McHugh Construction Instagrams NEMA Chicago’s 50th

There was another Golden Anniversary of sorts to celebrate last week, as McHugh Construction posted the above photo to their Instagram page announcing the start of Floor #50 at NEMA Chicago. The South Loop tower by Rafael Viñoly Architects, which started life as 1200 South Indiana, became One Grant Park, and has now settled in as a member of Crescent Heights’ NEMA franchise, will eventually grow to 76 stories.

One Grant Park gets a new name (NEMA Chicago) and new glass (finally!)

NEMA Chicago glass

NEMA Chicago grows in the South Loop, despite being obscured by the Canal Street Railroad Bridge.

One Grant Park was a fine name for the new tower at 1200 South Indiana Avenue in the South Loop. It paid homage to the park whose south end the tower would anchor. Alas, the moniker wasn’t meant to last, and now One Grant Park has a new name: NEMA Chicago. This is according to the website of developer Crescent Heights. And if it’s on their website, it has to be real.

Something else One Grant Park just–oops…NEMA Chicago–just picked up, and this took longer than expected: cladding. Curtain wall. Windows. Glass. Glorious glass. Some up high, some down low. But it’s there, at last.

Here comes Tower Crane #2 at One Grant Park

One Grant Park tower crane #2

One Grant park’s original tower crane stands proudly over its latest project: Tower Crane #2.

As One Grant Park continues to grow, we saw growth of another kind on Tuesday: Tower Crane #2 has sprouted up from the stub planted on the site last week.

When I arrived late in the afternoon, the crane’s tower had grown, but the crawler crane on the lot last week planting the stub was nowhere to be found. That tells me Tower Crane #1 is putting Crane #2 together. Doesn’t that kind of teamwork just melt your heart. Crane #1 will continue working on the residential of the tower (that being the 792 apartments we all want to see the views from) and Crane #2 will work on the parking deck that extends up through the 16th floor.

As for the rest of work at One Grant Park that doesn’t involve assembling tower cranes, McHugh Construction crews look like they’ve reached the 15th floor, by my count. Just 61 stories to go to reach 76. We’ll have plenty of progress to watch for over the coming fall and winter months.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: More photos than you’ll ever need of a tower crane that isn’t even finished yet… plus the rest of progress on One Grant Park.



One Grant Park plants its second tower crane

One Grant Park Tower Crane #2

Tower Crane Stub #2 at One Grant Park, courtesy of a reader.

A little birdie told us the second tower crane stub arrived at One Grant Park on Wednesday, and proved it with a couple photos. Birdies are smart. And good sharers.

McHugh Construction got the second permit on August 24, then got a foundation permit for it on August 29. 12 piles were driven into the ground for support, and now the stub stands ready for a “free-standing Pecco SN 160 tower crane.”

One Grant Park jumps the big tower crane as we wait for the little one

One Grant Park tower crane jump

That’s a good looking group of recruits lined up for the One Grant Park tower crane jump.

Thursday was crane-jumping day at One Grant Park in the South Loop, as crews got ready to raise the tower crane to Phase Two. McHugh Construction got a permit tie in for phases 2-thru-5 back on August 4. How many tower-crane phases will there be for the 76-story tower? Well, that’s a question I wish I hadn’t asked, because I have no idea. Let’s pretend that sentence isn’t here.

The second tower crane permit, issued 08/24/17.

As for the “little one,” the City of Chicago issued a permit for a “FREE STANDING PECCO SN 160 TOWER CRANE” on the 24th of this month, then followed it up with a foundation permit for said crane on Tuesday of this week, the 29th. So yes, One Grant Park will have two tower cranes.

More from One Grant Park

One Grant Park

One Grant Park rises on the corner of Indiana Avenue and Roosevelt Road.

It’s been a couple weeks since we’ve checked in on One Grant Park, when the Rafael Viñoly Architects-designed tower scored its full-build permit. And sure enough, McHugh Construction is still building it. That’s what you do when you get permits.

Have a look:



Finish it! One Grant Park scores its full permit

One Grant Park full permit

One Grant Park’s best side.

Friday, when big news always happens, One Grant Park received its full-build permit from the City of Chicago, confirming that McHugh Construction can keep doing what they’re doing at 1200 South Indiana Avenue in the South Loop. And what they’re doing is shooting One Grant Park skyward at an impressive rate.

The Rafael Viñoly Architects design for Crescent Heights brings nearly 800 apartments across 76 stories, with 12 of those for parking.


One Grant Park rising up from the corner of Roosevelt and Indiana

One Grant Park

One Grant Park has begun making its push toward the sky in the South Loop.

One Grant Park has begun going vertical at the south end of Grant Park, and the corner of Roosevelt and Indiana will never be the same. The shiny 76-story, 792-unit apartment tower from Rafael Viñoly Architects is a busy site these days, and you know longer have to stand on tip-toes and peer over the fences to catch the action. In fact, you could pack a picnic and sit amongst those leg-statue thingies and watch McHugh Construction work whilst you dine in the park.

Scenes from One Grant Park

Before we get to the many many photos, a quick recap of One Grant Park:

The address is 1200 South Indiana Avenue in the South Loop. The 76-story apartment tower will have 792 rental units, 622 parking spaces(!), and 12,000 square feet of retail.

Crescent Heights is the developer, Rafael Viñoly Architects did the design, and McHugh Construction is the general contractor. (One Grant Park is one of seven McHugh tower cranes in Chicago right now.)