Boards outnumber the bored at an underway Chestnut Row Homes

Chestnut Row Homes

Signs of life at 111 West Chestnut Street, the future Chestnut Row Homes.

There’s woodwork coming out of the woodwork at the long-delayed Chestnut Row Homes at 111 West Chestnut Street in Near North. Originally permitted for construction way back in October of 2015, the single-family rental homes from Tawani Enterprises┬áhas had trouble getting started. But there’s finally some action, and it looks like general contractor Berglund Construction has started filling in the excavated hole where the 7 (down from the initial 8) units by Booth Hansen will one day stand.

I mention this with each post about Chestnut Row Homes, but it’s worth repeating. The Chicago Plan Commission raved about this development when they approved it in February of 2015. So whatever has held up construction must have been a pretty big deal. Nice to see the ball rolling again here.

Does a new permit mean there will finally be action at Chestnut Row Homes?

Chestnut Row Homes

Foundation work on Chestnut Row Homes began in earnest back in 2016. Then abruptly stopped.

Wednesday, the City of Chicago filed a revised foundation permit for the property at 111 West Chestnut Street in the Near North neighborhood. That’s the (future) home of Chestnut Row Homes, a development of luxury single-family rentals (Yes, rentals. To the tune of about $15,000/month, as of the last report) from Tawani Enterprises,┬ádesigned by Booth Hansen. This new permit amends the original permit of 8 townhomes, filed way back in October of 2015, to 7 units.

The Chicago Plan Commission raved about this project as they approved its construction. But foundation work didn’t get very far, and the lot has been idle for a long while. In May of last year, the general contractor was changed to Berglund Construction, which remains in place as the GC. Hopefully, this signals a fresh start for a definite upgrade to this empty hole in the ground.