Catching up on the tearing down of Malcolm X College

Malcolm X College demolition

Malcolm X College demolition has been ongoing since April.

Having opened up a new Malcolm X College in time for spring classes in January 2016, the old college is being demolished to make way for a new training facility for the Chicago Blackhawks. Heneghan Wrecking (Click that link, and marvel at Heneghan’s drone photo of the Rush Medical Center teardowns) has been ripping the building apart since April, and they’re in the home stretch. Only a small portion of the school remains towards the west end of the lot. At the west end, McHugh Construction has already started foundation work for the hockey facility.


Demolition Update: Malcolm X College

Malcolm X College demolition


There’s a lot going on at the lot Malcolm X College used to occupy. As Heneghan Wrecking continues to tear down the old facility, McHugh Construction is equally busy doing foundation work for the new Chicago Blackhawks Community Training Center.

Hopefully, those two companies are doing a good job of remembering which equipment should be ripping things to shreds, and which machines should be laying foundation work. Things are pretty well divided between a west end of the site and an east end, so they likely know what they’re doing.

Heneghan has been at it since the demo permit was filed back in April. It’s a huge site, so sorting and hauling debris away eats up big chunks of time.

I stood and watched for awhile. Wanna see the pics? Well of course you do.


Quick Look: Is it demolition? Is it construction? Well, yes it is.

Chicago Blackhawks Community Training Center


Now there’s something you don’t see every day.

Even as demolition crews are tearing apart the old Malcolm X College, construction crews are busy doing caisson work for the Chicago Blackhawks Community Training Center. And they don’t appear to be getting in each other’s way.

Malcolm X College is being destroyed because a new campus was just completed on the other side of Jackson Boulevard. In July of last year, the Blackhawks announced they’d be using the same site for their new training digs, which they broke ground on in June of this year. McHugh Construction is the general contractor for the HOK design.

Chicago Blackhawks Community Training Center

It’s two job sites in one.


Demolition, Man! Old Malcolm X College Meets The Wrecking Ball

Malcolm X College

Demolition continues at the old Malcolm X College. How many students passed through these doors over the years?

The saddest demolitions occur when a building needs to come down without a replacement. A church burns, and a congregation has no meeting place. A hospital is torn down, and patients have no where to turn for care. A school is leveled, and students have to be bused for miles to finish their education.

Two current, high-profile demos in Chicago are fortunate in that sense. I stopped by the old Children’s Memorial Hospital this week, for its first day of destruction. The old facility has been closed for four years now, after the new Lurie Children’s Hospital was constructed in Streeterville and all patients were transferred without interruption of care.

Such is the case with the old Malcolm X College demolition as well. A brand new facility opened at 1900 West Jackson Boulevard for the 2016 school year, leaving the old school across the street empty. So Heneghan Wrecking started tearing it down this spring. Will something take it’s place? Of course, and I’m gonna let the Chicago Blackhawks tell you all about it. That way, I have more room for photos.