Demolition equipment drives thru Chicago’s Rock and Roll McDonald’s

Rock and Roll McDonald's demolition

Bye bye to the old memorabilia pavilion at the Rock and Roll McDonald’s. The restaurant itself will be next to go. Except for the basement. They’re saving the basement.

Tuesday, the City of Chicago issued a demolition permit for one of Chicago’s most beloved tourist attraction, the Rock and Roll McDonald’s at 600 North Clark Street in River North. This shouldn’t have come as a surprise to anyone, as the Chicago Tribune broke the news two weeks ago that changes were coming to the restaurant. But Twitter didn’t take kindly to the news. At least, not after the first wave of good riddances had passed. Those happy to see the building bite the dust were soon out-voted by many who hold fond memories of being overcharged to eat alongside statues of The Beatles and other rock and roll memorabilia.

Jay Koziarz at Curbed Chicago was on the scene bright and early, and like many of us, was a little surprised to see crews wasting no time tearing into the small pavilion to the west of the main restaurant.

Alas, some Twitter users were excited about the news, thinking the full-block lot was destined for redevelopment. But that’s not the case. Some of the McDonald’s will stay put, and the whole joint will be renovated. So no, don’t expect any shiny new towers to rise up on the block. Yet.

Rock and Roll McDonald's demolition

You’re next, McDonald’s dining room with the visor.

Rock and Roll McDonald's demolition

Photo by Jay Koziarz at Curbed Chicago mid-demolition.

Rock and Roll McDonald's demolition

John, Paul, George, and RinGONE

Rock and Roll McDonald's demolition

The demolition permit.


Demolition Update: Addison & Clark tears up Wrigleyville

Addison & Clark

The old Starbucks building is coming down. They’ve already reopened on Sheffield.

There’s a lot going on up near Wrigley Field. And I’m not just talking about the Cubs winning the NL Central.

A whole lot of demolition is taking place along the Clark Street corridor. On Addison Street, buildings are being removed for Addison & Clarkan 8-story mixed-use project that will see 148 apartments, a whopping 150,000 square feet of commercial space, and over 400 parking spaces. A joint venture from M&R Development and Bucksbaum Retail Properties, Addison & Clark replaces, among other structures, the Starbucks at 1023 West Addison that made Theo Epstein famous in Chicago.

Environmental Cleansing of Markham, IL are out there as we speak ripping stuff apart, then Power Construction will take over the lot and start the new SCB-designed development. Project completion is expected in Summer 2018.