400 West Huron glasses up the joint

400 West Huron

400 West Huron has topped off in River North.

The 15-story condominium tower 400 West Huron has topped out, and is glassing up the River North neighborhood. Both developer and general contractor, Smithfield Properties is bringing 26 luxury units, with high-end finishes and private garages, which, according to the 400 West Huron website, will be “Crisp, exclusive, tight.” Crisp? Tight? Someone’s been practicing their Instagram-speak.

The Berkelhamer Architects-designed building will also include ground-floor retail space.


400 West Huron Continues Growth in River North

400 West Huron is a 15-story condo building coming to the River North neighborhood at 400 West Huron Street. The Berkelhamer Architects design will have just 26 units, all condominiums. Smithfield Properties is playing the roles of both developer and general contractor on this one.