Demolition is underway for 350 North Morgan

350 North Morgan demolition, from Dan’s truck.

A funny thing happened in the Fulton Market District Wednesday.

I try to be somewhat discreet when I’m out taking photos. Not everyone likes having their picture taken, and not everyone appreciates the paparazzi being around while they’re working. So I try not to stick my camera in anyone’s face, or to make it too obvious that I’m taking photos. Which is hard to do when you’re holding, and aiming, a camera.

Anywho, I wandered over to where Atlas Industries is tearing down the former Pioneer Wholesale Meat facility at 1000 West Carroll to make way for Sterling Bay’s 350 North Morgan. Demolition work was done for the day, but there was still a work truck parked in front, so I kept my distance…….right up until I didn’t want to keep my distance. I got right up to the fence to peek through it, and “Dan” got out of his truck and said “stand on the back bumper. You’ll get a better shot.” And I did. And I did. Amazing what the slightest elevation can do. Then Dan and I talked for awhile, and thanked him a few times, laughed about that being a first for me, and went on my way.

Thank you, Dan. That was cool, fun, and very nice of you. I’ll probably just start jumping on vehicles at construction sites from now on.

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Construction math: 1000 W Carroll demolition permit + fencing = 350 North Morgan

1000 West Carroll will be demolished to clear space for 350 North Morgan. That’s another Sterling Bay office building, 345 North Morgan, in the background.
350 North Morgan rendering from its website.

350 North Morgan coming. And it’s coming soon.

There’s demolition fencing all around the former Pioneer Wholesale Meat facility, located at 1000 West Carroll. Atlas Industries has equipment on site, prepared to act on the demolition permit the City of Chicago issued August 22. Once that’s dispatched, Sterling Bay will begin construction on their latest office tower.

350 North Morgan is a creation by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. They’ve designed an 18-story office building with 600,000 rentable square feet, 18,000 square feet of retail space, 36,000 square feet of amenity space, and 142 parking spots.

We’ll be on the lookout for building permits soon, and then we’ll know who the general and concrete contractors all.