new construction in Chicago.

So, congratulations to the 465 North Park team of Jupiter Realty, Pappageorge Haymes Partners, and Power Construction, for reaching new heights at 465 North Park!

465 North Park jumps the tower crane again as it keeps growing taller

465 North Park

Evidence of a tower-crane jump at 465 North Park.

*** AIA Chicago is sponsoring a tour of 465 North Park this afternoon. Get on this! Deets here

A couple weekends ago, Power Construction jumped the tower crane at 465 North Park, as work is ongoing on Jupiter Realty Company’s 47-story apartment tower.

It seems like only yesterday I drove from Uptown to the empty lot bounded by Illinois, North Water, and New Streets, with Park Drive on the west, planning to leave my car in the surface parking lot. Yep, that’s when I was first introduced to the Loews construction site. And now the north end of that same lot is filled in with 465 North Park.

When complete, the Pappageorge Haymes Partners-designed apartment tower will boast 444 rental units, 181 parking spaces, and nearly 12,000 square feet of retail space. Power’s been on the build here since getting a foundation permit back in July. Caisson work started that same week. A tower crane was planted, and official groundbreaking ceremonies were held, in September. The first week of October 2016 saw the tower crane assembled. And that brings us to where we are now, exactly one year into the life of 465 North Park’s tower crane.

You want curves? 465 North Park has your curves

465 North Park by Aerialscapes

465 North Park, shot from the sky by Curtis Waltz at Aerialscapes.

If it’s a uniquely-shaped new apartment tower you’re looking for, head on over to Streeterville, where 465 North Park continues to dazzle Chicago with its sweet curves and shiny glass. The 48-story, 444-unit skyscraper by Pappageorge Haymes Architects continues to push skyward, thanks to the efforts of Power Construction. Their crews are going all out (onto the ledges, that is) to bring 465 North Park to life in time for Jupiter Realty’s goal of an early 2018 opening.

Did you know there’s an OxBlue construction cam for 465 North Park. Check it out here.


Lots more glass as 465 North Park continues to grow

465 North Park

Glassin’ up the joint at 465 North Park in Streeterville.

Back in early April, cladding made an appearance at 465 North Park in Streeterville. Now, as Jupiter Realty’s apartment tower continues to push upward, the glass is spreading throughout the podium. When completed, the 48-story tower designed by Pappageorge Haymes will have (sorry, I chickened out on the math) a whole bunch of windows adorning it’s 444 glassy rental units. Maybe I can’t count all those panels, but I assure you, the Windex people are licking their chops. But if statistics are your thing, there will also be 181 parking spaces and nearly 12,000 square feet of retail and commercial space within 465 North Park. Power Construction is on the build; their task is having the tower ready to open early in 2018.

Life is a glass at 465 North Park

465 North Park

465 North Park rises up in Streeterville.

465 North Park, the 48-story, 444-unit apartment tower from Jupiter Realty Company, continues to grow at East Illinois Street and North Park Drive in Streeterville. Power Construction has been working on the Pappageorge Haymes-designed tower since July of last year.

Work has climbed as high as seven stories now, but that’s not the best feature. That distinction belongs to a few windows lined up along the west facing. Unusual this early on in construction? Maybe. Am I complaining? Nope.

465 North Park puts on a show of its own on Illinois Street

465 North Park

465 North Park begins its climb skyward at North Park Drive and East Illinois Street in Streeterville.

Directly across East Illinois Street from the AMC River East 21 multiplex, 465 North Park is going all Hollywood with its real-life set design. Cast and crew from Power Construction have been toiling away ever since the City of Chicago yelled “ACTION” by granting a full building permit back in September.

In the First Act, Case Foundation started drilling caissons in July, which will play the supporting role in keeping 465 North Park’s 48 stories above ground where they belong. Produced by developer Jupiter Realty Company, the 444 apartments designed by Pappageorge Haymes Partners will also include 181 parking spaces and 11,650 square feet of retail/commercial space.

Expect 465 North Park to open in limited theaters in 2018. Because it’s only in Chicago.