Four demolition permits clear the way for Madison+Carpenter

Demolition fencing was set up May 11.

Thursday, the City of Chicago issued four demolition permits for the 1000 block of West Madison Street in the West Loop. Those four lots — 1032, 1034, 1040, and 1044 — will soon see construction begin on Madison+Carpenter,

Madison+Carpenter will be a six-story condominium building from ZSD Corp. They’re wrapping up work on another condo development, Peoria Green, just a couple blocks away. Sullivan Goulette & Wilson is the design firm. They’re part of the Peoria Green team as well. We’re also watching progress on their design at CA6 in the West Loop.

Precision Excavation will do the dirty work. I’ve been watching them tear apart the former Chase Bank at RaveLaw.

Coming Attractions: Madison+Carpenter

Bye+bye, Phil’s Tavern. Hello, Madison+Carpenter.

Who among us hasn’t driven past a random site anywhere in the world and thought “I wonder what’s gonna happen here”? Isn’t nice when someone hangs a giant poster on said site and takes the mystery out of it?

Madison+Carpenter is coming to the corner of Madison and Carpenter Streets in the West Loop. We don’t know when yet, but it already has its own website, and that’s (almost) always a good sign. We don’t have a ton of detail yet either, but that website tells us to expect a six-story building with BIG (up to 5 bedrooms) condominiums.

ZSD Corp is the developer. This isn’t their first West Loop rodeo. They’re currently getting Peoria Green ready next to Mary Bartelme Park.

All you need to know about Madison+Carpenter, illustrated.

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