1136 South Wabash still has Flyboy, and adds a tower crane

1136 South Wabash

The tower crane at 1136 South Wabash, looming high above the South Loop.

Hebru Brantley’s Fly Boy mural on the south-facing exterior wall of 1132 South Wabash Avenue won’t be visible in the South Loop forever. That’s because 1136 South Wabash will soon obscure our view. But for now, Flyboy remains, supervising Lendlease construction crews as they go about the task of erecting the CA Ventures project.

Remember, 1136 South Wabash got a foundation permit and a full-build permit on the same day, October 4. Caisson work is done, and that’s why the tower crane has been brought in, to start taking this SCB design vertical. Expect a 26-story tower with 320 rental units, 143 parking spaces, and retail on the first floor.


4 thoughts on “1136 South Wabash still has Flyboy, and adds a tower crane

  1. I hope there are plans to at least feature the artwork in some way. Perhaps by aligning parking garage windows with it and include some lighting? Is that too much to ask?

    • If the parking levels had windows at all, I would expect they’d face the street. I think our best hope is to have Hebru Brantley paint s few more (large) murals around town. This one’s likely lost.

  2. We are trying to engage Hebru for installations now and have featured his work in another one of our projects at Kenect Chicago.

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