This time around, it’s a sunny South Loop

Last week, we posted several updates on construction progress in the South Loop. Sadly for us and our cameras, we picked a foggy, miserable day to be out and about. Well, Tuesday was no such day. And with bright sunshine beaming all morning and afternoon, we headed back down to the South Loop for brighter, happier photos of the goings-on.


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Bidding a foggy adieu to the Ancora tower crane at Riverline

Ancora at Riverline

The tower crane servicing Ancora at Riverline was at half-mast last week.

The skies over Chicago weren’t very cooperative last Thursday, as we made the pilgrimage down to Riverline to bid a fond farewell to the tower crane that has topped out Ancora, the 29-story apartment tower representing Phase One of CMK Companies’ and Lendlease’s South Loop community. We shouldn’t have to wait too long for another crane to show up on site; there’s already quite a bit of earth moving to prep the site for more development, which may or may not be a tower named “Current.”

Riverline After Dark, Ancora Edition

When I snapped a bunch of South Loop construction photos a few nights ago, I failed to wander far enough to include Ancora at Riverline in the mix. And the guilt got to me. So, to make it up to Ancora, it gets ts own gallery.

First row of glorious glass has been installed on Ancora at Riverline

Ancora at Riverline

That’s some good-looking glass across the river at Ancora.

Ancora, the Phase One tower of CMK CompaniesRiverline development in the South Loop, has reached another milestone, as the first level of glass stretches around the exterior. That would be the 7th floor of Perkins+Will’s 29-story, 452-unit design. Overall, co-developer and general contractor Lendlease has the tower at or near the 23rd floor. It’s hard to tell with all that orange wrapping and yellow formwork, but those materials are worth the obstructed view when the setting sunlight hits it.

The Phase Two tower was initially reported to be called “Current,” an 18-story tower with 251 condominiums and 28 townhomes. But the Riverline website no longer includes information about that building.

Sunset at Riverline shows off Ancora progress

If you go by floor count, it looks like the Ancora tower at Riverline is a teenager now. The CMK Companies apartment-and-townhome building will grow to 29 stories when all is said and done, and Lendlease continues to build.

Like all new construction wrapped in multi-colored building materials, Ancora is best seen on sunny days. And the best-best views are in the evening, as the sun goes down, from the west side of the Chicago River.

More photos than I know what to do with: Ancora at Riverline

Ancora at Riverline

Ancora at Riverline rises next door to River City. You can see the outline of the townhomes facing west, toward the South Branch of the Chicago River.

There will be construction at Riverline for a long time. A very long time. Ten new buildings, 3,600 residential units, covering 14 acres in the South Loop along the Chicago River. Designed by Perkins+Will, Riverline will basically be its own new neighborhood once completed, sometime around 2024.

Ancora, the first building of Phase One, broke ground in September. Lendlease, the general contractor and part of the development team with CMK Companies, is kicking tail on the podium, as the core rises to about ten stories. Ancora will be a 29-story tower, with 420 apartments and 24 townhomes. The second tower, Current, doesn’t have a start date yet, but we do know it will be an 18-story condominium tower with 251 condos and 28 more townhomes.

Construction Update: Ancora at Riverline

Ancora at Riverline at Sunset

Ancora at Riverline, at sunset, from the Harrison Street bridge.

Ancora at Riverline

Ancora from above, courtesy Olin Eargle of @properties.

Call it Ancora, call it Phase One of Riverline, call it whatever you want, but it’s growing. And will continue to do so until it reaches 29 stories. CMK Companies’ first portion of the Riverline development along the Chicago River is making its presence known in the South Loop. The podium has reached the fourth level, while a pair of cores shoot up through the center. You’ll find the best spots to view Lendlease’s handiwork along the Harrison Street bridge.

Riverline levels continue to rise

Ancora at Riverline

Ancora represents the first phase of the Riverline development in the South Loop.

Progress continues at Ancora, the first phase of the huge Riverline project CMK Companies is building along the Chicago River in the South Loop. The 29-story tower is barely above street level, yet somehow it already appears to be soaring. With the help of Pepper Construction on concrete work, Lendlease has reached the third floor on some parts of the site.

The Perkins+Will design will bring 452 apartments to this first phase of Riverline. Future phases will ultimately bring nine more buildings, 16,500 square feet of retail space, and a new riverwalk to the neighborhood.

Riverline’s Ancora tower ramps up construction progress

Ancora Riverline

A ramp takes shape and form on the Ancora tower site at Riverline in the South Loop.

Ancora, the first building of the Riverline development in the South Loop, continues to jut out of the ground like stalagmites in a cave. General contractor Lendlease‘s handiwork is starting to peek above the secretive fencing that lines South Wells Street, so those of us curious about construction progress don’t need to stand on the roof of our buddy’s van as he slowly drives by anymore. And you kids shouldn’t try that.

Ancora aweigh: Riverline puts up a tower crane and gets busy

Ancora Riverline

A pretty yellow tower crane rises above Ancora, the first phase of the Riverline project from CMK Companies.

You can’t stop a development with a tower crane. You can’t even hope to contain one.

Riverline has one of the newest machines in Chicago construction. A pretty yellow one at that. And its first task is Ancora, the 29-story apartment tower at 720 South Wells Street in the South Loop previously known (according to permits) as “Building D.”

Perkins + Will designed Ancora for CMK Companies, and it will be the first of many structures erected in the Riverline project. There will be 452 apartments and 246 parking spaces included with this phase. Lendlease is taking care of the heavy lifting.